Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Assassination Of Bhutto

A post that everyone should read.

Is this the first note of the overture to WWIII?

by Liam Scheff

The assassination has blamed by the government on Al Qaeda. Other sources dispute and reject that notion as pure government propaganda. Read relevant BBC article Bhutto's cause of death disputed.

Watch the superb three part BBC documentary The Power Of Nightmares (also with Spanish Subtitles) and decide for yourself.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trickling News Drops On The False Positive HIV Diagnosis Case That Everyone Wants To Know About

Saluting Two More Courageous Women
who join ranks with Celia Farber & Christine Maggiore in fighting this dreadful lie.
We salute Them All.

Audrey Serrano, and her TOXIC STASH as seen in 2004 file photo, won $2.5 million in damages in a lawsuit against the doctor who treated her for HIV for nearly nine years before Serrano discovered she didn’t really have the AIDS-causing virus. (AP Photo/Julia Cheng)

Gallo and AID$ Inc. have just lost their FIRST big case. Gallo is on his way down to scientific hell, and this is his first stop...
The news starts to trickle in...
Here is the CBS & ABC take on this groundbreaking story the BBC seems to have gone all "Johnny Belinda" about...

This is staggering and it comes form CBS too...
"It's not spreading 'like wildfire,', it's not sex-work that causes it, or poverty, or men.. it's not testing or drugging that 'cures' it..."

Read the whole thing here: 10 Myths about AIDS

Visit ARAS for all the latest news on this piece and more.
Here are some leads:

Interview Dr. Andrew Maniotis interviewed (PDF) by Greek journalist Lambros Papantoniou.
Also compare to the Interview of Robert Gallo.

Meet Maria Papagiannidou St. Pierre
Read about another woman who has recently thrown her toxic pills down the toilet and join the family of survivors which grows daily. Read about this brave woman, the Greek journalist Maria Papagiannidou St. Pierre.
Journalist, HIV-positive recoverer from AIDS-drug-induced AIDS, Maria Papagiannidou St. Pierre, interviewed by famous Greek novelist Vassilis Vasilikos on TV channel ET3 (English subtitles).

Maria Papagiannidou St. Pierre

Visit Maria's website/blog.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Victory Verdict Of $2.5 Million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis

This is the news that NO major newspaper or news bulletin has reported.
This is the news the media


Dec. 12, 2007

Verdict Of $2.5 Million Over False-Positive HIV Diagnosis

Brings up Basic Problems With AIDS Testing and Treatment, Say Scientists

CHICAGO, Dec. 12, 2007
--A lawsuit decided today against the University of Massachusetts Medical Center over consequences of an allegedly false-positive HIV antibody test exposes basic problems with the test and treatments for all persons taking them, according to a high-ranking medical researcher who has advised the plaintiff’s lawyer on the case. The verdict, issued today, awarded $2.5 million to the plaintiff.

The complaint by Audrey Serrano, 45, in court hearings this week in Worcester, Mass., focused on the absence of a “confirmatory” Western Blot test in her records. However, Andrew Maniotis, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the Department of Pathology, University of Illinois-Chicago School of Medicine, contends that, though the reliability of all HIV testing was not on trial in court here, the case history opens questions about it. And, because Serrano developed illnesses commonly defined as “AIDS-related conditions” only after taking HIV medications known as “highly active antiretroviral therapy” (HAART), the drugs themselves appear to have caused “AIDS.”

Rethinking AIDS (RA) has been asking such questions since its founding in 1991. Etienne de Harven, M.D., president of RA, says, “It is urgent that we open a public debate on the highly suspect reliability of all HIV testing. Moreover, I fully share Dr. Maniotis' concern about the safety of HIV drugs.” Further resources are online at the group’s Web site, Rethinking AIDS.

Rodney Richards, Ph.D., worked on the development of antibody (ELISA) and genetic “viral load” tests for Amgen and holds some related patents. “The diagnosis of being HIV positive is based on arbitrary combinations of tests, none of which are approved for diagnosing HIV,” he says. “In fact there is no test for HIV. It’s just an illusion.”

Raising issues of informed consent for all persons submitting to HIV antibody testing, the test kits themselves contain disclaimers that doctors rarely, if ever, share with patients. For example, Abbott Laboratories’ ELISA test kit, typically used as a preliminary test, warns:

“ELISA testing alone cannot be used to diagnose AIDS.”

Confirmation of an ELISA result with a Western Blot test is currently required as a “standard of care.” Epitope’s Western Blot package insert reads:

“Do not use this kit as the sole basis for HIV infection.”

“This is somewhat more concerning, since the Western Blot is supposed to be a highly accurate test, used to confirm that an ELISA is not a false positive,” says Dr. Maniotis. “Moreover, the peer-reviewed literature gives substantial evidence that the virus ‘HIV’ has never been isolated in purified form free of contaminating cellular debris in order to generate the so-called ‘specific viral antigens’ used in the test kits.”

Serrano, now acknowledged to have always tested HIV negative and therefore not to have been at risk for developing AIDS, nevertheless suffered from several AIDS-defining illnesses, including wasting, herpes, and oral thrush, while taking HAART. She also suffered from other health problems, including constant diarrhea (AIDS-defining under the African definition), muscle wasting, profound fatigue, non-specific skin lesions, oral thrush, herpes outbreaks, severe nosebleeds, constant gynecological bleeding and pain from ovarian cysts, fibrocystic breast lesions, hyperplastic pituitary lesions, and severe heart and respiratory difficulties.

Labels for HAART drugs actually list these conditions as possible side effects, suggesting that the drugs themselves cause AIDS-related conditions, Maniotis says.

Serrano’s experience is, sadly, not unique. Dr. Maniotis chose to investigate her case because, he says, “it is typical of many cases reviewed and, as it illustrates so clearly the development of AIDS-related conditions in a woman testing HIV negative who was healthy before she took HAART, strongly suggests that profound paradigm shifts are urgently needed to avoid more human rights violations.”

Drs. Maniotis and Richards are available for immediate media interviews and talk show appearances:

Andrew Maniotis, Ph.D.
Chicago, Ill., U.S. (Central time zone)
312-996-4838 office
773-960-9084 mobile

Rodney Richards, Ph.D.
Illinois/Colorado, U.S. (Central and Mountain time zones)
303-909-4175 mobile

Dr. de Harven, president of RA, can be reached at:
Etienne de Harven, M.D.
Saint Cézaire, France [GMT +1 hour]
+33-4 93 60 28 39 phone

Media Contacts:

David Crowe
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Mountain time zone)
+1-403-289-6609 (office)
+1-403-861-2225 (mobile)

Elizabeth Ely
Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. (Eastern time zone)
+1-718-704-9672 (mobile)
Web site:

Rethinking AIDS
The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis (“RA” or “the Group”) was formed in 1991 to express the concerns of a growing number of renowned scientists and medical doctors about HIV research and the resulting human rights abuses. In 1995, by a letter published in Science, the Group called for a thorough reappraisal of the existing evidence for and against the HIV/AIDS hypothesis and recommended that critical epidemiological studies be undertaken.

Among RA’s founders and key members are Harvard microbiologist Dr. Charles Thomas; 1993 Nobel laureate for chemistry Dr. Kary Mullis; Nature Biotechnology co-founder Dr. Harvey Bialy; University of California at Berkeley molecular biologist Dr. Peter Duesberg and the late Yale mathematician Dr. Serge Lang, both members of the National Academy of Sciences; professor of medical physics at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia Dr. Eleni Papadopulos; and Glasgow University professor emeritus of public health and World Health Organization consultant Dr. Gordon Stewart.

