Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fascism & Nazism Were Radical Left-Wing Socialist Forces

The Mother Of All The Big Left-Wing Lies:
Fascism & Nazism Are Of The Right.
Wrong, They Are Of The Left.

As you may be able to guess from the Cyrillic writing accompanying it, it was a Soviet Swastika -- used by the Red Army during and after World War I. It was worn as a shoulder patch by some Soviet troops. The Swastika too was a socialist symbol long before Hitler became influential. Prewar socialists (including some American socialists) used it on the grounds that it has two arms representing two entwined letters "S" (for "Socialist"). So even Hitler's symbolism was Leftist. John J. Ray

Aids and more recently Global Warming had already opened my eyes as to the terrible capacity of left-wing liberals to lie and distort science, history and truth. Their capacity to smear and destroy any opposition or questioning of their religion of lies. So, it has already been some years now since I started to clean out the left-wing cobwebs and open the windows of my mind and soul to let in fresh air and dispel the rancid stench that a lifetime of socialist left-wing politics the media and academic indoctrination had stuffed into my life. Now it seems that all these lies have a mother. This "mother of all lies", finally explains so much. It put into perspective so much that hitherto seemed unorganised, almost coincidental, and brings it all under one umbrella. This is the big one.

Hitler was a Socialist - Mussolini was a Marxist
Socialism Marxism + Nationalism = Nazism & Fascism
The only element in this equation which one can lay at the door of the right is Nationalism, but is Nationalism not the one factor any political power uses to get the masses behind it? Does the British Labour Party, The American Democrats, Castro and Chavez use it less than the British Conservatives, The PP in Spain and the Republicans in America? Is it such a major factor when one considers the very specific leftist economic and social policies the Fascists and the Nazis held?

What are the real differences in content and style between these reactionary forces and the current liberal left-wing dominated political arena in Europe, America, the world?

This is "must read" material for all of us who already know about the sordid left-wing capacity to invent lies, distort science, history and smear anyone who questions them by equating them with holocaust deniers and flat-earthers. All of us who have been called stupid, evil and fascists should read this and then ask all our nice left-wing liberal friends if they actually know where the word NAZI comes from and what it means:

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
National Socialist German Workers' Party!!

Well, there you have it. That certainly explains its popularity much better than what left-wing academia want us all to believe, i.e: that everyone didn't understand, or that everyone had been deceived, or that everyone had caught a right-wing virus. It was popular because it was modern socialism, just like socialism, left-wing ideology and modern liberalism with all their hyperbolic trappings of equality, peace, the environment, caring and the rabid hate of anything that does not fit, accept, agree or revere the left-wing religion, all still evident up till today.

So, in view of this I ask: Which part of NAZI is right-wing?

How right wing is the message in this poster below?

"Mit Adolf Hitler "Ja" fuer Gleichberechtigung und Frieden"
"With Adolf Hitler For Equal Rights & Peace"

If Hitler was a Socialist and Mussolini was a Marxist, how is it that the Conservatives have been saddled with responsibility for the excesses of Nazism and Fascism?

How right-wing were the policies they adopted? What was it exactly that these two wanted to "conserve" according to left-wingers? Did you know about Nazi & Fascist eco-agenda? And Eugenics was also a left-wing progressive ideology, supported by most major left-wing liberal intellectuals, and if one understands how AIDS and Global Warming ARE Eugenics, then it is not difficult to see that ALL leading left-wing intellectuals, artist and personalities still support Eugenics, they just do it under a different name now.

Oh, Brave New World!

In terms of policy and ideology, it is stunning to see just how similar the Fascists and Nazis were to current liberal left-wing ideology. Take out the gas chambers and the overt antisemitism of the Nazis and you see that there is barely any difference at all, not just in terms of policy, but also in style.

How and why have the media and our academia perpetrated this colossal deception, this mother of all lies? Could it be because the media and the academia are ALL left-wing liberals? If so how is this acceptable?

What political power structures conspired to make this total takeover in education possible and viable right up till this day? Maybe the answer can be found in the Marxist theories of this man: Antonio Gramsci.

Here is some interesting insight into how our academia run the totalitarian Gramscian regime we now call higher education.
Read here

Where is Conservatism in all this? Where have the conservatives been all through this? Do they actually exist? Why have they let this happen? Why have entire generations been abandoned to the left-wing vultures and left to work out these lies themselves?

Questions questions questions... If like me, you want to know the answer to these burning questions then read the following material or buy these book's, its as good a place to start as any.

