Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Politics, AIDS Industry & Mainstream Media Propaganda Hysteria Lies & Bull

Politics, "AIDS" Industry & Mainstream Media Propaganda Hysteria Lies & Bull...

Ever since the WHO announced that "AIDS" was Over, the announcement that Piot stepped dow
n, the calls for UNAIDS to be disbanded, the vaccine disasters and Clark Baker published Gallo's Egg, the AID$ industry along with their whore sister, the MSM, have embarked on a total, all-out campaign of hysteria lies and distortions, reminiscent of the worse days in the early 80's. All this is designed to confuse and cover-up their bloody hands.

Just have a look at the latest bunch of reports coming out since then:

Africans have a genetic disposition to get AIDS.
Worms make you more prone to 'HIV" infection.
Killing 'HIV".
Blacks in America are all infected.
Latinos are all infected.
Test all women.
Force mothers and babies onto drugs.
Gays are evil factor.
The Mexico "AIDS Show"
courtesy of "Big Pharma"
The whoring washed-up pharma paid pop star hysteria.

Another one from the UN reports no one sees or want to see thrown in to the bundle saying "AIDS" is on the slowdown two days ago and boom, the CDC now hits back with this: "HIV" estimates are going through the roof, again.

Add on to that the latest piece of libellous garbage titled "Denialist Lies"
to come from the violent, pharma paid, AIDS industry Mafia hoods know as, the "leaderless group of emailing chums", or, and you should have a good picture of what this is all about.

"AIDS" is Eugenics

A group of poor men hold signs given to them by eugenics supporters on Wall Street (NY)

They are whipping up the hysteria to hide the fact that they are all involved in systematic mass murder, pure Nazi, Socialist, or modern day Liberal politics supported Eugenics dressed as "caring". That's what 'AIDS" is. It provides the infrastructure for the Global Eugenics Plan.

No amount of science fiction reports and false statistics can hide that. Both science and statistics are so corrupted and out of control on this subject, that they have no credibility at all. They do have a use though, they provide a wall behind which everyone can hide their bloody hands, their shame and their terrible guilt. It won't last for ever though...

All minority leaders such as gay, black, women's are all in on this too. They, along with the corrupt MSM, orchestrate this evil, actively diverting the masses attention, fixation and obsessions with these "political isms", from the truth, which is that the 'AIDS" political CONstruct is the supremely racist, homophobic, sexist culprit and not the lack of access to fraudulent non-specific non-validated illegal so called 'HIV" testing and toxic treatments not being more available to the minorities they say they represent, as they claim.

It is both ridiculous and unbelievable that the 'AIDS" activists, gay activists and all other minority community leaders from black or Latino to women, see the racism, homophobia and sexism in the machine failing to brand, poison and eventually kill the people they represent, but NOT in the fact that the deadly 'AIDS" hypothesis, that says; the never isolated retrovirus called 'HIV" for which there is not even a specific test, or official proof that it even exists, causes it. They do not see that "HIV/AIDS" is specifically designed to brand and kill us all.

"AIDS" is the biggest "has-been" parade in history.

The "liberal" washed-up has-been pop star fashion star film star goon squad promoting deadly tests and whipping up the hysteria and lies, throw in a has-been Bishop and a has-been ex-president turned "saint" from South Africa, two has-been presidents of the United States from both sides, Clinton and Bush doing their bit and you have it all there, complete for the corrupt mass media to orchestrate the 'AIDS" show. 25 years of lies, deceit, profiteering, censorship, scaremongering, corruption, sleaze and many many dead people. No wonder they all scream "murder" and attack anyone who asks them, what makes them so sure they are not wrong.

Are they stupid or is this deliberate?

I believe that at this point, it is politically more convenient for them all not to see or admit that, though soon they will have to. Right now they all want to get a piece of the 'AIDS" 48 billion $$ of your tax money" cake. The politicians want the glory and the praise, and the community and minorities leaders get their share by adopting and exploiting the "victim" status of the groups they represent and claim to be helping. The media, activists and stars promote the lies and the hysteria, convince people that they are at risk, promote a test that is a clear fraud and "toxic black box label medication" which they say saves lives, for all those branded 'HIV+", many do it for money as well as for the image. This is intentional and deliberate and therefore is criminal.

Who are they all kidding?

I am not touching on the African "AIDS" question here, that genocide will make all others seem almost insignificant by comparison, if the they keep on getting their way.

When one puts all this together, one should really see that this is another holocaust, and like with all holocausts, the guilty are not just the leaders either, though they have the bigger part of the blame, everyone is guilty by default as well. Holocausts do not happen unless the majority consent them. They do not involve small numbers of people, so the claim of ignorance is simply not credible.
The only element allowing this to go on right now is the people's consent. This entire piece of evil would crash and blow apart violently and much more visibly the moment people yell: STOP! The majority though seem happy with "AIDS", as it seems to suit everyone's intrinsic prejudices and interests so nicely.