The Group’s current president, Dr. Etienne de Harven, is a professor emeritus of pathology at the University of Toronto and a former cancer researcher at Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York (1956-1981). He produced the first electron microscopic studies of a retrovirus (the murine Friend leukemia virus) and was director of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory at the Banting Institute, Department of Pathology, University of Toronto.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Turbans & Tuxes

Never mind the turbans, the way over the top hair-do's and the stuffy tuxedos. Just listen to the singing and check out the style.

Leontyne Price with her avalanche of sound that I never get tired of. Listen to her soar over a huge orchestra, in this aria from Aegyptische Helena by Rivhard Strauss live from Carnegie Hall.

Opera Royalty such as we will never see again. Franco Corelli and Renata Tebaldi belt out the final duet from Andrea Chenier with such style and panache that just make my hairs stand on end.

Immaculate singing in this wonderful clip of the duet from Verdi's Don Carlo sung by two favourites of mine Piero Cappuccilli and Carlo Bergonzi.

My all time favourite basso aria and one of my favourite bassos, the wonderful Cesare Siepi singing Philip II from Don Carlo.

STOP HIV Test Banners


All artwork by CARTER

Plenty more here in HTML code as well.

David Daniels

The American countertenor David Daniels is one of the most exciting and exquisite voices we have right now. Here are two clips of him singing with Julius Rudel conducting at the Richard Tucker Foundation Gala, Avery Fisher Hall, New York, 1997.

"Ombra mai fu" from Xerxes by Handel.

Oh Patria!... Tu che accendi questo core... Di tanti palpiti" from Tancredi by Rossini.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Static Perfection

Bring on the Bel Canto
A selection of sound only clips of superb singing. Clips that remind me that in 30 years of opera going I have yet to hear this kind of singing. No covered, falsely ornate, artificially beautiful sounds here. Just open, bright, vibrant and naturally beautiful strong sounds that hold nothing back.

And it's not just the sound, add the factor of old style tempo, and most singers today would never get through the entire opera if they tried to sing like this. Some would have to be taken off the stage in a stretcher after the first aria if they even tried, or have to walk off stage in a huff when the booing starts raining down. Either way, they can't touch this lot. Stick your headphones on and listen for yourselves. Enjoy...

Jussi Bjorling (the best thing to come out of Sweden apart from Celia Farber) singing live, no idea where but it is a superb recording back from the 1950's. Salut from Faust by Gounod.

Leyla Gencer "La Turca" raises the roof of the Comunale in Florence in a show of "forza pura". A live recording from 1967 with Shirley Verrett, of the confrontation between two sister queens from Maria Stuarda by Donizetti.

Mario Filippeschi & Virginia Zeani sing their lungs and hearts out in this live recording form Trieste form 1957 of the duet from I Puritani by Bellini.

Giacomo Lauri-Volpi & Gino Bechi sing live from Rome in a recording from 1943 of the duet from La Forza Del Destino. Just superb...

Magda Olivero still remains the definitive Adriana on recording. An incomparable interpretation of this beautiful aria and part of the finale from the popular "verismo" opera Adriana Lecouvrer by Cilea.

Franco Corelli is my idea of a perfect voice. The perfect tenor. The best, for my money, even singing out of his natural repertory as he does here. A te o cara from I Puritani by Bellini.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anna Russell-The Ring

I heard this the first time over 25 years ago, just before my first excursion into Wagner territory, when I had just arrived back in London in 1982. After a whole day of queuing for tickets for all four operas, I sat on the floor of the auditorium, with hundreds of others and was blown away by the entire Ring cycle which that year was being offered over four nights as part of the Opera Proms at Covent Garden for £5 a ticket.

It was the classic Götz Friedrich's production Covent Garden had at that time, and the cast for this particular revival included Gwyneth Jones, Donald McIntyre, Bridgett Fassbinder and Robert Tear among others, and Colin Davis conducting.

It was at this time, and as part of the Wagnerian educational package, that I was introduced to Anna Russell. I still think it is one of the best pieces of comedy I have ever heard. You do not have to be an opera fan to enjoy this. It is enough to know that there was a guy called Wagner who wrote an series of operas called The Ring that total about 20+ hours between all four of them.

Just leave the rest to Anna...

Anna Russell, née Anna Claudia Russell-Brown (27 December 1911 - 18 October 2006) was an English–Canadian singer and comedienne. She gave many concerts in which she sang and played comic musical sketches on the piano. Among her best works were her concert performances and famous recordings of The Ring of the Nibelungs (An Analysis), a humorous 30-minute synopsis of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Anna Russell -The Ring (An Analysis)

The Text

The Ring of the Nibelungs (An Analysis)
by Anna Russell

Now that the opera season is with us again, I feel it would be appropriate for me to give a talk on Wagner’s “Ring der Nibelungen.” Now I know that analyses of “the Ring” are frequently given over the radio by some great expert for the edification of other great experts, but these are usually so esoteric as to leave the average person as befogged as before…and in fact I think tends to discourage him from going altogether. So I would like to tell you about it as from the point of view of one average opera-goer to another.

Now, the first thing is that every person and event in the Ring cycle has what is grandly called a “leitmotif.” Now you don’t need to worry about that, it merely means a “signature tune.”

The scene opens in the River Rhine. IN it. If it were in New York, it would be like the Hudson. And swimming around there are the three Rhinemaidens…a sort of aquatic Andrews Sisters. Or sometimes they’re called “nixies.” Mairsie-nix and doesie-nix and little nixie-divie. And they sing their signature tune, which is as follows. [Plays and sings] “Weia! Waga! Woge, du Welle, walle zur Wiege! wagala weia! wallala, weiala weia!” I won’t translate it, because it doesn’t mean anything.

The Rhine maidens are looking after a lump of magic gold. And the magic of this gold consists of the fact that anybody who will renounce love and make a ring out of this gold will become Master of the Universe. This is the gimmick.

Now, up from underneath the river, as it might be, let’s say, the Holland Tunnel, comes a little dwarf called Alberich. [Piano swoop.] And here he is. [Plays and sings] “Garstig glatter glitsch’riger Glimmer! wie gleit’ ich aus! Mit Händen un Füssen nicht fasse noch halt’ ich das schlecke Geschlüpfer! Feuchtes Nass füllt mir die Nase…” Well you can see he’s excessively unattractive. He makes a pass at the Rhine maidens, who think he’s perfectly dreadful, and so they’re not very nice to him, they tell him [Plays and sings] “Pfui! du haariger, höckriger Geck! Schwarzes, schweiliges Schwefelgezwerg!” So he thinks “Well, I’m not going to get any love anyhow, I can see that, so I may as well renounce it, and take this lump of gold, make the Ring, and become Master of the Universe. So he takes it back to the Holland Tunnel with him [Piano glissando]. And here he is making the Ring. [Plays] No steel strikes here! Well, that’s him.

