Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Monday, June 02, 2008

Global Warming "The Opera" @ La Scala Di Milano

A Night @ The Opera With Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth - The Opera.
Or, Der Ring das Gorelungen.

La Scala di Milano commissions an opera on Al Gore's global warming fantasy.
Now this will definitely put opera back where it belongs.

Will Domingo or Alagna sing the leading role? Will Zeffirelli "rococo" it, or will it be a Bob Wilson "post-modernist/mortem" extravaganza? Is Donatella Versace or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada doing the designs?
Above all, who is going to pay 300€ to see this shit????

Maybe the spirit of Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini along with those of Callas, Nilsson, Gencer and Tebaldi will rise up like furious Valkyries and bring the whole theatre crashing down like Walhalla on the lot.

Who knows, considering how demented and hideous the idea is, maybe even Wagner may decide to join in too, on the grounds of
the unacceptable decline in Nazi artistic standards, and the sheer degeneracy and artistic bankruptcy of this proposal.

Here, shouts of:
Entartete Kunst!! would be more than justified.

Now that would be a truly great night at the opera!!

Read here- hilarious comments included.

Readers comment:

Perhaps the opera will be named, “Algoretto”. The most remembered aria will of course be “Il clima e mobile”. (Apologies to Verdi)


Dan said...

The very idea of a global warming opera makes me laugh. It's just so absurd.

Geez, Gore went from being an inarticulate, wallflower vice president to the leader of a cult.

Just like his liberal, glassy-eyed followers, he's not into "debate" about the topic. Sound familiar?

Anyway, I await your review when you go to the world premiere.

Manu said...

I am frantically trying to secure a seat for this LOL.

What a load of horse manure!! This shows up how utterly bankrupt and screwed the artistic institutions are, even to those who know fuck all about opera. The l/w libs have run riot here too, as you can see.

Now all we have at the opera are boring modern dress productions full of empty concepts, courtiers taking a dump whilst they sing a Verdi chorus, Spanish XVI kings eating pizza and mediocre tenors who cant even stand the booing when they sing shit, and walk off stage.

People who pay that much money to go to the opera don't want to see Al bloody Gore. they want to see and HEAR a good performance of Trovatore or Forza sung right.

Antonio Ghiringhelli must be spinning in his grave.