Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Official-Aetiology Is Now A Weather Blog-Tara Smith Announces That She MAY Not Write on AIDS Anymore

Aetiology is now officially a weather blog

Professor Tara Smith, of Aetiology blog fame, one of the staunchest supporters of the AIDS paradigm refuses to come clean, or to even come out, and above all refuses to permit any debate or mention of the momentous events that have taken place this week in the world of "AIDS". She has limited herself to reducing all posts on the matter to something that I believe would resemble the Torah, which if i am not mistaken is written without vowels.

Possibly her last and most cryptic post on AIDS

To all the trolls, when/if I write about HIV/AIDS again, I might consider allowing some of your repetitive comments to stay. For now, you're off-topic and incredibly rude.Full view here

Well there we have it! She is not really into AIDS anymore. Now Professor Tara Smith is a new microbe searching weather girl!
She says she's busy looking for microbes under water in Iowa, she is totally convinced that one will leap out like Godzilla and swallow us all up, so she wants to be ready waiting for it.

Has she lost her marbles, or is it just her nerve? This pretty little thing has now retreated into the mantal safe heaven, a sort of parallel reality, reinvented herself as blogsphere's favourite weather girl, only finding the time to call all who disagree with (whatever the f*ck her position is), a "denialist trolls", but constantly refuses to debate them, hear them, print them on her blog, and now actively CENSORS them by altering their words.

Now, after all that we are left with that when/if...

There's another one who jumped ship!!!


Note: We understand that the flooding in Iowa is serious and constitutes an act of nature and God. We extend our sympathies and hope that Tara and all Iowans survive intact and in good stead. We will hold further questions until it is clear that the situation in her State has returned to normal, and all are safe. We wish Tara and all Iowans the best outcome and good fortune in dealing with the onslaught of nature.


Dan said...

The "when/if" is for all practical purposes a 'no' to writing about AIDS anymore.

This, from the woman who'd have multiple threads started on the topic in the space of a week.

This, from the epidemiologist that seemed to have little time to spend on her blog on other "epidemics".

Now she says "if" she writes about AIDS again.

Manu said...

What a total coward!!! She has no shame.She has written and permitted the most slanderous, awful, hurtful, arrogant, slimy material on her blog in many many threads on AIDS only now to end up talking about the weather and gives the world an when/if to bow out.

What a coward!!! What a wench!!!

Dan said...

Has she lost her marbles, or is it just her nerve?

Her marbles are probably still intact. She's definitely lost her nerve, though.

I'm willing to bet that Ms. Smith is well-aware of what's coming down the pike in AIDS land. All the more reason for her to switch to her new and improved weather format.

I'm sorry to hear about all that flooding, though. I've seen it on the news, and it looks absolutely surreal.

Manu said...

I just got a picture of that now, and have extended my sympathies to Tara and all Iowans on that count.

I hope things normalize soon.