Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spiked: AIDS-The Authorities Have Lied, And I Am Not Glad

Spiked Magazine

The Authorities Have Lied, And I Am Not Glad

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, author of 1987’s The Truth About the AIDS Panic, says it is a shame that AIDS insiders did not expose the myths and opportunism of the AIDS industry earlier. But still, better late than never.

There is a widely accepted view that Britain was saved from an explosive epidemic of heterosexual AIDS in the late 1980s by a bold campaign initiated by gay activists and radical doctors and subsequently endorsed by the government and the mass media.

Read the rest here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Martin Delaney's Project Inform On "Black Box" Label Medication

Martin Delaney's Project Inform On "Black Box" Label Medication
FDA issues 'Black Box' warning for Cipro, similar drugs

by Paul Dalton, July 9, 2008

"Black Box warnings are the FDA’s most important notices on potential dangers of a drug. They are set apart from other safety information to draw the attention of prescribers and patients."

Project Inform

"AIDS" drugs have "black box" labels, but there the fact that they are called
"lifesaving" must balance the toxicity effect out. I suppose the fact they are called a "cocktail" must really help as well...

Thank God for labels. What would we do without them?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Now This Is What I Call "AIDS" Talk

A brilliant podcast by David Crowe and Christine Maggiore.

Includes an interview with Charles Geshekter and a brilliant, in-depth analysis of all the totally wacky, hysteira laden "AIDS" news coming out of the MSM on 'HIV/AIDS".

Highly recommended.
Listen here

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Clinton tells Africans to be monogamous

Something hilarious from You Bet Your Life; God, these liberals really do have a bloody nerve...

Clinton tells Africans to be monogamous

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Janny Scott From The New York Times Caught Suppressing Information When Reporting On AIDS

The Sleazy 'AIDS" Reporting

Journalism Ethics 101
- Conversations with New York Times writer Janny Scott.
by Liam Scheff

The "AIDS" industry has one staunch ally in in this unholy war on humanity in the name of 'HIV/AIDS". That ally is the mainstream media, without whom, the 'big pharma" motored industry would not be able to do what it does and for such a long time now.

This is how they do it

Here is another example of how the mainstream media suppress, manipulate and lie, in order to always protect the interests of "big pharma" over those of the public who they supposedly have a duty to inform and be truthful with.

This hotshot NY Times reporter actually goes as far as to admit and illustrate how she doesn't bother to check any of the relevant records, then distorts and suppresses part of the information in a piece published in the NY Times.

This is another example that highlights the sleaze of 'AIDS" reporting in general and the bankruptcy and corruption of the mainstream media, who cannot be believed or trusted any more on any issue, especially those concerning health and very specifically on 'HIV/AIDS".

Read for yourself:


Journalism Ethics 101 - My Conversations with New York Times Reporter Janny Scott

From the report by Liam Scheff.

In 2005, I was interviewed by New York Times reporter Janny Scott about the Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) scandal. My investigation had revealed that orphaned children were being used in taxpayer and Pharma–funded drug studies in a Catholic orphanage in New York City.

The studies involved FDA Black-Box labeled drugs, in high doses and combinations. (The FDA Black Box label indicates that a drug has caused permanent damage or has killed patients taking the drug, at its normal, prescribed dose). Orphans were receiving a half dozen of these drugs at once.

No, we did not review patients’ medical files. I would be surprised if that would not have been a breach of patient confidentiality if someone had shown them to us.

An unexpected side effect would have been a side effect not previously seen in response to those drugs, presumably.

Advanced testing methods were the methods available at the time for diagnosing HIV infection.

I do not recall interviewing Dr. Painter but I may simply not remember. As you know, the Times moved to a new office a year ago. It was not possible to move all of our files. In my case, I threw away files that were more than 12 months old. As you know, the story you are asking about was done in 2005.

I do not recall which studies we looked at. There were a lot of them — some more easily accessible than others, as you know.