John J. Ray

Hitler Was A Socialist
Left-wing Fascism: An Intellectual Disorder

The American Angle
Tom Wolfe

In The Land Of The Rococo Marxist

Jonah Goldberg
If you want to see liberals freak out, scream, kick and call everyone who thinks this book poses some interesting questions,
a fascist, then just visit some of the pages discussing the book. You can even visit the Amazon boards for a very telling glimpse of this total panic driven vitriol.

Here Jonah Goldberg Explains...

Also recommended:

The left certainly has a lot of questions to answer and calling me or anyone else a fascist for insisting that they do so, is only further proof that supports the argument presented in this material.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Believe AIDSTruth

Spread the message
Take these banners and pass them around liberally.

More to come...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sharon Stone & Madonna In Cannes Playing AIDS Queens

We Love Money We Love AID$
We are so artistically bankrupt we need

HIV & AID$-heads Sharon Stone & Madonna promote lies, death and viral terror in Cannes

'Just woke up to the sight of two aging diamond clad death queens walking up the red carpet in Cannes selling aids, one to raise money for an organization that promotes genocide by gay men for gay men called AMFAR and the other to get her wrinkled paws on some baby from Malawi; Madonna & Sharon Stone promote aids!'

Where o where would these hags be without the great viral lie?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Queer Fascists Disrupt Whistleblowers Event

Abigail Is Back

"'A fire, a fire is burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face! And it is my face, and yours, Danforth! For them that quail to bring men out of ignorance, as I have quailed, and as you quail now when you know in all your black hearts that this be fraud - God damns our kind especially, and we will burn, we will burn together!'"
Act 3, Scene 3, pg. 111

The Crucible-Arthur Miller

Queer Fascists Disrupt Awards Event
So they are back. The howling mob of Abigails, screaming and blackmailing and terrorizing even the most powerful to cower in front of their unholy religion of HIV & AIDS. I thought they were dead, obviously they are not. It must be a sure sign they are not really taking their "lifesaving" meds.

Read how the Queer fascists try and fail to disrupt the Whistleblowers event in Washington, and how the powerful in Washington cowered to the "queer terror"

All this on the same day California overrules the ban on same sex marriage, an irony, considering that this lot are politically behind both these issues. I can only deduce that Californian homosexuals now get 'marriage" in exchange for the death sentence to add to the list of goodies one is offered as part of accepting the HIV & AIDS deal. We have it here and no one really bothers with it. In Europe we got that some years back now and I certainly don't give a toss about marriage, in fact the majority of homosexuals don't beyond the symbolism. In my case I don't give a damn about marriage because I know well that cosmetic advances like this are at the very heart of this unholy deal the queers have struck with the powers that be, where HIV & AIDS is the price they made us all pay for the opportunity to play the "corpse bride".

How up "queer street" is this? How grotesque? Political gains are bartered in exchange for upholding the deadly lie and collectively accepting the death sentence. All these political gains the "queers" have made, have been done at great cost to the lives of those labeled, stigmatised, deformed, poisoned, destroyed and killed in the name of HIV & AIDS.

Pretty hideous no?

This lot want freedom and equality, but ONLY for them. They certainly do not want it for me or other gay men and women who reject the HIV & AIDS death cult. Nor do they want it for Africa or the world at large. They want us all prisoners of their lie and the terror they spin in the name of that lie. Considering this, "gay marriage" as a symbol of equality and freedom for gay people, is just about as grotesque as one has learned to expect form these "queer fascists". It's just their style; if one can still call anything they do "style".

I object to this fascist faction who hijacked gay politics over 20 years ago, with the direst consequences for us all, still being referred to as "gay activists", they are neither "gay" nor are they "activists", they are "queer" and they are " fascists". They are a noisy faction that have hijacked gay politics and made ghastly deals, selling us all out to be targeted, labeled and poisoned in the name of HIV and for political and economic gains. What they have done is genocide and they keep on doing it with general consent.

Why is everyone so afraid of them? Call them "queer fascists" that is what they are. They represent themselves. They speak not for me, nor do they speak for other "homos" like me. To fight them is not "homophobic", to fight them is our duty. Start by rejecting this PC "new speak" babble they need so much to hide behind and speak your mind. Who the hell do they think they are to pretend they are protecting me from "homophobia"? On what grounds? On whose authority? JP Moore's? that grand inquisitor of AIDS sleaze, or that traitor Kramer? or Delaney? Richard Jefferys? Who the fuck are these people? Who appointed them? I don't remember voting for them. These people are no gay leaders, they are big pharma cock-sucking-whores from hell. These people speak for no one but themselves, and when they do it is all lies and deceit, and they do it to fill their pockets and make political carrers. These people do not represent me, nor do they protect my interests. These are self appointed liars who have led everyone up the garden path to the cemetery and who should be in prison.

They are not my leaders. They are my assassins. They are your assassins.

