Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Guinea Pig Kids The BBC & The AIDSTruth Mafia

Anything that actually needs the word TRUTH to validate its veracity, in today’s world is a sure sign that it is either really exposing the truth behind a big lie or that it hinges on a lie and need the word Truth to try and hide the lie. The latter is clearly the case when we look at So, let's just take a look at who is this self appointed bunch at AIDS Truth?
A dozen people who include a graduate student (Ken Witwer), a professor of economics (Nicoli Nattrass), several “HIV/AIDS activists” with no technical credentials (Martin Delaney, Nathan Geffen, Gregg Gonsalves, Richard Jefferys), and a PhD in a non-scientific discipline (Jeanne Bergman) Yet these people say Mullis and Duesberg aren’t qualified to talk about HIV/AIDS because they’ve never done research on it!

Henry H. Bauer
So they mostly seem to be a typical bunch of HIV activists who have made AIDS genocide marketing their business. Right now at AIDSTruth they are happy, as they have just claimed a big victory. Why? Because the BBC (Big Brother Corporation) has come to their aid in claiming that the three year old horrific BBC documentary “The Guinea Pig Kids” researched by Liam Scheff, is allegedly full of inconsistencies and lies. They say this after standing by their work for some years now. How very odd!

More here on this latest piece: 1 - 2 - 3

This documentary exposes the practice of using orphans in NY City as guinea pigs for AIDS drugs try-outs by pharmaceuticals. The BBC this week published a letter in the Guardian where it now says the documentary is allegedly riddled with inconsistencies. This was forced out of them after the AIDSTruth fascists demanded an apology from the BBC for airing this “denialist” piece; a very odd title to classify it under considering that in no part of the documentary is HIV and it’s relation to AIDS is not even discussed, but I will not go into that here as you can read what Dan has to say on his blog.

So the BBC had to published an apology to appease a bunch of unqualified and self appointed creeps who use Nazis tactics to forward their agenda. But why would the BBC give in after so many years sticking by its story? I find this very strange that the BBC should actually take this step the same week they loose billions of pounds in government funding, and are in such financial dire straits that they are even forced to sell off Television House as well as lay off thousands of workers.

Isn’t this a strange coincidence? Maybe now they can’t afford anymore to not get the big pharma financial kickbacks and advertising money for helping to keeping the AIDS lie alive by bashing the truth about children being used as guinea pigs. So out the window goes integrity and truth as the BBC pulls her g-string down yet again for the all powerful AIDS mafia.

Though if the truth be told, the Big Brother Corporation has just about as much credibility on any news these days as have on AIDS, so though disappointing it is not really a surprise. The Moore’s, Bergmann’s and the Delaney’s fool no one. This is no victory except for the evil fascism they represent, it’s also exposes one more thing: that this is all about money and politics, not science and people. It only confirms that they are all crooks and criminals who use Nazi tactics to block any kind of investigation and debate, and the BBC is now their official whore.

These are the professional “jammers”, the tactical wing of the AIDS mafia and it’s sick agenda. They use those tactics. What is "jamming"? It is a term proposed by Kirk Madsen in his book After The Ball. Read a little about it and you will see that the AIDS cabal use the specific techniques explained in this book but for a different, though very closely related cause. It is an underhanded move where they attack anyone with who disagrees with them, such as calling their critics "denilaists" or "homophobic" therefore equating anyone who disagrees with them "holocaust deniers" or "evilness" and so shaming those who question. They need to desperately keep the idea alive that we are all “victims” and that they are our “protectors”. They need to do this to keep their funding, or their agenda would collapse, and they would all be exposed and formally charged with genocide and profiteering.

So JP Moore the Grand Inquisitor of the AIDS dogma wrote a nauseating gloating panegyric claiming a huge victory, as has his semi-retarded sick-in-the-head mongoloid-looking-nun of the unholy-order of the evil church of AIDSTruth, Tara(da) Smith on her swampy blog, from where I have the real honour of being banned.

