Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Calling In The Whoring Stars

In one week we have had Annie Lennox using HIV and AIDS lies to sell her new album, which no one will buy of course, as she has been finished since the 80’s.

Then you have what used to be a really good show: Boston Legal, which this week went on to loose all credibility as the hippest show on TV. The show had dealt intelligently with controversial issues; up till last night, where the airing of A Chicken In The Leg announced a truce with big pharma. In this episode Alan Shore gives a speech on how HIV is the cause of AIDS, and that there are plenty of pills for HIV ,and we all simply must take them. Oh, and preaches at us to use condoms too of course, though he never seems to bother using them himslef. This had put the final nail in the coffin of a show that has finally exposed itself totally as being nothing more than at the sole service of the out of control left-wing lies factory.

My reaction apart form a written protest, was to throw series 1, 2 & 3 in the bin this morning and I will not be following series 4. Down with Crane Poole & Schmidt & Alan Shore is a Whore.

Stephen Fry with BBC2 HIV & Me: This little bomb of lies and propaganda gave the opportunity for yet another artist to do his goody-two-shoes concerned actor thing, whilst really what he is doing is a nice bit of whoring for AIDS Inc. as well. He is selling propaganda and voodoo for money.

It is time to discredit the entire left-wing lie factory and its representatives, which are the entertainment industry whores in all their forms, especially the ones who use their fame to push propaganda and deadly lies for economic profit or for better ratings. Elton John, Bono, Oprah, Emma Thompson, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, even Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins who have been involves with auctioning a love chair to raise money for AMFAR, which is a gay organization that receives money for big pharma to kill other gay men by pushing that fraudulent test on them and later toxic medication. The list is endless.

It’s time to boycott these clowns, send them back to the “nunnery” where they belong, that’s if piracy in general does not finish them off first, which I hope it does. They try and convince us that it would be a huge tragedy for humanity; I have my doubts about that, as it will probably be the saving grace humanity needs.

Where would all these lies be without such frauds and mediocrities posing as artists ready to sell them? Shame on them all, who do they think they are kidding?

There was a time where I used to respect what were termed “aware” artists. Now I am the one who is aware that they are all a danger and a menace to humanity, who has been convinced that our pantheon of mediocrities we call artists are the best ones to judge what is good for us and what is the truth behind any given crisis humanity faces.

If you would not trust a street whore with that why do you trust one just because he or she appears on TV?

That I suppose is the million-dollar question.


Dan said...

Oddly enough, as I was channel-surfing last night, I happened upon a scene in Boston Legal with a teenage girl on the stand being asked questions about abstinence. I thought, "oh, god, is this going to be about AIDS"? Yep. Feeling incredibly assured that Boston Legal wasn't about to take a questioning stance, I turned it off. After reading this blog entry, it appears that I was correct.

Whoring stars? People making money off of the AIDS lie?

It's been going on for a very long time now. And it's mostly the domain of the left.

Boycotting won't do anything. There's no support behind that. What can be done about clueless, brain-dead, lefty celebrities that are entranced and in love with AIDS?

They're appealing to their fans. Annie Lennox is big with the gays. It's no wonder at all that she'd use AIDS to sell albums.

The problem is that showing you care about AIDS is a litmus test of sorts for the obviously brain-dead lefty celebrities (too bad about Susan Sarandon...I thought she was smarter than that).

It's a culture we're up against, Manu. It's a belief system. A religion. It's huge!

I'm not sure what there is to do except to keep plugging away. Try to wake up those who are not sleeping too deeply.

It's incredibly upsetting though. These people are idiots, lapdogs, lickspittles, and whores. They promote pharmaceutical genocide. They promote spiritual as well as physical death, all wrapped up in political correctness. Disgusting!

Manu said...

We just need to expose them, nothing more. Let's write about them. Let’s make others see just how clueless they are. What whores they are.

Annie Lennox is not huge with gay men. She is huge with AIDS generation gay men; younger gay men don't know who the hell she is. Even I have not bothered with her for years now. It’s not like she’s Ute bloody Lemper.

All we can do is write about them; ordinary people writing about them for others to read. That's the only thing we can do. Expose them for mediocre, opportunistic, washed-up frauds posing as artists. Who need AIDS to sell with.

Re: Boston Legal.

It's a pity as Boston Legal has been a total scourge of big even came close to saying categorically in one episode: "the government has lied to us about AIDS". Now it seems to have sold out. It's off my viewing list...and as i see on the official blog it seems to be loosing it's fans faster than I am loosing my patience with so much bullshit and pathetic tosh about an invented syndrome the entertainment business needs to appear “caring” called AIDS.

Dan said...

I agree, Manu. Expose them.

Expose the whores who sell the AIDS brand name.

Expose the washed-up celebrities who try to cash in on "AIDS".

Expose them for their pushing of drugs and death.

Manu said...

Also they finally expose themselves too. Look at Al Gore LOL...

Dan said...


perhaps you want to make this an ongoing feature in your blog?

I'd be willing to help out.

It would be nice if we could interview one of these brain-dead celebrity AIDS automatons when they're out there shilling for AIDS, inc. Ask them some questions. You'll be surprised (or not) at how incredibly little they know about the subject they're supposedly so passionate about.

...Like the gay men I work with who are passionately pro-AIDS...they've got a lot of emotion and very little information. A few examples of the lack of knowledge amongst HIV's passionate promoters is:
1. Not knowing that "HIV" is a retrovirus.
2. Didn't know what protease inhibitors are.
3. Don't know ANYTHING about the "tests". Zero. Zilch.

Just a few examples of the lack of basic "AIDS" knowledge from some of my pro-AIDS gay coworkers.

I think we'll find the pro-AIDS celebrities out there are just as knowledgeable about the subject they use to enhance their flaccid careers and public personas. AIDS, inc. relies on these dumb bunnies.