Well, now, up here, as it might be on top of the Empire State Building, you find Wotan, the head god. And he’s a crashing bore, too. Well he and his wife, Mrs Fricka Wotan, have had a castle built for them called Valhalla [Plays piano theme] by a couple of giants called Fasolt and Fafner. Well of course the giants want to be paid for building this castle, and part of the giants builders union scale consists of this magic ring that Alberich’s made. So Wotan goes all the way down from where he is to Alberich [Piano smacks] and takes the Ring away from him. Well of course Alberich is simply furious. So he puts a terrible curse on the Ring. [Plays classic Villain theme.] That’s the wrong curse, isn’t it! I’m sorry—here—[Plays Alberich’s curse music.]

But Wotan takes no notice, he takes the ring up [Piano smacks] and gives it to Fasolt. Well right away Fafner kills Fasolt [Piano SMACK] to get the Ring for himself. So Wotan knows that the curse is working. And this worries him, so he goes down to ground level [Piano black-key glissando] to consult an old fortune-teller friend of his called My Friend Erda; she is a green-faced torso that pops out of the ground—at least we think she’s a torso, that’s all anyone’s ever seen of her. And she says to Wotan, she says [Plays and sings] “Weiche, Wotan, weiche!” Which means “Be careful, Wotan, be careful.” She then bears him eight daughters.

These daughters are the Valkyries, headed by Brünnhilde…and they are the NOISIEST women! [Plays and sings] “Heiaha! Heiaha! Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Wo—” Well, that is the end of Part 1.

In Part 2 you find Wotan wandering about on the earth, and he has a couple of illegitimage children by a mortal—Siegmund and Sieglinde—whilst disguised under the singularly appropriate name of Wolf. These children become separated at birth, and Sieglinde marries a funny sort of a man called Hunding. He plays the Wagner tuba. [Plays Hunding’s leitmotif.] He plays it very well. He also has an ash tree with a sword stuck in it growing through his living room floor.

Well one day who should turn up but Siegmund, and he falls madly in love with Sieglinde, regardless of the fact that she’s married to Hunding, which is immoral, and she’s his own sister, which is illegal. But that’s the beauty of Grand Opera, you can do anything so long as you sing it. And after having given Hunding a Mickey Finn so that they won’t wake him up, they certainly do sing it! [Plays and sings] “Du bist der Lenz nach dem ich verlangte in frostigen Winters Frist.”

Well when they’ve got that off their chests, Siegmund pulls out the sword that’s stuck in the tree that grows in the house that Jack—that HUNDING—built, and they run away together. Well of course when Hunding comes to he’s very annoyed, and he chases after them, and there’s a tremendous battle that everybody gets mixed up in. [Plays battle music.] There’s Hunding dead. [Plays battle music.] There’s Siegmund dead. [Plays battle music.] Mr & Mrs Wotan have an argument. [Plays battle music.] And Wotan’s furious with Brünnhilde.

He’s mad at Brünnhilde because he told her she was NOT to side with Siegmund…and she DID. So as a punishment he puts her on a rock and he surrounds her with impenetrable fire. [Plays fire music.] And that’s the end of Part 2. [Plays piano fillip.]

Well Part 3 is devoted to the growing-up of Siegfried, the child of Siegmund and Sieglinde, and he’s very young, and he’s very handsome, and he’s very strong, and he’s very brave, and he’s very stupid…. He’s a regular Little Abner type. There’s not too much you need to know about this opera except that Wotan comes down and plays Twenty Questions with him…and Siegfried gets the Ring. …D’y’remember the Ring? Well he gets the Ring by killing Fafner, the giant…who’s turned into a dragon in this opera, don’t ask me why. Well then a little bird tells him, and he finds Brünnhilde on the fire-surrounded rock. Well now he’s never seen a woman before, so he doesn’t know what she is…but he soon finds out…and they go in for some very competitive singing—the type of thing “anything you can sing I can sing louder.” And… [Plays and sings] “Sie ist mir ewig ist mir immer Erb’ und Eigen, Ein;” “Er ist mir ewig, ist mir immer, Erb’ und—” Oh, it’s terrific. I think probably she wins.

Well then they fall in love, and he gives her the Ring. She’s his aunt, by the way. But nonetheless, they are in love, and everything’s very happy and you’d think that would be the end of it wouldn’t you. No fear.

Göttedammerung. That’s Part 4. Well now in the beginning of Part 4 you have the three Norns, or Fates, and they are also daughters of My Friend Erda the Green-Faced Torso, and therefore presumably they are also Siegfried’s aunts. But this bunch of aunts are just as droopy as the first lot were noisy. You remember the Valkyrie aunts, they go [Plays and sings] “Heiaha! Heiaha! Hojotoho—” well, that. Well this lot are just the opposite: [Plays and sings] “Dämmert der Tag schon auf? Hinab! Zur Mutter! Hinab!”

Well this dreary lot of aunts, if they don’t tell this whole story right over again from the beginning. So actually you can miss out Parts 1, 2, and 3, and come in at the beginning of Göttedammerung, and you’ll be just as far ahead.

Well meanwhile Siegfried’s tired of love on the rocks with Brünnhilde. And Brünnhilde’s gone completely to pieces. You remember her signature tune used to be [Plays and sings] “Hojotoho! Hojotoho! Heiaha! Heiaha!” Well NOW it’s changed to this: [Plays and sings] “La, la-la-la-la la la la la la la….” So love has certainly taken the ginger out of HER.

Well then Siegfried goes off on his travels and he meets three people: Gunther and Gutrune Gibich and their half-brother Hagen…whose mother was a Gibich…but whose father was Alberich the dwarf. D’y’remember Alberich? So Hagen greets Siegfried like this: [Plays and sings] “Heil, Seigfried! theurer Held!” Now, do you recognize that tune? That’s the SAME MUSIC as Alberich’s curse! [Plays Alberich’s Curse music.]

And sure enough there’s dirty work afoot. Because Hagen gives Siegfried a magic potion that makes him forget all about Brünnhilde and fall in love with Gutrune Gibich…who by the way is the only woman that Siegfried has ever come across who hasn’t been his aunt. …I’m not making this up, you know!

Well, so, when Brünnhilde finds out about this, of course naturally she’s frightfully annoyed and she plots with Hagen to kill Siegfried. And Hagen kills him. Well of course as soon as he’s dead she’s sorry…I know you men are going to say “so like a woman,” and…. And so she is sorry, and she builds a funeral pyre, and she puts Siegfried on it. And she gets on her horse, and she gallops on the funeral pyre too, and she lights it, and they burn up. [Plays Fire music.] Well that sets Valhalla alight, and IT burns up. [Plays Fire music.] Well then Wotan and all the gods burn up. [Plays Fire music.] And the whole works catches fire, and it ALL burns up. [Plays Fire music.] It’s all burnt.

Well then the River Rhine overflows its banks. D’y’remember the Rhine? And the waters come in over the ashes. And who d’you think turns up next? The Rhinemaidens. So they take their lump of gold, I mean the Ring, which is of course their lump of gold, and they put it back where it came from. And after sitting through this whole operation, what do you hear? You hear: [Plays and sings Rheinmaidens’ leitmotif]. YOU’RE EXACTLY WHERE YOU STARTED TWENTY HOURS AGO!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Give 'em The AIDS Razzle Dazzle

The Terror Of The Red Ribbon

It is both scary and unbelievable how people who trust the government on practically nothing, when it comes to AIDS believe that same government 100% and without any reservation.
Pure Masochism

This year I felt I must subject myself to the ultimate nerve-racking masochistic experience of World AIDS Day. I am yet still a relatively new “AIDS denialist” and had never as yet subjected myself to the World AIDS Day voodoo bombardment from this perspective. I did it all, I read the news, studying the links posted to the main BBC page dealing with this event and saw the news bulletins too. Finally, to cap it all, off I went to dinner with my best friend, who is a veteran HIV positive gay man, and on medication, and who simply refuses to look seriously into the issue, as for him, to be HIV positive is a way of life that touches and conditions all aspects of his existence, and though it pains me, I have accepted that fact as best I can, as he simply will not do without it.

