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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Menace Of "HIV" Tests And The Braindead Popstars Who Promote Them


By Melissa Kline
June 22, 2008

Hundreds of people were incorrectly told they had tested positive for HIV at New York City STD clinics this winter.

Almost half the results given by the clinics were false positives, the Department of Health confirmed.

From November to April, 213 people tested positive after taking a rapid mouth-swab HIV test. A second test revealed they did not have the virus.

The city would not explain why, as false positives mounted, it continued to administer the tests.

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How do “Hiv tests” work? In sum, they don’t work at all. They come up as “false positives” in numbers far exceeding “true positives”:

“Sir, In the May 9 issue of The Lancet, Round the World correspondents discussed AIDS-associated problems in former Eastern bloc countries…I would like to emphasize another alarming concern – namely, the rapid growth in false-positive HIV tests in the former USSR, and in Russia especially. In 1990, of 20.2 million HIV tests done in Russia only 12 were confirmed and about 20,000 were false positives. 1991 saw some 30,000 false positives out of 29.4 million tests, with only 66 confirmations.” (The Lancet, June 1992)

They have no ability to determine if someone has or does not have the antibodies they think they’re looking for; the interpretation of “HIV positive” is subjective and not consistent...

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Banalities in RED.
No comments necessary for those with brain.
We, just some...for the hell of it...

Kelly Rowland Takes HIV Test For Charity (??)

On Showbiz News (Well, of course...)
By WENN, June 21 2008

R+B singer KELLY ROWLAND will undergo a HIV and Aids test in Africa to raise awareness of the deadly diseases - in a bid to try and dissolve the stigma surrounding the illnesses.

-So they supposedly are not aware of that which according to the same sources, is supposedly decimating them? They need a washed-up American teeny-sex-kitten-pop star to tell them that?

The former Destiny's Child star decided to visit Nairobi to encourage the country's young people to get tested for the illness, which is rife in the Kenyan capital.

-Illness? Which one? The one produced by lack of clean water and malnutrition? Does she know that diarrhea is enough to get you the "AIDS" label in Africa? Do they actually use HIV tests in Africa to dish out 'AIDS" labels to people? If so, does she know which ones they use? Are they specific? Have they been validated?
Which one did she take?

Rowland is an ambassador for MTV's Staying Alive Foundation, which aims to reduce discrimination against HIV and Aids victims, and has visited projects in Tanzania and Kenya to promote the charity.

Oh, the promotion of another "AIDS" charity!! I thought so. The Staying Alive Foundation? How groovy!! Who founded this the Bee Gees?

I thought that it was weird o go promote "HIV testing" in Africa, when in Africa we all know that not tests are even she went to promote her "AIDS Charity".

Does this one support the BAN on vitamin trials and only endorse toxic "black-box label" medication for Africans too?

She says, "Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to HIV infection, and it is important for everyone to know their HIV status.

-Yes, but ignorance IS bliss, when it comes to knowing WHAT IT IS YOU ARE ACTUALLY PROMOTING!!

"The quicker you know your status, the sooner you can receive treatment if you're HIV+, and reduce the risk of inadvertently infecting future partners."

-Status? Treatment? Infecting future partners?? Makes one wonder just where these "artists" get all this deadly knowledge and all this "authority" from to do and say "such" things!!

They go to Africa to add insult to injury, under the guise of "concern" to PROMOTE themselves and some "charity" whatever that means in this murky world of "AIDS" activism, and want us to actually think well of them for doing it.

Who are these idiots kidding? This girl should get an education, especially if as a singer she is already washed-up.


This One Takes The Trophy!!!

Free HIV tests, gasoline offered

Monday, June 23, 2008

Staff Report

Franklin Primary Health Center Inc. will offer free HIV/AIDS testing on National HIV Testing Day, which is Friday. Testing will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Medical Mall at 1303 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

The first 50 people who come in, take a quiz and get the HIV test will receive a gift certificates for free gas at Griffith Shell, 1262 Government St. Wal-Mart gift cards and other prizes will also be awarded.

"The goal for this day," said Tyloria Crenshaw, HIV Coordinator at Franklin, "is to get people tested, so they will know their status, get into treatment and protect themselves and those they love."

South Alabama CARES will hold a candlelight vigil in Cathedral Square at 9 that evening, to remember those who have lost their lives in this pandemic. They will also conduct free HIV testing from 9 p.m. to midnight. For information, call Crenshaw at 436-7665.

Other agencies participating are the Mobile County Health Department, South Alabama CARES, the Mobile County HIV/AIDS Direct Care Consortia and the Mobile AIDS Coalition.

No words for this I'll leave you with this post here.


Dan said...

Isn't it "funny" how the celebrities and politicians who publicly take "HIV tests" NEVER come up 'positive'?

How very odd.

Sounds like a good way to assure that you WON'T get the "HIV" label...just publicly submit to a "test"!

So, besides assuring that you'll be "negative" if you publicly submit, what other message is being conveyed? That it's an easy-breezy procedure. Nothing to worry about. Be a good citizen. Do your duty, like on "Will and Grace".

You think they'd eventually throw a "positive" result into the mix, just to give it a vague air of credibility. But that would spook the horses, I suppose.

Manu said...

LOL True. it would be hilarious if one of these "stars" actually had thir lives ruined by one of those tests. I shed no tears for any of tese idiots.