Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Thursday, July 17, 2008

One woe doth tread upon another's heel, so fast they follow...

Fauci Gets Cold Feet

As The "HIV" Fantasy Reaches Critical Levels Of Pseudo-Scientific Absurdity

Plans for Human Trial of H.I.V. Vaccine Canceled

Published: July 18, 2008

Plans for a large human trial of a vaccine against the AIDS virus in the United States were canceled on Thursday because federal health officials said the vaccine was unlikely to prove effective and might increase the risk of H.I.V. infection among volunteers.

The decision is another major setback in efforts to develop an H.I.V. vaccine, which health officials contend would be their best weapon to control the AIDS pandemic. Several other H.I.V. vaccines are in various stages of testing among people in many countries.

Scientists have been trying for more than 25 years to make an effective H.I.V. vaccine. They say that getting one to market — if one is ever developed — is years off.

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AVAC comments on NIAID decision not to move forward with PAVE 100 Trial


It really is very difficult to produce a vaccine against a virus that has never even been proven to exist and for which there is still not even a specific test or gold standard.

They have no shame, yet we must take heart, for they still have hope...


Dan said...

The HIV fantasy reached critical levels of absurdity when Gallo had his little press conference in 1984.

This article is just another part of the dismantling process. Keep track of these announcements. They're telling us it's over with in bits and pieces.

Manu said...

Sure!! Fauci is now pulling out too LOL

Oigen said...

The virus hunters failed with their "war on cancer" and were fast losing funding out of frustration from their benefactors but Franken Gallo bailed them and himself out with his phantom HIV. Twenty five years later it looks like another bail-out is in the works with HIV for the same reasons but who will be their saviour this time with the next bugaboo.