TV Promotes A Mythology Of The AIDS Cult Of Death

So there we were, two old fags on a Saturday night, both in our forties and both on opposite sides of the AIDS fence, but he had listened to me ranting on about how AIDS is a CONstruct so many times it was now his turn to give me some of that AIDS day razzle-dazzle. And all I could do was to sit and take it all as best I could.

We sat and ate two kilos of delicious Galician mussels, with a lemon, raw garlic and parsley dressing, which we washed down with a rich red Catalan wine. First came the AIDS day film on Catalan TV, which was a badly written, perfectly dreadful and dreary propagandistic AIDS film called Positius; meaning Positive in Catalan. The film is obviously made with big pharma euros. It was a mixture of alarm, hysteria, victim promotion, unreality, twisted fantasy, and complete with publicity shots of the top pharma funded organization promoting testing in Barcelona, also included was a final written credit at the end of the film again "voodooing" people into going and taking a test. This torture was then followed by a two-hour discussion on AIDS that featured three gay men (surprise surprise) from three different gay AIDS organizations and one woman, all "experts" on the AIDS crisis.

The discussion bordered the “esperpento” the “Goyesco”. It was all in Catalan, so admittedly there must be details I missed out on, but the most important point was this: HIV is the biggest threat to humanity, and there is no dissent at all but from those conspiracy theorists who claim the virus was produced in a lab, and that we need to brainwash kids as young as five years old to get them to use condoms. One of the speakers advocated freedom of choice in this aspect and was greeted by raised eyebrows by the rest; a sign of times to come even for queers I suppose.

After four hours of AIDS bombardment I had severe migraine, I was feeling sick and with a need to spew some crap back out of my system, which undoubtedly, an entire evening of AIDS voodoo on TV had left lurking around in my system, that, combined with the effects of the rich mussels in raw garlic and parley, and the wine, have made me turn a light shade of green, much as if I had never stopped taking my HIV medication.


Sham Shame & Shine

In over 24 hours of constant coverage on AIDS we saw nothing of Professors Duesberg, Mullis, Rasnick, Papadopoulos, Turner, Stewart, or any spokespeople and journalists like Farber, Maggiore, Lauritsen, Crowe, Ellner, Shenton etc. etc. Nothing. Nor did we see one single person out of the thousands there are world-wide who have a positive diagnosis and who has survived, some for over 20 years, without ever having taken a single pill. Nor did we see one single person who, like me, had stopped taking pills and turned our backs on the HIV lie, and are doing fine. Nothing. Not one.

Do you know why? It is because we do not give messages of gloom and doom, of pending death and despair. We actually have something positive (pardon the pun) to say. But the main reason you will see none of us talking on TV on World AIDS Day, is that we do not sell pills for Big Pharma, or push the HIV voodoo, that's why. So on WAD you will only ever see AIDS "experts", politicians and stars with red ribbons on their bosoms pontificating and scaremongering. All you see and hear on WAD is the AIDS industry blowing its silver horn, like De Silva calling Ernani to his death. if you choose life, as we do, it is clear on World AIDS Day that you are screwed.


News Highlights Of The Day
Read also The New AIDS Reviews spot on article
There comes a point where a cover up is necessary, when too much would tumble down in an enquiry. Perhaps some members of the leadership of this society might be persuaded to look long enough at HIV=AIDS and its empty rationale to understand its lethal absurdity, but they will probably also decide that we cannot afford to change the story.

After all, at the cost of a few thousand lives of gays in America and Europe, and a few million ill people in Africa and elsewhere, we can preserve the dignity and authority of Bishop Tutu, Nelson Mandela, President Bush, President Clinton, Bono, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Magic Johnson, as well as their scientific advisors Anthony Fauci, Mark Wainberg, David Baltimore, John P. Moore, John Maddox, Daniel Koshland and the current editors of Science, Nature, the New York Times, the New Yorker and every other magazine and newspaper mentioning the topic of AIDS.

Is this not a fair deal? The senators of Athens thought so, and Socrates took his hemlock like a man, not disagreeing with them.

Bush Loves You

Bush is now the new AIDS Tsar. So, the man who lied about Iraq, weapons of mass destruction etc. etc. etc. is now fully invested with new billions of your tax money to fight in the war and emerge as the new saviour of the world, he is going to save Africa from the terrible HIV virus, and promises to go personally too and shove medication down peoples throats, just like Clinton, Bono, Oprah, Annie, Emma, Richard and the rest of the liberal establishment moronic mediocrities who make up the sect of caring artists, obsolete rock stars and actors form Hollywood. All these with Bush, what a great family photo that is going to make!

What can I say about this? If people still see nothing weird here then it is because they don’t want to see. I actually know they do not want to see, and as I am writing this piece for internal consumption I stick to that with all my heart. Call it hypnotized, call it brainwashing, call it what you like. They DO NOT WANT TO SEE. We all know well the wide spectrum of reasons why people do not want to see, so I am not going to list them here as I pretend to convince no one who is not already convinced and least of all with this post.

Mandela & Tutu Vs Mbeki

In South Africa, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu join forces separately to demolish Thabo Mbeki publicly. The two main heroic figures who lead their people out of the shackles of Apartheid are now leading their people back into the slavery, this time to voodoo spun by Big Pharma. History will judge them and expose their fall from heroes to villains I suppose, but for now they are still heroes. I do not know if it is vested interest or stupidity that is at play here, either way, it is unbelievable that these two of all people should be so irresponsible or plain dumb, neither of which is forgivable when applied to these two characters in my books.

The Big Worry

Apart from the usual calls for more testing alarmism about rising number of infections, and pleas for more toxic pills to be given to everyone, according to the BBC, the biggest worry for people with HIV face according to the AIDS industry is this: Concern over HIV homeopathy role. The major worry is that people with HIV overdose on Vitamin C or maybe Aloe Vera. The life destroying, fraudulent test that detect “nothing”, and that are used to dish out positive diagnosis is of no worry. Nor is it a worry that those who are given this false diagnosis are then voodoo’d into taking body-deforming, liver-destroying toxic medication. No, none of this is a worry. It’s the carrot that is the killer.

If it got this stupid it is because the people who consume it must be this stupid too. It stands to reason, no? If people are still unable to see that this is the most absurd, corrupt, twisted and gross piece of work then: hey, good riddance. It seems like the only thing left to really do is for everyone to just save themselves.

The Future

I realize that we may speak here from a privileged position of knowing what it is all about. I also realize that a few years back I was also just as gullible, but there was one fundamental difference; I did not have the information. Moreover, when that information came my way I looked at it and took it seriously.

