Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

AIDS Is Now A Black Genocide

AIDS Is Now A Black Genocide

The media has now gone totally all out with its campaign to terrorize black America with the false notion that they are all HIV positive or have AIDS.

Racist report after report on a daily basis now are reaching hysteria levels reminiscent of those horrible early days when the same thing was done but with gays, It should make black leaders at least take note that something here smells to high heaven, but again, as with the leaders of the gay community back then, and still now, the leaders of the black community are either all rolled into this unholy scheme, or for some reason seem oblivious to the screaming racism in all these reports, which incidentally, are quite worthless, as they are all based on a scientific hypothesis, which has never even been proved, an idea for which there is no TRUE scientific evidence. These reports are not even scientific; they are not based on any true scientific method.

“AIDS” science is not science; it is garbage, pure and simple.

I noticed this started a few days ago now with the racist news issue started coming saying blacks have genetic disposition to 'HIV" infection. I was truly shocked today just to see that on one site alone the alarming quantity of articles and reports detailing this hysteria. I am not even taking Africa into account here, over in Africa this is totally out of control. This new latest mass assault is on black America.

Here are some examples just from today:

CNN - 1 Out Of 2 With HIV In U.S. Is Black, Report Says

HIV Population Among Black Americans Is Comparable To Some African Nations

Report calls for urgency in treating HIV among African Americans

My question to the black community is why are you listening to those who are telling you these lies. Why do you listen to Oprah, who knows since a long time ago that HIV tests are unreliable and even fraudulent? She even did a show about it.

Even so, she and others like her still push for people to get tested. Tested with this fraudulent test. How come the best your leaders have managed to throw up, is absurd paranoia from the Reverend Wright, who with all due respect to him, talks of racism but is unable to see how this racism is working. Why engineer a virus when all you need is a silly test which does NOT 'HIV", market it as a specific test for 'HIV" get all the leaders and pop stars to endorse it and promote it and the evil media can do the hysteria and everyone will believe it anyway? We have all seen this already done to gays and Africans for Gods sake?

And those black pop stars, good God what a shame. They are all leading you towards an abyss and they seem fine with it too. They all fail to see that the truest and most blatant racist attack on you all is coming in the form of a lie called 'HIV" risk, which they are all promoting, but obviously know nothing about it. We don't even know if 'HIV" exists and even if it did, we have NO specific test to even detect it with. We have a non-specific test that tests for non-specific 'antibodies". We have the same fraud we have had since the start of this gross and deliberate piece of evil.
“At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood.” (Abbott Laboratories, ELISA HIV Antibody Test Insert, section “Sensitivity and Specificity”)
Black America must wake up, as they, contrary to Africans have a responsibility towards themselves and their brothers in Africa too, who for obvious reasons can't take on this issue in the same way balck America can.

This is obvious and deliberate racist based genocide. This is pure eugenics in action. Even a silly white boy like me can see that, all other forms of racism compared to this are pure trivia.

Black America MUST wake up, before it is too late!

Lee Evans talks on the 'HIV" test.

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