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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Martin Delaney's Project Inform On "Black Box" Label Medication

Martin Delaney's Project Inform On "Black Box" Label Medication
FDA issues 'Black Box' warning for Cipro, similar drugs

by Paul Dalton, July 9, 2008

"Black Box warnings are the FDA’s most important notices on potential dangers of a drug. They are set apart from other safety information to draw the attention of prescribers and patients."

Project Inform

"AIDS" drugs have "black box" labels, but there the fact that they are called
"lifesaving" must balance the toxicity effect out. I suppose the fact they are called a "cocktail" must really help as well...

Thank God for labels. What would we do without them?


Dan said...

It almost sounds like Mr. Delaney is saying something of substance when it comes to "AIDS drugs". He gets close, but he doesn't actually get there.

If he wanted to inform, he'd say that these drugs are known to be life-threatening and life-ending.

Shirley Pigott MD said...

Would you please email me at I am the executive director of Texas Medical Board Watch, Texas Agency Watch, and United States State Agency Watch.

Thank you.

I think we may be allies.