Everyone who I have presented with the information has directly or indirectly refused to look or take it seriously. I am also quite sure that it is not because the information is difficult to understand or that there are holes in it. It is as simple as this: they want to wear the red ribbon at least once a year. They call it solidarity just in case. I call it a hypocritical act of false redemption. An affirmation of human stupidity and ignorance based on deep seated fear, prejudices and hate, that those on the right dress in piety and those on the left disguise as care, but at the end of the day, both contribute to what history will eventually recognize as the greatest piece of deliberate evil perpetrated by man against man in the history of humanity.

Gay people will not come clean and let this go for reasons we all know too well, and from John Lauritsen right up to Dan, Carter and myself today see clearly as well. I have elaborated on these enough times and today I think it is best to just stick to one of my favourite quotes from a piece called Death Camp:

"If you took HIV away from most queers they would have nothing left to live for”


Changing the literary reference

I am a little sick of Orwell reference and the presentation of humanity enslaved by force. I find this to be not quite the case, at least as I perceive this. The correct literary reference here for what is happening is not found in Orwell, it is found in Huxley. It is the people who are keeping this fantasy alive because they simply love it. I think more than trying to convince those who do not want to know, we should try and document these time as best we can. After what I have seen today, it seem to me to be the best and most honourable course of action for anyone like us “demialists”, who have seen that a red ribbon is enough to “razzle-dazzle” the whole world into believing that they are not collaborating with evil but doing the right thing. No black shirts or swastikas here…it's all just fun rock concerts and pretty red ribbons.

“Oh brave new world that hath such people in it”


The Grand Finale

Here are the most apt lyrics from a number in the show Chicago, which I think, best sum up what it is that makes people believe this stuff. AIDS Inc. knows that it's all about show biz kid, and when it comes to that they know how to haul out the big guns to sock it to 'em big time. Here is Billy Flynn's take on such fits the AIDS show so perfectly. That's why everyone loves and needs AIDS. It's a great show, and AIDS Inc. shows us all that it knows how to bring it on...
Razzle Dazzle
Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate
Give 'em the old hocus pocus
Bead and feather 'em
How can they see with sequins in their eyes?
What if your hinges all are rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em
And they;ll never catch wise!
Give 'em the old Razzle dazzle
Razzle dazzle 'em
Give 'em a show that's so splendiferous
Row after row will crow vociferous
Give 'em the old flim flam flummox
Fool and fracture 'em
How can they hear the truth above the roar?
Throw 'em a fake and a finagle
They'll never know you're just a bagel,
Razzle dazzle 'em
And they'll beg you for more!
Give 'em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 'em
Back since the days of old Methuselah
Everyone loves the big bambooz-a-ler
Give 'em the old three ring circus
Stun and stagger 'em
When you're in trouble, go into your dance.
Though you are stiffer than a girder
They let you get away with murder
Razzle dazzle 'em
Razzle dazzle 'em
Razzle dazzle 'em
And they'll make you a star!

lyrics by Ebb & Fosse

Friday, November 30, 2007

Treat Yourself On World AIDS Day

Break Free Of The Big Lie

The Book is Back!

“What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?”
Fourth Revised Edition

The book that will change your view of HIV and AIDS and possibly change your life will be available once again in a revised fourth edition due to roll off presses at the end of next month. This seventh reprinting features a new color scheme, a slightly changed cover, several new pages of web site listings and a whole new chapter, “HIV and AIDS in 2007,” a brief update that powerfully answers questions about the book’s validity seven years after the original publication—and it’s still a quick read at just 128 pages including references.

Unfortunately, due to increase costs of paper and ink, the book also has a new price of $12.95, but according to Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, it’s well worth the addition two bucks. As Bill puts it, “This is a book every American should read, and not a moment too soon!”

Advance orders can be placed now at Alive & Well’s online store. In December, books will be available once again through and at bookstores around the country.

In the meantime, here’s a sampling of some 2007 updates covered in the book’s new chapter:

HIV Eludes Authorities

After 26 years and over 250 billion tax dollars invested in the HIV hypothesis, experts still cannot explain how HIV causes AIDS. In a remarkable set back for AIDS science, a 2007 study concluded “the theory of an uncontrolled cycle of T cell activation, infection, HIV production and cell destruction is wrong." Using a new mathematical model, scientists showed that the universally accepted theory about how HIV works—an idea that dominated research and dictated treatment policies since 1996—has actually led us further from solutions rather than closer to answers. (PLoS Medicine, 6/23/07)

The New Face of AIDS

Since expanding the AIDS definition in 1993 to include HIV positives with no clinical symptoms of disease, the majority of all new AIDS cases in America are diagnosed in healthy people with none of the opportunistic infections previously used to define AIDS. Epidemiology reports from around the US reveal that for the past 14 years, non-illness is the leading reason for an AIDS diagnosis in America, and depending on the region, 45% to 75% of all AIDS cases reported since 1981 were counted in clinically healthy HIV positives. Across the border in Canada where the AIDS definition still requires actual illness, AIDS cases per capita are 18 times lower than in the US. (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2006; Dept of Public Heath reports LA County, San Francisco, New York, Pennsylvania)

No One is Positive

The HIV antibody tests used worldwide since 1986 continue to carry an alarming disclaimer: “At present, there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.” The fine print on newer rapid tests expresses similar uncertainty, specifying they are intended only to “aid in the diagnosis of infection with HIV” rather than to actually diagnose HIV infection, and further note that AIDS is merely “thought to be caused by HIV” rather than known to be the cause. The package insert accompanying viral load tests still declares they are “not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test for confirm the presence of HIV infection (HIV-1/HIV-2 EIA/ELISA, Abbot Laboratories; OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test, Abbot Diagnostics; Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor Test, Roche).

Treatment Does Not Equal Life

The largest study of HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) contradicts popular claims that HAART extends life. Tracking 22,000 previously treatment-free HIV positives that began medications between 1995 and 2003, authors discovered, “Viral response improved but such improvement has not translated into a decrease in mortality.”

Current drug ads alert people taking AIDS medications they “may still get opportunistic infections or other conditions such as pneumonia, herpes, and mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).” Pneumonia, herpes and MAC are responsible for more than half of all AIDS illnesses reported in the US. (Lancet 8/5/06, Vol 368 (9534):451-458; Atripla, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Gilead; Emtriva, Gilead; Kaletra, AbbotVirology; Reyataz, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Viramune, Boehringer Ingelheim)

Rising Deaths from AIDS Drugs

After years of reports on metabolic disturbances, mitochondrial toxicity, bone necrosis, and other adverse events caused by new AIDS drugs, the US National Institutes of Health finally acknowledged that “…the use of antiretroviral therapy is now associated with a series of serious side effects and long-term complications that may have a negative impact on mortality rates. More deaths occurring from liver failure, kidney disease, and cardiovascular complications are being observed in this patient population.”

A study of 5,700 HIV positives determined that “since the advent of HAART…the most common current cause of death among people with HIV is liver failure.” Authors warned that “monitoring of liver enzymes is needed to save lives,” an economic impossibility for people in Africa and other developing areas of the world taking toxic anti-HIV drugs. (University of Pittsburgh Medical School News Bureau, 7/8/02;

Viral Load Proves Wrong

A landmark paper from 2006 revealed that the viral load tests used for more than a decade to calculate “progression to disease” and gain approval for new AIDS drugs failed in over 90% of cases to predict or explain immune competency in a nationwide study of 2,800 HIV positives. The US Food and Drug Administration approved viral load in 1995 based on its alleged ability to forecast health outcomes. (JAMA 296(12):1498-506, 2006)

T Cell Questions

T cell counts may be less reliable measures of immune function than previously believed. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) proved that HIV negative testing persons can have counts below 350, a number that according to WHO guidelines, would qualify for an AIDS diagnosis if they were HIV positive. (JID, 194:1450, 2006)

African AIDS Numbers Off

The latest mortality figures for South Africa, the supposed epicenter of AIDS, list AIDS as accounting for only 2.5% of all deaths in that country. Current claims by UN AIDS of 5.6 million AIDS victims in South Africa are actually estimates based on unconfirmed results from 16,000 antibody tests administered to expectant mothers using an assay documented to register false positives due to pregnancy.

