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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fauci Admits Total failure Of AIDS Research

AIDS Pope Fauci Declares Total Failure Of The Church Of AIDS Research

Officials: Search for HIV vaccine needs overhaul

Scientists will have to take "enormous intellectual leaps" to develop an AIDS vaccine in the coming years, say researchers clearly frustrated by the failure of a once-promising shot.

Now he is seeking, what seem to be, new young zombie priests to replace the old blood in the AIDS church. Applicants must be:

willing to pursue 'innovative, high risk, high impact' work, according to the NIAID documents about the new programmes.

'We'd like to bring into the fold and embrace new people, young investigators ... who have no preconceived notion,' Fauci said.

The AIDS machine has literally fallen apart. The shell still makes noise only with the fact that 25 years on they have literally NOTHING! So they dress these daily admissions up as if they were exciting news. Like this one here:

Parasites may Fuel AIDS Epidemic

Wow!! Amazing!!

Question is, what parasites are we talking about?

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