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Saturday, July 26, 2008

AIDS Activists & Researchers Go For Each Others Throats

The AIDS Wars Revisited
Some have called for an end to the show and jumped ship.
Others are having none of it

AIDS industry descends into total disarray as AIDS activists & AIDS research go for each others throats, in a flurry of accusations and counter-accusations, contradictions, confusion, new levels of hysteria and fantasy, bizarre and racist scientific reports and trivia.

The AIDS industry and the media scramble to divert attention form what is becoming more obvious by the minute, that AIDS is Over and they are all screaming and running for their lives to big pharma red ribbon party in Mexico, to feel safe together, hide their guilt at all costs and forget their troubles and figure out how to silence the increasing levels and clamour of criticism, scepticism and accusations. Thanks to the American Government they have 50 billion $ of taxpayers money to do it with now.

So fasten your wigs and prepare the puke-bags for the AIDS Razzle Dazzle Part II.

Till then, here are some examples of what I mean


Pharma activists Geffen & Gonsalves declare war on

AIDS activists' 'irrational actions' - July 25, 2008

Two respected AIDS campaigners have posted a critique of the vocal activist group ACT UP Paris.

The critique was be published in the latest issue of the Journal of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, say its authors, Gregg Gonsalves and Nathan Geffen, both working in South Africa. The criticism is sure to spark discussion at the biennial AIDS conference, which starts in Mexico City on Sunday 3 August: ACT UP Paris has for years been one of the loudest activist groups at such meetings.

Gonsalves and Geffen allege that the group’s “irrational” actions are hurting, not helping, the cause of people with HIV -- a critique Gonsalves has been making for a few years now. The new article recounts how ACT UP Paris’s protests at the 2004 Bangkok AIDS meeting derailed planned clinical trials to test whether antiretroviral drugs could prevent HIV infection. According to Gonsalves and Geffen, ACT UP Paris is now trying to block a planned trial to circumcise 20,000 men in South Africa; circumcision has been shown to decrease an individual’s risk of HIV infection.

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Looks like ACTUP Paris is now smelling the coffee and that dreadful smell of racism, pharma money and sleaze so characteristic of the AIDS issue. Will they finally join ACTUP San Francisco in denouncing openly the genocidal agenda that is the AIDS CONstruct?


AIDS Research Bash It Out Too
In Spite Of Seeming Coolness
The AIDS Machine Is In Total Disarray
Add to this Roche pulling out of HIV research, the AIDS figures lies for Africa and India, the WHO declarations that heterosexual AIDS was a lie, the call to disband UNAIDS, the yes but no but yes but no but we don't know but we still believe don't well sort of but not sure either of the AIDS vaccine mess, and the startling latest news from the verge, such as the one about parasites being bad for you and the recist angle one with genes which protect Africans from malaria but make them more prone to "HIV infection"and another uber racist one which says that to be African means to be genetically at automatic risk of "HIV infection" and all peppered over with a 50 billion $ cheque, one is grateful that at least we can get pissed drunk on "cocktails" which according to the AIDS industry add years to our lives.

Cocktails add years to lives

So let's all hit the Margaritas and Mojitos folks, God knows, after reading all this shite one ends up in desperate need of a few stiff (AZT free) ones.


Mérôme Jardin said...


I am Jérôme, from Act Up-Paris.

During the Mexico conference, we had a meeting with Gonsalves, Geffen and TAC on this very issue. We talked for instance of the meaning of scientific evidence, the difference of the impact of challenging the science if you are in a country where resarch is protected and in a country, such like South Africa, where it is threatened by the governement itself. We also agreed that this polemic must not damage our common work on other important issues just like the universal access to treatments or the health workforce crisis.I hope this is a beginning of a constructive discussion and the end of unfounded accusations.

But such inflamatory posts, with ridiculous and outragous conclusions or comparison are not helpful.
You are talking about Act Up-San Francisco : prove the comparison, find a text that proves that we are denyalist. Who is irrational ?

I work as volunteer in Act Up-Paris for 10 years and I do not know you. Why are you guys so full of hate towards Act Up-Paris ? And by hate I mean « irrational anger against something ». Irrational : you bring no evidence of your accusations, you did not contact us before blaming us publicly. Why don't you talk to us before if you think our work is so bad ? Have you ever read our work before I am sure you have not, because your "criticisms" would have sounded really different.