In 2004, UN AIDS estimates for HIV in Kenya were cut by 50% after more careful survey data exposed gross errors in calculations. A 2003 census in Botswana revealed the opposite of 1993 predictions it would be “the first nation in modern times literally to die out [from AIDS].” Instead, Botswana’s population nearly doubled, increasing from less than 1 million to 1.7 million in a decade. A 2002 census in Uganda refuted two decades of estimates that 30% of the population was positive and countless millions would die of AIDS. From 1991-2002, Uganda enjoyed one of the highest annual growth rates in the world (3.4%), lowered infant mortality, and ultimately downgraded HIV estimates to 5%, all without AIDS drug programs and with no indications of changes in sexual behavior over the past 30 years. A 2006 Washington Post investigation determined that the practice of counting AIDS cases in Africa using “increasingly dire and inaccurate assessments...has skewed years of policy judgments and decisions on where to spend precious healthcare dollars.” (Statistics South Africa, 2005: Death Notification, Statistical Release P0309.6/3/07, 5/21/06)

HIV Down in India

New survey data found that UN AIDS overestimated the number of HIV positives in India, the alleged world leader in HIV, by more than 55%. The latest estimates suggest positive tests occur in 2.5 million of the country’s 1.2 billion inhabitants. In 2002, AIDS champion Bill Gates incorrectly predicted HIV cases in India would top 25 million by 2010. (India Has Many Fewer With Virus, New York Times 6/8/07)

Breastfeeding Lowers Health Risks

A 2007 study concluded that exclusive breastfeeding prevents infants of positive mothers from testing HIV positive themselves and provides vital protection from potentially fatal conditions such as diarrhea and pneumonia that threaten the lives of all children in the developing world. In 2006, studies drawing similar conclusions prompted the World Health Organization to recommend HIV-positive mothers exclusively breastfeed their infants until age six months. (WHO Policy Statement 10/06; Lancet, 369:1065-1066&1107-1116, 3/31/07)

AIDS Ranks Last in Childhood Deaths

Accounting for just 3% of mortalities among children, “HIV/AIDS” sits at the bottom of a list of public health threats for the developing world according to a 2007 Global Community Health Report by AIDS drug maker GlaxoSmithKline. GSK stated the “world’s top killers of children under five are [non-AIDS] pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and measles,” conditions related to poverty, malnutrition, and poor sanitation.

No Animal Model for AIDS

After almost 20 years of efforts, scientists at the Yerkes Primate Research Center gave up trying to induce AIDS in laboratory chimps using “injections of HIV.” Although inoculated chimps tested positive, and despite having DNA that is 98% identical to humans, the animals did not develop diseases associated with AIDS. (New York Times, 1/7/03, For Retired Chimps, a Life of Leisure)

Download pdf

Libro en Espanol
Que Tal Si Todo lo Que Crees Acerca del SIDA Fuera Falso?

Alive & Well

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Daily Mail On AIDS

The Aids epidemic that never was and why political correctness influences too much medical spending

By Karol Sikora
21st November 2007

Billions of pounds were spent telling us we were ALL at risk from Aids. But as scientists now admit the threat was overblown, Britain's top cancer expert attacks the political correctness that influences too much medical spending.

Medical care should always be geared to the saving and protecting of lives. Compassion in the face of any type of human suffering should be at its core.

But sadly, the vicissitudes of political correctness can dictate medical priorities.

Certain diseases become fashionable in the public consciousness and so attract more political support and attention.

A classic example of this pattern is HIV/Aids. When this burst on the scene in Britain in the early Eighties, it became the biggest health issue facing the country, over-riding all other medical problems.

Read the rest here

Gunpoint Medicine - The Return Of The Gestapo

Children At Gunpoint
In The Name Of Law Enforced Medicine
If this is not all out radical Fascism, then what is ?

Forced Vaccinations In Maryland
Children herded into courtroom like cattle and vaccinated against their wishes and that of their parents. At gunpoint.
by NewsTarget

Following the State of Maryland's threats against parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, children were herded into a Price George County courthouse being guarded by armed personnel with attack dogs. Inside, the children were forcibly vaccinated, many against their will, under orders from the State Attorney General, various State Judges and the local School Board Director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations.

The State of Maryland has now turned to Gestapo tactics

It is now forcing its medical will upon the People, stripping parents of any right to decide how they wish to protect their own children from infectious disease. Health authorities there have already announced their intent to essentially kidnap parents and throw them in jail, removing them from their children for up to thirty days if they continue to refuse to have their children vaccinated. This will all be conducted at gunpoint, with armed personnel and attack dogs at the ready, making sure nobody steps out of line, and suppressing any attempt at public dissent against the Orwellian vaccination policies.

The entire campaign against these parents is blatantly illegal

There is no law in Maryland requiring the vaccination of children, thus parents who refuse to do so may not be legally charged with violating any law. Instead, Maryland health and school authorities are using Gestapo-like tactics, threatening to charge the parents with child truancy violations, criminalizing them for daring to protect their children from the dangerous chemicals found in vaccines (including thimerosal, a chemical additive containing a neurotoxic form of mercury).

The desperation of organized medicine is becoming increasingly apparent

As more and more parents are becoming informed about the dangers of vaccinations and their link to autism, state health authorities are increasingly turning to "Gunpoint Medicine" to force the People to submit to the poisons of conventional medicine. Parents who attempt to save their children from deadly chemotherapy chemicals are being arrested and having their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services, read more here, and oncologists who used to be armed only with radiation machines and chemotherapy injectors and now arming themselves with U.S. Marshals and other local law enforcement authorities who are using loaded firearms to enforce "the will of the State" against parents who resist.

Even the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) announced its strong opposition to the Maryland "Gunpoint Medicine" vaccination campaign. In a press release published Nov. 16, the AAPS states:

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons today condemned the “vaccine roundup” executed in Prince George’s county Maryland this week, and promised to do everything it can to support parents who refuse to immunize their children.

“This power play obliterates informed consent and parental rights,” said Kathryn Serkes, director of policy for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), one of the few national physician groups that refuse corporate funding from pharmaceutical companies.

In a scenario reminiscent of cattle round-ups, the state’s attorney has issued summons to more than 1600 parents of children who have not provided certificates of immunization for their children. But instead of toting a cattle prod, this state’s attorney chooses to wield a syringe to keep the “herd” in line.

Read the rest of the press release here.

Gunpoint Medicine:
Why drug pushers must now rely on Gestapo tactics

Conventional (pharmaceutical) medicine is the only system of medicine in the world that is so unpopular with informed consumers that it must be administered at the barrel of a gun. There is no other system of medicine anywhere in the world that resorts to such tactics to recruit patients.