As for mentioning side-effects and FDA warnings, there are side-effects and FDA warnings on many if not most drugs. The side-effects of early AIDS drugs have been written about extensively. And, as I have said before, we were not presuming to judge whether or not experimental AIDS drugs should have been tried on children — a question that I suspect few journalists would be qualified to answer; we were attempting to put a public controversy in context.

Ms. Scott (and her junior writing partner, Leslie Kaufman), also had access to all the materials already published on the ICC story by myself and independent news agencies [1, 2, 3].

She took my interview, sources and information, but suppressed all of it in her reporting. She did not cite me correctly relating to the publication of my article. She misquoted me from emails that I sent her, and she actively suppressed the sources I gave her, who had inside information about the ICC trials.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Politics, AIDS Industry & Mainstream Media Propaganda Hysteria Lies & Bull

Politics, "AIDS" Industry & Mainstream Media Propaganda Hysteria Lies & Bull...

Ever since the WHO announced that "AIDS" was Over, the announcement that Piot stepped dow
n, the calls for UNAIDS to be disbanded, the vaccine disasters and Clark Baker published Gallo's Egg, the AID$ industry along with their whore sister, the MSM, have embarked on a total, all-out campaign of hysteria lies and distortions, reminiscent of the worse days in the early 80's. All this is designed to confuse and cover-up their bloody hands.

Just have a look at the latest bunch of reports coming out since then:

Africans have a genetic disposition to get AIDS.
Worms make you more prone to 'HIV" infection.
Killing 'HIV".
Blacks in America are all infected.
Latinos are all infected.
Test all women.
Force mothers and babies onto drugs.
Gays are evil factor.
The Mexico "AIDS Show"
courtesy of "Big Pharma"
The whoring washed-up pharma paid pop star hysteria.

Another one from the UN reports no one sees or want to see thrown in to the bundle saying "AIDS" is on the slowdown two days ago and boom, the CDC now hits back with this: "HIV" estimates are going through the roof, again.

Add on to that the latest piece of libellous garbage titled "Denialist Lies"
to come from the violent, pharma paid, AIDS industry Mafia hoods know as, the "leaderless group of emailing chums", or, and you should have a good picture of what this is all about.

"AIDS" is Eugenics

A group of poor men hold signs given to them by eugenics supporters on Wall Street (NY)

They are whipping up the hysteria to hide the fact that they are all involved in systematic mass murder, pure Nazi, Socialist, or modern day Liberal politics supported Eugenics dressed as "caring". That's what 'AIDS" is. It provides the infrastructure for the Global Eugenics Plan.

No amount of science fiction reports and false statistics can hide that. Both science and statistics are so corrupted and out of control on this subject, that they have no credibility at all. They do have a use though, they provide a wall behind which everyone can hide their bloody hands, their shame and their terrible guilt. It won't last for ever though...

All minority leaders such as gay, black, women's are all in on this too. They, along with the corrupt MSM, orchestrate this evil, actively diverting the masses attention, fixation and obsessions with these "political isms", from the truth, which is that the 'AIDS" political CONstruct is the supremely racist, homophobic, sexist culprit and not the lack of access to fraudulent non-specific non-validated illegal so called 'HIV" testing and toxic treatments not being more available to the minorities they say they represent, as they claim.

It is both ridiculous and unbelievable that the 'AIDS" activists, gay activists and all other minority community leaders from black or Latino to women, see the racism, homophobia and sexism in the machine failing to brand, poison and eventually kill the people they represent, but NOT in the fact that the deadly 'AIDS" hypothesis, that says; the never isolated retrovirus called 'HIV" for which there is not even a specific test, or official proof that it even exists, causes it. They do not see that "HIV/AIDS" is specifically designed to brand and kill us all.

"AIDS" is the biggest "has-been" parade in history.