So "victory" for whom? Not for humanity surely. It may seem like a small victory for their agenda, AIDSTruth and their pockets, but not for the babies the AIDS industry is killing with their approval and support to try out their new toxic wonder drugs. How shameful is this,to claim a victory for their fascist propaganda and the muzzling of the story of genuine harm to children.

Finally I thank you for giving us who denounce you, and your criminal activities the perfect ammunition to further expose you (as you further expose yourselves), and the scam you are perpetrating on all humanity for what you really are: a mafia. Even a retard should now be able to see that this is solely to do with money and politics and nothing more.

Till that time there is no victory for you. Every time the AIDSTruth mafia pull off one of their dirty PR and marketing ploys, and make it so obvious that it’s all to do with shady political maneuvering, every time you do that, it is a victory for us.


Carter said...

This is a most unbelievable event we see transforming here. Journalist Liam Scheff, who originally exposed this corruption said, "It’s stupefying, really stupefying. These people are nazis, I don’t know how else to put it, just nazis, pure mentally ill fascists. -- Sorry if that’s too blunt. But holy Christ, it is just pure fascism, power-mad, embittered, imbalanced fascism."

I could not agree more!

Dan said...


you've got it right when it comes to the name "AIDStruth".

How obvious can they be?

I tend to think these things are a cry for help from the AIDS establishment. Someone needs to stop them, because they just can't stop themselves.

Manu said...

This is Fascism, Nazism cal it what you want. it;s that pure concocted evil I have said many times before.

Thays why we must fight it with all our souls, hearts and minds.

Manu said...

Dear Dan,

They claim victory? How shameful is that. Do they not realise the gross indecency of such a claim?

How revolting is this whole show of moral superiority when they know that we know that they are rotten to the very core of their beings.

How shameful. How disgusting. How repulsive.

Dan said...

How revolting is this whole show of moral superiority when they know that we know that they are rotten to the very core of their beings

I don't think that they're showing moral superiority. Not at all.

They're gloating over their perceived "victory", yes. But they don't claim to have any moral high ground in this matter, unless I've missed something.

What I'm trying to say is that their agenda, their WAR against the dissidents (as John Moore has openly stated) is what this is ALL about!

It's just WAR.

They don't claim to have compassion, or care for other human beings. The closest they can come to THAT is by using the word treatment.

Treatment: the management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage".

This definition is more suited to what they're doing. So, remember, when they use the word treatment, this is what they're referring to.

Manu said...

Dan, Their whole argument is based on the assumption that they are RIGHT and we are WRONG.

The use arguments to justify that which range from flawed science, faulty reasoning and a false sense of the moral; in that they are the ones who are saving lives whilst we are murderers.

I feel that they do have an innate moral superiority; they do take the high moral ground. When an argument is based on who is wrong and who is right than the moral element is always implicit, especially if those holding the position we do are accused of hate crimes against humanity or that our views are detrimental to people. I don’t say they have it. I say they use it, and shamefully so.

Isn’t that what the want to imply by calling us denialists?

Dan said...


I think they may assume that they hold a moral high ground. Which is why they don't feel the need to and can't bring themselves to talk about caring about other human beings. They talk about "treatment" (see above), and that's as close as they come to "caring" about other human beings.

My take on the word "denialist" is not so much an attempt to take moral high ground as much as it's PURE PROPAGANDA. It's designed to create a highly-charged emotional response, which blocks out reason and rational discourse. I'm sure you can attest to how difficult it is to engage in reasonable discussion when that word gets used. Pretty damned difficult, isn't it? Sad. They're pathetic, really. They use propaganda and call it science. Hilarious, if it wasn't so horribly macabre.

Manu said...

I have just foud out this week that that specific way of attacking is deliberate and has a name. It's called "Jamming". Take a look at the links I have put to that and read what it's about.
True what you say. They only talk about treatment and for them that encapulates all the moral speiritual and phsical, and what do give as treatment: toxic drugs from which I am pretty sure they get benefits from big pharma.

Its sooooooo sleazy. It reeks to high heaven. It's repulsive.

Anonymous said...

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