True Kings and Queens
If there still are some level headed ones out there with big enough balls and ovaries who have had enough of this crap, who care to speak out and condemn this queer fascism, I urge them to do so, and be just as noisy as this queer fascist mob can be, for when the tide turns, and IT WILL, they will start carting us ALL off to the camps for what this lot have done. I am pretty sure that these camps will not have any dance music playing, nor will there be drugs to take to block out the pain and the shame.

This mob must be brought under control and held accountable, before it is too late for us all. Gay people who do not agree with them must take the lead in doing this. We must fight them by taking that homophobic arrow they so liberally throw at anyone who challenges their unholy lie and shoot them back down with it. They are the homophobic self-haters, who hate hate hate the idea of life lived in freedom from the death sentence, free from HIV, their one true God. We must reclaim our lives back from this queer terror. To hell with them.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leyla Gencer -The Last Of The Great Divas

The Last Of The Great Divas

Leyla Gencer (La Turca)
1928 - 2008

Telegraph Obituary

Listen to Leyla Gencer as Mary Stewart raising the roof of the Communale in Firenze back in 1967 with Shirley Verrett as Elizabeth under the baton of Molinari Pradelli. A stunning document of an irreplaceable artist.

Catalani. Ebben? Ne andro lontana.

Celia Farber & Peter Duesberg Awarded In Washington

Celia Farber & Peter Duesberg get "Clean Hands" award in Washington

Are we a step closer to seeing the HIV & AIDS fraud exposed on a massive scale? Will we see Gallo, Fauchi and the rest of the AIDS mafia pay for their lies in our lifetime? Will there be justice finally for the millions who have had their lives destroyed by this insidious lie?

This seems to be putting things in the right direction for that to happen.
Read here

AID$ Inc. Panics

And here see how the AIDS mafia PANIC

Friday, May 09, 2008

The BBC mends Its speech a little

Interesting article to follow that awful one from three days ago. Second call published in an article in the British Medical Journal which calls for UNIAIDS to be disbanded.

True there is still this absurd clinging to HIV, true there is that AIDS goon obsession with huge big black penises and the twisted envious desire to mutilate them, ignoring the fact that although 99% of all American gay men are circumcised, they still get HIV (statistically speaking), for as we all know HIV does not exist.

Still, this is one more in a string of articles on the long string of disasters that plague them and that confirm how the big guns of AIDS mafia are trying to find a way out without having to admit that they have been lying to us for a quarter of a century and squandering billions of $ of tax payers money in the process.

HIV funding priority shift call

Read BBC article here

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The BBC Back On The Poison Track

The BBC is always at hand to help the AID$ church of death machine carry out its work. Today they publish some truly disgusting propaganda targeting pregnant women and babies.

They are promoting HIV tests, which unless there are some new ones out I don't know of, are still those same fraudulent ones we were all caught in the HIV trap with. These ones which detect nothing specific to HIV at all, are totally nonspecific and have never been officially validated. In short, they are a fraud.

They also advocate "black box" poisons the AID$ industry calls "life saving medication" which so many of us have stopped taking because it is toxic, liver-destroying and body deforming, and above all useless, not to mention the fact that it is unnecessary. We are all doing fine without it because we never needed it in the first place.

All this information comes courtesy of the Terrence Higgins Trust, one of the organisations with the worse reputation in the world for AID$ corruption.

Good work again from the Beeb, who never fails to do all it can to promote genocide in the name of left-wing fantasies disguised as humanity saving science. It is not acceptable an any level that the media really think they can keep dishing out this crap. They must be held accountable for their part in the worse piece of evil perpetrated by man against man in the history of humanity, the HIV fraud and the AIDS CONstruct.

The media is one of the major players here.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary & Barry


  • Their positions are often barely distinguishable from that of the Republicans
  • They have built their campaigns around genetic identity rather than on political principles and issues.
  • "I would be stunned to find an anti-business [Supreme Court] appointee from either of them," Cass Sunstein, who is a constitutional adviser to Obama, told me. "There's not a strong interest on the part of Obama or Clinton in demonizing business, and you wouldn't expect to see that in their Supreme Court nominees." - Jeffrey Rosen, NY Times
  • They take multiple positions on individual issues such as NAFTA
  • They have produced no interesting new ideas nor promised to fight for any important new programs
  • They have offered no good idea about how to handle the current economic crisis
  • Neither has ameaningful urban policy
  • Neither are will willing to take on the criminality of Bush's use of torture.
  • They have gone about their campaigns as though they were leading a cult rather than a political movement
  • Clinton hangs out with a covert group of right wing GOP Christians; Obama would name some of them to his cabinet.
  • They have similar voting records with Progressive Punch ranking Obama 24th and Clinton 19h in Senate
  • The both dissed Nader for daring to run for president again
  • Obama wrote that conservatives and Bill Clinton were right to destroy social welfare, Clinton supported her husband's program
  • Hillary Clinton comes in at 38th and Obama at 48th in the ranking of the League of Conservation Voters
  • Both have hawkish foreign policy advisors involved in past US misdeeds and failures
  • Both support Israeli aggression and apartheid. Obama has deserted previous support for two-state solution to Mid East situation
  • Both have voted numerous times to continue funding the war
  • Both support or won't oppose nuclear power
  • Both support war on drugs
  • Both support Real ID
  • Both support No Child Left Behind
  • Both supported crack-cocaine sentence disparity
  • Both oppose single payer healthcare
  • Both support PATRIOT Act
  • Both support the death penalty
  • Both have no clear plan to leave Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Both support charter schools
  • Both support federally funded ethanol