Gonsalves and Geffens's article, just like some of the posts and comments here sound so much like a synopsis of "the law and the order" TV show. Few activists decided to speak as district attorneys AND as the same time judges of the good activism. Who elected them DA or judge ? I don't know.

What I know is that, in "the law and the order" people have the right to defend themselves. But here, nobody has asked us our comment on Gonsalves and Geffen's text. Nobody quotes us although all articles on these topics are available on our website, and some of them are translated in english. SO RATIONAL.

Well, I guess it is easier to speak of Act Up-Paris without Act Up-Paris, just like it is easier to talk about the conditions of cambodian sex workers in trials without them, or the situation of the PLWA in the Dart trial without them. This is SO rational.

Is the way how Geffen and Gonsalves talk about a former activist of Act Up-Paris, naming her wordly, diffamating her on the N-9 trials an example of rationality ? Is that what you want to happen between activists ?

Please find here our answer to Gonsalves and Geffen, in case of you are interested of evaluating directy our work. As you can see, our criticisms are based on scientific evidences and official French and international treatment recommandations, inclunding the Helsinki Declaration :

On the particular theme of the Orange Farm trial on circumcision, you will find here a letter from the director of the French Aids Research Agency, Jean-François Delfraissy, that disproves all the accusations of Gonsalves and Geffen. They read this letter last fall : it is SO RATIONAL to repeat the same accusations today although they get the evidence that they were wrong ! Read this letter which is an evidence that Geffen and Gonsalves did not tell the truth about us.

And here is a summary of all our articles we have written on the mentionned trials :

Some of these textes are well known, for a while, by Geffen and Gonsalves. But, of course, they never quote them : this is SO rational. Some of the texts are in French, and we have better to do than translate them for people who never read the english articles we translated. But why could we not talk, for a change, in FRENCH ? Why is it always to US, other people than USA, to make this kind of linguistic efforts ?

A crucial point : I just want to quote the introduction of our answer to remind every one that when we work on these ethical issues, we do it WITH THE PEOPLE THAT DIRECTLY EXPRESS CONCERNS. YOU CANNOT IGNORE THE FACT THAT THE SEX WORKERS IN CAMBODIA OR PLWA IN UGANDA ASK FOR SUPPORT OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY . And we were few to give them this support.


"We point out also that in the analysis that they make of the criticisms formulated against certain trials, the authors of the article completely underestimate the pioneering role played by local activists, for example in the case of the DART trial or the tenofovir prevention trial. Worse yet, they imply that Act Up-Paris manipulated these activists— as if the sex workers in Cambodia, PLWAs in Uganda and civil society in Cameroon were so easily manipulated and incapable of taking the least initiative. In their attempts to disparage us, the authors of the article infantilize PLWAs, activists and organizations in developing countries. This is insulting and unacceptable."


If you want to keep going with such a discussion, please include people from Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia. Please include WOMEN when you talk about circumcision. I already ask to some of them to react to your posts.

Talk to all of them about their own situation that you know better than themselves, say to them that their are puppets manipulated by the mean antiscience Act Up-Paris. Tell them that just because they are sex workers or African, not living in the White America or the White Europa, they don't need the same protection in clinical trials because it is antiscience.Tell them that the Helsinki Declaration is not for them, just for us, white male people from rich countries. Patronize them : because that's just what you are doing by forgetting them. I could talk peacefully on all other issues mentionned in Gonsalves and Geffen's text, or in these posts, but not on this precise one. Don't you understand how shameful it is to ignore entire populations like that ?

Well, keep showing us the rational light in such a way. Meanwhile we will keep working WITH the researchers and WITH the pharma industry which means, sometimes, challenging them, including with strong, public actions. We can do both.We organize public actions when we think that the situation cannot be imporved by a discussion – because the power relation does not allow it. And we peacefully and sometimes successfully meet twice a year with every representative of the pharma lab to discuss on their future trials, we sit in different councils of the French Resarch Agency and other institutions.

So, save us your lessons on rationality, we have nothing to learn about treatment activisme from DA or judges, and everything to learn of peers communities who don't forget the others, And please, avoid to say we are racist when you are unable to contact people from the South to hve their opinion.

Jérôme Martin
Act Up-Paris

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