So even though the trumpets have sounded from the highest levels announcing that it is over, the vultures are all there trying to devour the corpse and grab anything else they can get their nails into, refusing to let go and making that into the typically macabre spectacle we are used to seeing from the 'AIDS" industry.

Let us not forget that "HIV=AIDS" has technically fallen apart already. It ended officially on all levels last July 2008. It had already been discredited totally and on all levels possible and all this noise we hear now is orchestrated by those who need it, because they live off it and those who don't want their part in this unholy scam to be exposed.

Where are we right now?
From Titanic:
Thomas Andrews
: The pumps will buy you time, but minutes only. From this moment on, no matter what we do, Titanic will founder.
Ismay: But this ship can't sink!
Thomas Andrews: She is made of iron, sir. I assure you, she can. And she *will*. It is a mathematical certainty.

Only the people still permit this racket to go on a little longer, maybe just till they come to grips with the hideous truth behind it and how all have been supporting it for all these years.
I am sure that it will not be too long now till the full horror of what 'AIDS" really is, will be made more obvious to the masses, and I am sure it will be the industry's greed itself will do that too. Then we will hear that chorus of false, hypocritical wails crying : "Oh God I really didn't know".

Sound familiar?
I am sure that at least to the Jews, it does.

History will not be so blind, nor, I hope, will it be kind.

Till then be warned:
Even if you collaborate.

You are still a target.


Dan said...

It does seem strange lately with all this confusing "AIDS" "news".

I still think that the plug has been pulled at the top and behind the scenes. Maybe we're just seeing the death throes right now. Maybe not.

Perhaps there's an internal struggle going on? The guys at the top (certainly not Gallo, Peemore and their ilk) have decided to dismantle "AIDS", but there are still all the lackeys out there who will be out of work and without credibility (as it should be). I wouldn't be surprised if all this "AIDS news" is the result of the lackeys seeing the end of their gravy train, and desperately trying to hang onto it.

But, it's difficult to tell at the moment. The AIDS machine can do and say whatever it likes, and the gullible public always eats it up, no matter the contradictions and paradoxes.

I suggest taking a breather, stepping back and trying to ascertain what may really be going on. I think it's death throes. I could be wrong. The frauds who call themselves scientists, doctors, journalists and politicians in this matter may have something truly macabre up their sleeves. Time will tell.

Manu said...

That is my point. AIDS is officially over. All this noise is by those who will not let it go because they live off it. Also those who want to hide their guilt. It is in disarray and it's in free-fall. Like get as much out of it now as it is going under.

The people will keep it going and permit it to go on for a little longer till they get used to the idea of what it is they have been supporting. Right now we are in mass denial phase. I don't think it will last too long now.

"AIDS" is washed up. It's OVER. I am totally sure of it. never been surer of anything as much.

Dan said...

It seems that we're in agreement.

I was wondering how long it would be before the underlings retaliated. Must suck for them to see the writing on the see their fraudulent and profitable careers coming to an end.

Manu said...

They have 48 billion of your tax money to keep them going for a little more, thanks to the President and his glory seeking initiative.

I am sure you don't believe that all that money will actually go to save lives. That is the only consolation here, to know that most of that money will only line pockets and not all will be employed in the mass murder of African babies and pregnant women.

Dan said...

Well, I think it's time to engage in some good, old-fashioned schadenfreude.

The cabal are going to kick and scream for a while, and try to convince people that they need to be poisoned with "AIDS drugs" (bless their black little hearts). But, it's all out of desperation...more desperate than they've ever been.

Time to watch their careers wither away and smile.

Manu said...

Just remembered this quote from Titanic: I had to include it. It's so apt for right now, don't you think:

Thomas Andrews: The pumps will buy you time, but minutes only. From this moment on, no matter what we do, Titanic will founder.

Ismay: But this ship can't sink!

Thomas Andrews: She is made of iron, sir. I assure you, she can. And she *will*. It is a mathematical certainty.

Dan said...

It's always been a sinking ship, believe it or not.

The good news is that it's being dismantled. This is also the bad news, because it's not we who are dismantling it. It's not the public waking up that's taking this thing down. It's those who've been manipulating it behind the scenes for so long who realize that it's time to take it apart.

So, the public is still sleeping and can easily be taken for another ride..."bird flu", for example.

Although it appears that the AIDS nightmare is over, we're still asleep, and therefore susceptible to another nightmare.

Manu said...

Yes agreed, that is the ONLY factor keeping it together right now. People's need to believe in it. The 'AIDS"industry is at war with itself. "AIDS" is firmly connected to all the political has-beens. Considering all the brouhaha right now don't you find it strange that neither Obama nor McCain are making wild statements about "AIDS" right now?

They agreed on PEPFAR but nothing more on the issue. Nothing at all. I find that telling as well.

Manu said...

The public will always have a gleeful ear for predictions of gloom and doom. It's the religion again. or is it the human need that pushed religion and now politics to use this as a weapon like religion does. I am not sure, but i suspect it is a human need to be terrorised. It assuages the guilt.