  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has no plans to "obliterate:" Iran
  • Clinton would continue the 28 year old Reagan - Bush - Clinton - Bush era; Obama would probably end it.
  • While both have misled voters, Clinton has by far the worst record, witness the cattle futures, Whitewater, travel office and similar scandals as well as the fact that five of her fundraisers have been convicted of, or pleaded no contest to, crimes and one fled the country after being indicted on charges related to raising money.
  • While they both have had seamy friends, so far only one has surfaced for Obama - Rezko - as opposed to a lengthy list for Clinton that begins with three close business partners who ended up in prison.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been almost indicted.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been mentioned 35 times in a criminal indictment.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been involved in a resort land scam in which about half the purchasers, many of them seniors, lost their property.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, is not currently being sued in a case involving an allegedly massive misreporting of campaign contributions.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, did not support the appointment of the now indicted Bernie Kerick to be head of Homeland Security
  • Obama would be good at international negotiations; foreign leaders wouldn't know whether to trust Clinton.
  • Obama is not married to Bill Clinton
  • Obama has revealed his tax returns; Clinton hasn't
  • Clinton thinks McCain would be better qualified for the White House than Obama; Obama would rather have Clinton than McCain
  • The Clinton administration, according to an HRC ad, wouldn't answer an emergency White House call until the sixth ring; the Obama administration, it is implied, would wait for the seventh.
  • Obama voted against immunity for telecoms' illegal spying on Americans; Clinton didn't show up for the vote.
  • Obama has inspired a lot of young and minority voters to get involved in politics; Clinton has relied upon a traditional and aging constituency.
  • Obama favored cluster bomb ban in civilian areas; Clinton opposed the ban
  • Obama says "everything is on the table" with Social Security. Clinton seems slightly more supportive of the classic Democratic program
  • Obama opposed putting heating fuel assistance for low income in stimulus bill; Clinton supported it


  • Promises not to sign a trade bill without environmental and labor protections.
  • Helped fight for restoration of habeas corpus at Gitmo.
  • Aggressively opposed impeachment action against Bush.
  • Wouldn't have photo taken with San Francisco mayor because he was afraid it would seem that he supported gay marriage
  • Opposes lowering the drinking age to 18
  • Supported restricting damage awards in medical malpractices suits
  • Supported making it harder to file class action suits in state courts
  • Misled on extent on lobbyist support
  • Called the late Paul Wellstone "something of a gadfly"
  • Voted for a business-friendly "tort reform" bill
  • Voted for a nuclear energy bill that included money for bunker buster bombs and full funding for Yucca Mountain.
  • Won't rule out first strike nuclear attack on Iran
  • Received $708,000 from medical and insurance interests between 2001 and 2006
  • Went to Connecticut to support Joe Lieberman in the primary against Ned Lamont
  • Refuses to take a position on the anti-constitutional Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
  • Called Pakistan "the right battlefield ... in the war on terrorism." Threatened to invade Pakistan
  • Sounds sort of like Tony Robbins
  • Uses various evangelical cons to win supporters
  • Has not revealed his proposed policies in many areas and where he has they primarily consist of minor alterations in the status quo
  • Voted against a 30% interest rate cap on credit cards
  • Opposed the war as a state senator, is less certain as a federal one and has voted for full funding of it
  • Wrote critically in his books of the New Deal and the New Left while praising Bill Clinton


  • Favors healthcare individual mandates that would help insurance companies and banks but not citizens
  • Has the most number of foreign lobbyist contributors
  • Is even more popular with Pentagon contractors than McCain
  • Is most popular with K Street lobbyists
  • Is only First Lady to come under criminal investigation
  • Has received the most funds from oil industry
  • Has received the most funds from health industry
  • Gave most number of evasive answers (250) to congressional inquiries
  • Submitted the largest false campaign finance report