At the Nov. 17th event in Maryland, activists Jim Moody and Kelly Ann Davis from SafeMinds were able to get in front of TV news cameras and voice their opposition to the coerced vaccination policy. Yet, amazingly, most parents just lined up like cattle ready to be branded, not bothering to question the sanity or legality of the very system in which they were now agreeing to participate.

A health freedom blog called Center for the Common Interest also covered the event, and it reports that a local activist named Donovan Hubbard videotaped the event and plans to make the video available online.

NewsTarget would like to contact Donovan and / or publicize his video. If you know of a way we can contact him, please call us at (520) 232-9300 to let us know.

What's next for Gunpoint Medicine?

As the truth continues to emerge about the extreme dangers of vaccinations and pharmaceuticals, Big Pharma is becoming increasingly desperate to coerce the public into relying on its products. It is now working closely with state authorities (including Governors of several states) to mandate the use of vaccinations on young children. This results in the criminalization of parents who refuse to subject their children to these dangerous chemicals.

In effect, Big Pharma is hoping to turn natural health followers into criminals

The FDA has already criminalized nutritional supplement companies who dare to tell the truth about the health benefits of their supplements. Read the true history of armed FDA raids on vitamin companies here.

Next, parents who refuse to subject their children to the chemical pharmaceuticals proposed by Big Pharma will be criminalized, rounded up and incarcerated for "refusing to comply with public health policy." This is all being done by the State in the name of "protecting the children" from their own natural health parents.

Insane, isn't it, to think that protecting your child from toxic chemicals is now a criminal act in the United States?

The end game of all this is to apply Gunpoint Medicine tactics to everyone: Adults and senior citizens included. Anyone suffering from high cholesterol, for example, who does not submit to Big Pharma's statin drugs could be arrested, strapped to a table and medicated against their will. People with cancer could be arrested for choosing to treat that cancer with safe and effective botanical medicines instead of patented, high-profit Big Pharma drugs. If you think the prisons are full enough right now from all the arrests for marijuana possession and other victimless crimes, just wait until the State starts arresting all the natural health moms and dads across the country who refuse to participate in the utterly insane and extremely harmful system of medicine that now dominates U.S. health care today.

The State is very clear about medicine: If you want to remain a free citizen, you must submit to the synthetic drugs made by the very same corporations that now control government health regulators. Any person who resists such "treatments" will be branded a threat to public health -- a designation just beneath "terrorist" in the eyes of many government bureaucrats. As such, they believe there is no limit to the level of force they may use to coerce such people into submitting to Big Pharma's chemicals. Today, it's armed guards with attack dogs. Tomorrow, it might be water boarding or other torture methods. Think that's impossible? Think again: Just five years ago, nobody in their right mind would have thought that parents who did not want to get their children vaccinated would end up in prison, their children kidnapped by state authorities and forced to subject themselves to dangerous chemical injections at gunpoint. Yet that is precisely what is happening right now in the state of Maryland. It happened on Saturday, in fact.

Where is the outrage?

What's most interesting about this issue of using the threat of imprisonment to force vaccinations upon children is not necessarily who is speaking out against it, but who has chosen to remain silent.

The American Medical Association, for example, has said nothing in opposition to the policy. Neither has the Food and Drug Administration. Where is the outrage from the Maryland Hospital Association? None of these organizations seem to have a problem with Gunpoint Medicine. The idea of rounding up parents and coercing their children into receiving injections of toxic chemicals does not seem to bother these organizations. And why should it? All of these organizations are closely tied to Big Pharma. They're all in favor of vaccinations for all, it seems, and I have no doubt that some individuals in these organizations (especially the AMA) are strongly in favor of the Gunpoint Medicine coerced vaccination policy being played out in Maryland right now.

Organized medicine believes the People are too stupid to be allowed to make their own health decisions. Bureaucrats and physicians should be the ones making these decisions, we're told, and any person who disagrees with such decisions should be labeled a criminal, arrested and prosecuted. This is no exaggeration. It is, in fact, a shockingly accurate description of Maryland's current vaccination policy.

It wasn't too long ago that Americans would have stood up and rallied against this kind of medical tyranny

The major news networks would have denounced Maryland's vaccination policy with strong language and harsh accusations. People would have been marching in the streets, demanding their health freedom. But today, it's a different America. The People are drugged up on pharmaceuticals and dosed on fluoride. They're too intoxicated to think straight, and they're frightened into submission by a fear-based government that invokes domestic tyranny at every opportunity to control and manipulate the People into doing whatever it wants.

The "free" America we all once knew is long gone, and it has been replaced with The United States of Corporate America, where police tactics are now used to enforce hazardous public health policies, and the people who run the State no longer think there's anything wrong with rounding up the population at gunpoint and performing large-scale medical experiments on their children. That's what modern vaccines are, after all: A grand medical experiment whose effects will only become known after a generation of mass poisoning has come and gone.

About the author
Mike Adams is a natural health researcher and author with a strong interest in personal health, the environment and the power of nature to help us all heal He is a prolific writer and has published thousands of articles, interviews, reports and consumer guides, impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles. Adams is an honest, independent journalist and accepts no money or commissions on the third-party products he writes about or the companies he promotes. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a manufacturer of mercury-free, energy-efficient LED lighting products that save electricity and help prevent global warming. He's also a noted technology pioneer and founded a software company in 1993 that developed the HTML email newsletter software currently powering the NewsTarget subscriptions. Adams also serves as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a non-profit consumer protection group, and enjoys outdoor activities, nature photography, Pilates and adult gymnastics. Known as the 'Health Ranger,' Adams' personal health statistics and mission statements are located at

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Week In The HIV & AIDS PR Machine

UN HIV estimates reduced to 33m. Here is the news as published by BBC who later today felt obliged to also do a another piece of scaremongering to counteract the colossal "smell of mendacity" left by the first article with the UN announcement of further exaggerations of figures in Africa, a month after the same was done in relation to India. Read also The New AIDS Review piece on the news.

In the last month we saw the death of the HIV vaccine, that was followed by the washed-up pop stars doing their bit to sell more CD's using HIV & AIDS issues, then we had the BBC bow to pressure from the AIDS industry who forced them to apologize publicly for the content of their documentary The Guinea Pig Kids, then we read Thabo Mbeki's admission in the news last week that he is still a dissident, and that he regrets not having fought on. The AIDS PR machine was forced to put on its Tutu in an effort to look more attractive, and to show that the South African political heavyweights are with them on AIDS.

In this piece for the BBC we have one of the heroes of the fight against apartheid, and supporter of the AIDS status quo in Africa, takes on a gay issue, and also talks of AIDS in Africa, where at least he does utter the word poverty as well. Some nice subtle juxtaposing there...but nothing could possibly disguise that for the AIDS machine it is one big fiasco after another.

And the latest today: Bring on Queenie too...

And now Europe
And again today (23/11/07), the BBC publishes an article claiming that HIV is on the rise, this time in Europe. If figures are down in Africa then they mist rise somewhere else. We mist keep the fear level up and the dosh flowing in, and the good old Beeb seems well invested here. What a disgrace.

Seems like there is no end to the BBC's HIV terror campaign and propaganda.

In an AIDS conference in Alicante we had the usual affirmation that now AIDS is only a chronic disease as the wonderful new "life-saving" (toxic) drugs keep it all at bay. There was however an alarming point which I think is worth highlighting; that according to the president of GESIDA, any shortcomings in having the right figures to give the public, was due to the fact that there is as yet NO OBLIGATORY REGISTER WHERE PEOPLE WITH HIV & AIDS ARE LISTED.

