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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spiked: AIDS-The Authorities Have Lied, And I Am Not Glad

Spiked Magazine

The Authorities Have Lied, And I Am Not Glad

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, author of 1987’s The Truth About the AIDS Panic, says it is a shame that AIDS insiders did not expose the myths and opportunism of the AIDS industry earlier. But still, better late than never.

There is a widely accepted view that Britain was saved from an explosive epidemic of heterosexual AIDS in the late 1980s by a bold campaign initiated by gay activists and radical doctors and subsequently endorsed by the government and the mass media.

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LS said...

Back-breaking apologetics from the "new" authorities... but it's just a new brand of bullshit.

That is, Will they talk about the fraudulent tests? How about the dangerous to deadly drugs? Nope.

Still a religion - albeit one with in-fighting orthodoxies. There are the acceptable "heretics" it seems, when the grand charades come to public view.

They've apparently given birth to a new-fangled monster like Pisani, who can play the "healer of the broken paradigm" while peddling the thing to the willing buyers: the "at risk" (for being tested and marginalized).

What kind of Reformation can be had? A slow, arduous, and incremental one.

Shall we congratulate them for altering their facade? It shows that a number of the grander pantomimes have begun to bore the audience. Congratulations, monsters of history - you're maneuvering into a position to insure your continued survival.

What would happen, if one of these journals took it on, without apology:

"What is in an HIV test?"

Now, that would cause some endless trouble, wouldn't it?

Frank said...

Sounds like a judgement - breathe a sigh of relief if you are a monogamous hetero but "we're comin' after ye like a dawg" if you are one of those "risk group" individuals. Yes, public health = fascism, but the answer is not to deem certain groups as being responsible for what ails them. Typhoid Mary mentality does not trump political correctness - merely eclipses it.

stref said...

hi, i'm stephen
i think im in trouble, i had sex with a boy, (who was much older than me), he has hiv(not AIDS); and i knew it but i decided to do it anyway. i thought that the condom was enough to protect myself; and then he used it only when he penetrated me;...some days ago i talked about this with my ex-boyfriend; first he got very angry and then he told me that the protection with the condom isn't 100% but just 80%, that i should have used it for blowjobs too and that it's possible to get the hiv virus even from a kiss.
now im a bit worried, really worried, i had looked for information about hiv many times, even before this mess, but now i know that maybe i didnt know enough; and my fear will go away(or will be just less) when i will be able to do some exams but till that moment(that is 5 months or more) i don't know how to live in this situation I made by my own self.
There are other problems....for example i'm just 16/17 and i will never tell this to my family, i don't need my parents, three sisters and a brother to worry about this.....
Shit! i still remember when i was 6, when one evening i cried becouse i had a big fear of death and i didn't want to die(i had listened on tv a newsman saying that in the 2019 a fireball would hit the earth and destroy it all);and i've always done my best to stay healthy, becouse i want live... ive never smoked, never drinked, never done drugs; and now i have done this....i guess that i was less superficial when i was younger.hmm.....and unfurtunately i've never believed in God, probably if i had now i should have some kind of consolation.
By the way, what should i do?should i do any test? what do you think about all...? sorry for wasting your time to read this but i needed to talk with someone.............. and it's easier to unbosom with strangers....thank you and goodbye........

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