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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where Is Johnny Where Is Marky?

John P Moore, Mark Wainberg & AIDSTruth

Comment on previous post by LS:
John P. Moore has left the building. He pulled his name from their roster within the last couple months, and Wainberg is gone too:

See here

"The AIDS Truth team members are" (in alphabetical order):

* Dr. Nicholas Bennett, Department of Pediatrics, University Hospital, Syracuse, New York
* Dr. Jeanne Bergman, The Center for HIV Law and Policy in New York City
* Martin Delaney, Founding director of Project Inform
* Dr. Brian Foley, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
* Nathan Geffen, Treatment Action Campaign, Cape Town, South Africa
* Gregg Gonsalves, AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa
* Eduard Grebe, AIDS and Society Research Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa
* Dr. Bette Korber, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
* Dr. Nicoli Nattrass, Director of the AIDS and Society Research Unit, University of Cape Town, South Africa
* Ken Witwer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

The team would like to thank Bob Funkhouser for a substantial amount of work on this website over the last few years."

What's Johnny "Moore drugs is Money for Me" doing? Is he hiding ahead of the curve, ahead of the crashing wave?

Where's Johnny gone to?


LS said...

You know, there is a third bowl-leaper-outer here:

Gallo, Robert, Nathan Geffen, Greg Gonsalves, Richard Jeffries, Daniel Kuritzkes, Bruce Mirken, John Moore, and Jeff Safrit. 2006. Errors in Celia Farber’s March 2006 article in Harper’s Magazine. Available at: and

Dan said...

Should we start keeping a tally of those jumping from the AIDS ship?

Manu said...

We are aren't we. Also Altman from the NY Times.

Truth is the rats have been jumping for a while now

David Crowe said...

Add James Chin and Elizabeth Pisani to the list of people trying to pretend they never had their snouts in the trough.

Manu said...

So, now AIDS in the west has become something only gay men have and black people have.

The top brass have all jumped ship and are leaving it all in the hands of die-hard gay and black "activists", so when/if ever there is to be public mass scale blame they will carry the lot.

The WHO and the media are orchestrating the retreat so it looks like they are now telling us the truth, in a sort of low key way so as little people as possible notice it, but their asses are covered.

Note how it was the British left-wing media that carried the stories here. America is still unaware of the latest news really, but there is enough in the MSM to look like they are reporting it.

Africa has been handed over to the Pharma industry activists like TAC to run. They will carry on with the west's blessing for fair time to come probably, but the white west has been freed of AIDS.

So, AIDS, as we know it for the last 25 years is over.

The top brass have all jumped ship, gone into hiding, disappeared or are now trying to convince everyone that they were always on the critical side of this scam, when they all held it up, defended and benefited from it.

The Media has sort of admitted it helped the lie all along but now it is sorry, but not sorry enough, to not help the top rats disappear. The media has covered their escape and is trying to cover its ass too.

It was all planned.

Election is coming in the USA. There could even be some sordid scandal to entertain everyone whilst more top brass jump. It will of course be reported too but no one will notice it.

AIDS will as of then, only be on the gay papers and on the black community papers and news. It will disappear from the MSM, save the occasional news on how many pills have been given to pregnant African women and everyone would be delighted about that.

In short; AIDS has been carved up into sections now. Only activists will run it and the main base for operations will be Africa.

The AIDS industry has had to give up white heterosexual AIDS, they get to keep gay and black AIDS in the west and also Africa.

All the players have gone, the media has covered its ass and the majority of people in the west are happy as the left-wing is off the hook, the right-wing gets to keep its moral superiority, and everything is hunky-dory.

Doncha just love it?