"El especialista estimó en unos 140.000 los casos de sida en el Estado, aunque matizó que el dato es aproximado al no existir un registro obligatorio para este tipo de pacientes."

Should we take it that this is now being proposed? If it were it would not be out of line with where this seem to be all going, as ever for that we need only look at the latest proposals or ideas brewing up across the Atlantic...

Apart from the insistent calls from the AIDS industry to impose mandatory universal testing for HIV, there's a new plan being pushed to eliminate Western Blot "confirmation" of so-called HIV tests and diagnose instead based on two rapid tests only.

In other words, you will now get your diagnosis based only on one kind of test that detects "nothing" specific to HIV, where anything from having had a flu jab to pregnancy can make you test positive, and the follow up test for confirmation will be then same useless test that gave you the positive test result in the first place.

One should also take into account that no HIV test, whether it uses blood, urine or saliva, has ever been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the specific intended purpose of diagnosing infection with HIV.

In view of all this information people still seem reluctant to look at this issue. many of us ask, why? Of all the possible answerers to that question that have been put forward there is one that I believe is the closest to the truth.

It does not just apply to HIV & AIDS, it is perhaps clearer when also applied to other factors as well in this terror campaign being waged against us, and which comes from all directions; Terror from without, viral contagion from within, and the environmental apocalypse from above, caused by Gore's Global Warming hysteria, the current and most "in vogue" lie for all to get all religious about.

This weekend we were subject to an all-out assault by the left-wing Catalan media and its excessive use of red ink headlines, reminiscent of the worse propaganda techniques used by the soviets during the cold war, which made it all seem like we were going to go up in flames within the next 24 hours. Thank God the Spanish right-wing had taken it on to publicly poo-poo the idea as a lie, for which I applaud them.

It becomes increasingly bizarre how one ends up applauding the right-wingers now a days, for being the ones who question some of these hysterical lies, and there perhaps is where we find the other part of the problem, as most people cannot believe that the left-wing is actually behind so much of these lies, the hysteria.

The Matrix is not just a film

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters... You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

All these lies serve an unconscious social function, one that leads man to enslave himself willingly, through the erroneous belief that he is being protected and cared for by this Matrix of lies and deceit, which only seeks to feed and nourish his hunger for ever greater doses of toxic and anesthetic information, in a daily ritual communion with a PR machine that creates for him a parallel existence, where through the power of fantasy, he finds himself driven by sheer subconscious terror, pledging daily allegiance to his own own slavery.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Exquisite Joyce

Joyce himself reads an excerpt from his mind-boggling work Finnegan's Wake.
A real treasure.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exquisite Joyce

The final few pages of The Dubliners by James Joyce.

The text works as a continuation to this clip taken form the wonderful adaptation of the novel directed by John Huston called The Dead.

I suppose you were in love with this Michael Furey, Gretta,' he said.

`I was great with him at that time,' she said.

Her voice was veiled and sad. Gabriel, feeling now how vain it would be to try to lead her whither he had purposed, caressed one of her hands and said, also sadly:

`And what did he die of so young, Gretta? Consumption, was it?'

`And then when it came to the time for me to leave Galway and come up to the convent he was much worse and I wouldn't be let see him, so I wrote him a letter saying I was going up to Dublin and would be back in the summer, and hoping he would be better then.'

She paused for a moment to get her voice under control, and then went on:

`Then the night before I left, I was in my grandmother's house in Nuns' Island, packing up, and I heard gravel thrown up against the window. The window was so wet I couldn't see, so I ran downstairs as I was and slipped out the back into the garden and there was the poor fellow at the end of the garden, shivering.'

`And did you not tell him to go back?' asked Gabriel.

`I implored of him to go home at once and told him he would get his death in the rain. But he said he did not want to live. I can see his eyes as well as well! He was standing at the end of the wall where there was a tree.'

`And did he go home?' asked Gabriel.

`Yes, he went home. And when I was only a week in the convent he died and he was buried in Oughterard, where his people came from. O, the day I heard that, that he was dead!'

She stopped, choking with sobs, and, overcome by emotion, flung herself face downward on the bed, sobbing in the quilt. Gabriel held her hand for a moment longer, irresolutely, and then, shy of intruding on her grief, let it fall gently and walked quietly to the window.

She was fast asleep.

Gabriel, leaning on his elbow, looked for a few moments unresentfully on her tangled hair and half-open mouth, listening to her deep-drawn breath. So she had had that romance in her life: a man had died for her sake. It hardly pained him now to think how poor a part he, her husband, had played in her life. He watched her while she slept, as though he and she had never lived together as man and wife. His curious eyes rested long upon her face and on her hair: and, as he thought of what she must have been then, in that time of her first girlish beauty, a strange, friendly pity for her entered his soul. He did not like to say even to himself that her face was no longer beautiful, but he knew that it was no longer the face for which Michael Furey had braved death.

Perhaps she had not told him all the story. His eyes moved to the chair over which she had thrown some of her clothes. A petticoat string dangled to the floor. One boot stood upright, its limp upper fallen down: the fellow of it lay upon its side. He wondered at his riot of emotions of an hour before. From what had it proceeded? From his aunt's supper, from his own foolish speech, from the wine and dancing, the merry-making when saying good night in the hall, the pleasure of the walk along the river in the snow. Poor Aunt Julia! She, too, would soon be a shade with the shade of Patrick Morkan and his horse. He had caught that haggard look upon her face for a moment when she was singing `Arrayed for the Bridal'. Soon, perhaps, he would be sitting in that same drawing-room, dressed in black, his silk hat on his knees. The blinds would be drawn down and Aunt Kate would be sitting beside him, crying and blowing her nose and telling him how Julia had died. He would cast about in his mind for some words that might console her, and would find only lame and useless ones. Yes, yes: that would happen very soon.

The air of the room chilled his shoulders. He stretched himself cautiously along under the sheets and lay down beside his wife. One by one, they were all becoming shades. Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age. He thought of how she who lay beside him had locked in her heart for so many years that image of her lover's eyes when he had told her that he did not wish to live.

Generous tears filled Gabriel's eyes. He had never felt like that himself towards any woman, but he knew that such a feeling must be love. The tears gathered more thickly in his eyes and in the partial darkness he imagined he saw the form of a young man standing under a dripping tree. Other forms were near. His soul had approached that region where dwell the vast hosts of the dead. He was conscious of, but could not apprehend, their wayward and flickering existence. His own identity was fading out into a grey impalpable world: the solid world itself, which these dead had one time reared and lived in, was dissolving and dwindling.

A few light taps upon the pane made him turn to the window. It had begun to snow again. He watched sleepily the flakes, silver and dark, falling obliquely against the lamplight. The time had come for him to set out on his journey westward. Yes, the newspapers were right: snow was general all over Ireland. It was falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, farther westward, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves. It was falling, too, upon every part of the lonely churchyard on the hill where Michael Furey lay buried. It lay thickly drifted on the crooked crosses and headstones, on the spears of the little gate, on the barren thorns. His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.

James Joyce

Classic Beckett- Not I

Not I by Samuel Beckett.
BBC Production from 1973 starring the fantastic Billie Whitelaw.