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Thursday, June 19, 2008

AidsTruth According To "Doctor" Nick Bennett

"Half the harm that is done in the world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t want to do harm—but the harm does not interest them . . . or they do not see it . . . because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves."
T.S. Eliot

After questioning Nick Bennett of AidsTruth over several days, (Links to the full exchange are here & here) we've discovered the following:

  • Nick Bennett is not an Aids specialist. He does not see, diagnose or treat people given the phony Aids diagnosis. He does not work in the field.
Nevertheless, he gives advice, counsel, guidance on this very subject, as well as libel, insult and presents an authoritative, un-debatable decree on his website, claiming to be an expert in the field, a "double doc."

This constitutes fraud.

  • He is a resident (in training) at a hospital in upstate New York. He claims and is willing to give some evidence that he work in Pediatrics. Again, he doesn't research Aids or work in the field. He is a hobbyist.
  • He does no independent research of any kind into the topics, stories, events and people he attacks, libels and denigrates. He does not seek to confirm any story that troubles his belief in the Aids paradigm. He dismisses any evidence, story, event, statement, or piece of information that contradicts his belief as a "lie."
  • He refuses any invitation to open, moderated public debate.
  • He doesn't seem to care, even a little, when people are sickened, harmed, or killed by Aids drugs. He does not seem to care, even a little, when children are used in experiments with drugs that cause permanent disability and death.
  • He states that any children who are sickened or killed by toxic Black Box labeled drugs, were as good as dead anyway, because he has assigned them the highly questionable and phony "Aids" label.
This is a position that allows him to justify murder.
  • He is a member of a group of people, "Aidstruth," devoted to libeling, slandering, and causing economic harm to any researcher, doctor, scientist or individual in any field, who dares to differ publicly with the phony Aids paradigm.
  • He claims to have been invited into this group by "no one," and that it is an "email club" for the most part, which posts its claims against its targets with un-debatable and unquestionable authority. Those who beg or dare to differ are called "denialists" as in "holocaust denialists."

  • He therefore asks us to believe that the BBC, and other news organizations, and the South African courts would just capitulate to the pressure of an "informal, leaderless email group."

In practice, Aidstruth is a political action committee, not concerned with science, the scientific process, ethics, humanitarian needs, human rights, civil rights, or international law. It acts like the street arm of a larger mafia, for whom it does the dirty work.

We cannot determine the following from his responses:
  • Where does Aidstruth get its funding?
  • What is its relationship with the South African TAC (whose membership includes Aidstruth member Nathan Geffen)?
  • Who does Aidstruth represent?
He is committing libel and fraud. He has no right to hold the positions he does nor has he any real authoritative power. They are his opinions. They are not "truths." Bennett should own them as such, or risk lawsuit. He is guilty of what he and Aidstruth accuse all those who question the phony Aids paradigm of doing:

He is endangering lives by taking advantage of the public's willingness to believe those who claim medical authority.

Mark Wainberg, another "vanished" AidsTruth member called for legislation, in that now infamous diatribe that can be seen in Robin Scovill's film The Other Side Of AIDS. I agree that we should be protected against such endangerment. If this is not a glaring example of that, then I don't know what is. I say though that it is not Duesberg or Farber that should be in jail. It is them.

Wainberg Diatribe 1

Wainberg Diatribe 2

Two more sites that do this sort of thing:
"Here's the scandal, Dr. De Cock, and all you other would-be World-Manipulators: if you tell a lie to manipulate people to your own ends, and your lie causes people to die who would have lived, then you are to blame for their deaths. If you tell the truth and people die anyway, that is a tragedy, but at least you are not morally responsible for it. You are at least not a murderer.

If you feed false information into the public debate on an issue, you will in the long run bias the mechanism of debate in the direction of wrong results. Garbage in, garbage out. You may think you know how the mechanism works, so that you can manipulate it like a mere tool, but you can't. The mechanism is a truth-discovery device, and to manipulate it as if you already know the truth is a fundamental mistake. If you really care about justice and humanity, you should take the most scrupulous pains to be truthful."
From John Stuart Mill by a blogger


Dan said...

Who gave or gives this cabal the power they wield? That is, who funds them?

How does an "email club" assert the unquestionable, undebateable scientific authority they act as if they possess?

This "email club" needs public scrutiny.

Manu said...

I second that!!

An email club my foot!!!

AidsIsOver said...

Thanks for your work on esposing Nick Bennett.

On Bennett's blog, I recently began to debate him on the recent climbdown by the AIDS estabishment over their now-abandoned promise of a global heterosexual AIDS epidemic. Guess what?

Read on....
Nick Bennett's Double Standards

jtdeshong said...

Yo, Bee~ach,
Who are you?
Nick Bennett ROCKS!!
Are you a denialist who is now DEAD??????
Oh, I hope so!!
Good Riddance!!!
If not, email me you loser crack~head