The "liberal" washed-up has-been pop star fashion star film star goon squad promoting deadly tests and whipping up the hysteria and lies, throw in a has-been Bishop and a has-been ex-president turned "saint" from South Africa, two has-been presidents of the United States from both sides, Clinton and Bush doing their bit and you have it all there, complete for the corrupt mass media to orchestrate the 'AIDS" show. 25 years of lies, deceit, profiteering, censorship, scaremongering, corruption, sleaze and many many dead people. No wonder they all scream "murder" and attack anyone who asks them, what makes them so sure they are not wrong.

Are they stupid or is this deliberate?

I believe that at this point, it is politically more convenient for them all not to see or admit that, though soon they will have to. Right now they all want to get a piece of the 'AIDS" 48 billion $$ of your tax money" cake. The politicians want the glory and the praise, and the community and minorities leaders get their share by adopting and exploiting the "victim" status of the groups they represent and claim to be helping. The media, activists and stars promote the lies and the hysteria, convince people that they are at risk, promote a test that is a clear fraud and "toxic black box label medication" which they say saves lives, for all those branded 'HIV+", many do it for money as well as for the image. This is intentional and deliberate and therefore is criminal.

Who are they all kidding?

I am not touching on the African "AIDS" question here, that genocide will make all others seem almost insignificant by comparison, if the they keep on getting their way.

When one puts all this together, one should really see that this is another holocaust, and like with all holocausts, the guilty are not just the leaders either, though they have the bigger part of the blame, everyone is guilty by default as well. Holocausts do not happen unless the majority consent them. They do not involve small numbers of people, so the claim of ignorance is simply not credible.
The only element allowing this to go on right now is the people's consent. This entire piece of evil would crash and blow apart violently and much more visibly the moment people yell: STOP! The majority though seem happy with "AIDS", as it seems to suit everyone's intrinsic prejudices and interests so nicely.

So even though the trumpets have sounded from the highest levels announcing that it is over, the vultures are all there trying to devour the corpse and grab anything else they can get their nails into, refusing to let go and making that into the typically macabre spectacle we are used to seeing from the 'AIDS" industry.

Let us not forget that "HIV=AIDS" has technically fallen apart already. It ended officially on all levels last July 2008. It had already been discredited totally and on all levels possible and all this noise we hear now is orchestrated by those who need it, because they live off it and those who don't want their part in this unholy scam to be exposed.

Where are we right now?
From Titanic:
Thomas Andrews
: The pumps will buy you time, but minutes only. From this moment on, no matter what we do, Titanic will founder.
Ismay: But this ship can't sink!
Thomas Andrews: She is made of iron, sir. I assure you, she can. And she *will*. It is a mathematical certainty.

Only the people still permit this racket to go on a little longer, maybe just till they come to grips with the hideous truth behind it and how all have been supporting it for all these years.
I am sure that it will not be too long now till the full horror of what 'AIDS" really is, will be made more obvious to the masses, and I am sure it will be the industry's greed itself will do that too. Then we will hear that chorus of false, hypocritical wails crying : "Oh God I really didn't know".

Sound familiar?
I am sure that at least to the Jews, it does.

History will not be so blind, nor, I hope, will it be kind.

Till then be warned:
Even if you collaborate.

You are still a target.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gallo's Egg - The Investigation Continues

Gallo's Egg - The Investigation Continues

On July 31, 2008, Fayetteville Police Detective Dave Williams called me to report that James Murtagh MD had made an official police report regarding threats made against Murtagh. I wrote this email to him after our conversation:

From: Clark Baker
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 10:56 AM
To: 'Det. Dave Williams'
Subject: Clark Baker, James Murtagh, and Gallo's Egg

Fayetteville Police Detective Dave Williams:

It was good to speak with you today.

As I said, feel free to contact me anytime if Murtagh alleges that someone from “the dissident side” has threatened him. I have posted a comment (#112) asking readers to limit their attacks to comments on websites and peaceful protest:

I have advised Michael Geiger to not have any further contact with Murtagh and to not encourage other individuals to do so:

-----Original Message-----
From: Clark Baker
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 4:06 PM

To: 'Michael Geiger'Subject: RE: Cease and Desist

This was EXACTLY how he started with me. He's asking questions to get you to talk. He and Moore both know you.

He is best ignored.


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Geiger
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 2:53 PM
To: Clark Baker
Subject: Fw: Cease and Desist

Check out his last response. Any suggestions on working him?
Thanks much,


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jim Murtagh"
To: "Michael Geiger"
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: Cease and Desist

I will answer your questions if you answer mine.

How far are you willing to go? When do you plan to visit? Are you violent?

As you can see, Murtagh did not express distress and, instead, appeared to invite threats to use against Geiger and/or me.

During the next few weeks, I anticipate that my email address will be spoofed to distribute spam and viruses to millions of email account holders around the world. Those attacks have already begun. I also expect my phone numbers to be spoofed as the source of threatening phone calls and other criminal behavior. The source of those spoofed calls will be untraceable. Murtagh’s operatives have BILLIONS of dollars in pharmaceutical assets to target me and I will do all I can to facilitate ANY police investigation that arises from these attacks.

I respectfully request that you advise Murtagh to call off his co-conspirators, including Ralph Bard, Kevin Kuritzky, John P. Moore PhD, Robert Gallo MD, Brian Foley PhD; operatives of, the Treatment Action Group (TAG), and foreign operatives affiliated with pharmaceutically-funded groups like Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and RedPeg, of South Africa. Further information about these individuals and groups are included in Gallo’s Egg.

None of these groups or individuals should contact or attack any individual who questions Robert Gallo’s unproven theories, including (but not limited to) investigative reporter Celia Farber, Peter Duesberg PhD, or members of
Semmelweis Society International (SSI).

Murtagh’s conduct demonstrates that his statements are unreliable and false. I have too many emails to send, but he sent this unsolicited email to SSI members last Monday:

----- Forwarded message -----
From: Jim Murtagh
Date: Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 12:27 AM
Subject: Good News! Clark is gone
To: (SSI Members)

Friends, Good news! Semmelweis has formally distanced itself from Clark Baker and repudiates AIDS denialism as well as the juvenile "report" of Clark Baker. Clark Baker is no longer a member, nor does he speak on behalf of Semmelweis or for Semmelweis. Not a single member was willing to stand up for Clark. Even Roland and Gil did not bother to put in a good word for Clark. Clark refused to rebut dozens of studies. Clark made incredible demonstrably false statements.

Fortunately, it appears Clark resigned. Clearly, it was a mistake to allow private detectives into Semmelweis. Now that this is behind us, I believe it is time to elect new officers who will abide by the bylaws, and stand behind the Semmelweis mission statement. Semmelweis exists to protect doctors and scientists, and not to threaten their jobs, as Clark has done. Glad this is behind us.

A few hours later, the SSI Board appointed me as SSI Secretary.

Murtagh is a former SSI member and only a small part of an insular group that supports my ouster and the quashing of my report. Many individuals of that group are also vulnerable to the tactics used to retaliate against physicians and university professors at universities and hospitals.

Chicago University Professor Andrew Maniotis, PhD is one of the latest. He is the program director in the Cell and Developmental Biology of Cancer Departments of Pathology and Bioengineering at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He will lose his position in August because of retaliatory attacks by Murtagh’s affiliates (Moore and Gallo). I have copies of letters used to destroy him if you wish to see them.
Rebecca Culshaw is one of many victimsThreats and coercion are routinely used to destroy careers of those who question Gallo's unproven allegations.

My investigation has just begun. As you can see, my report is online and Murtagh’s behavior and name are clearly cited in my report, just as I have presented my name and conduct. Murtagh had no expectation to believe that his behavior would not be publicly reported, and I have no statutory or constitutional responsibility to conceal his identity or behavior.

That said, I will cooperate with you and the Fayetteville PD to minimize any impact that my report may have on the residents of your city and on Murtagh’s personal friends and family.


Clark Baker