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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Endgame A Film by Alex Jones

One World Order
Who are the Bilderberg Group, Rothschild and Rockefeller? Their connections to the Nazis, Chinese Communists and dictators of all sorts and political persuasions. It looks at their warmongering, financial market control, the shrewed and very stealthy operations they have been behind since the time of Napoleon, and all to gain power and control of the world. Alex explains brilliantly how this is not really about money; as they all have always had loads of that, but about power and control.

The film also looks at who the current members are, from Prince Philip of England and Queen Beatrix of Holland as well as Queen Sofia of Spain, Thatcher, Blair, gore and the Clintons, the owner of FIAT, as well as many figures in the corporate mass media among many others, always showing the extreme secrecy surrounding all their meetings and activities.

The film includes an outstanding section covering Eugenics, its history and founding members, and how licit and illicit drugs are pushed to achieve specific goals in the Eugenics program, and the role of big pharma and the media in selling the Eugenics agenda dressed as something completely different . It looks at how disease and fear of disease are used to psychologically terrorize people into taking drugs, or even daily cocktails of drugs such as is the case with so many American kids already, and how the mass media lies, scientists and the medical establishment all work together to create a scenario of viric pandemonium, where people through the bombardment of the media propaganda machine are brainwashed into actually volunteering themselves to take part in this chemical slavery program to be used as guinea pigs. It shows how the helpless such as the case of orphaned children of the poorest in Africa and China are forced to comply with "health programs" that are literally designed to kill as many of them off as possible. It lights a scenario where science becomes technology, and how this new techno-science is devoid of any humanity. Such is the agenda of the (Brave) New World Order.

The film also looks at how environmentalism and global warming are used keys to population control, as well as false ploys to block third world development. It explains very well how terms the environmentalist use to imply they are "saving the planet", sell well to people who take on the creed as if it were a "new religion", and they collaborate with it oblivious of its hidden agenda which is ultimately: population culling, taking us back to a sort of feudal existence under their total power and control.

Suddenly Alex and the film go all strange when dealing with AIDS. He fails to tackle HIV & AIDS head on, but for some strange reason he decides to sit on the fence, when AIDS is the supreme example of everything he is trying to explain using less evident a more obscure and scattered examples, which would be dwarfed by AIDS if he had actually shone his bright torch there. Why does he turn away from doing that?

This decision dents the general credibility of the film as well as his own, in that I feel it is totally unbelievable that he does not actually see the connection between HIV & AIDS; and all that is done it its name, and Eugenics. I do not believe he cannot see how AIDS provides the basic infrastructure for that total "global control" over health matters for the New World Order like nothing else. AIDS is the most brilliant and evil of their inventions; which admittedly grew out of an initial scare and a lot of confusion, but that very quickly was seized on by the powers that be, some scientists, some in politics and quickly turned into what it is today, and has stood for a quarter of a century.

You only have to look and see who are the tzar's in the AIDS game, who is trying to push the AZT on Africa, how non-specific an AIDS test still is, what is AZT and it's side effects. how the "life-saving cocktail" medication known as HAART is the number one cause of death in AIDS related deaths in the west by causing liver failure, the corruption of the science behind AIDS, the corruption of the politics behind AIDS, the WHO and it's exaggerations of figures in Africa and India, the attempted demolition of the reputation of Thabo Umbeki by the mass media for standing up to the AIDS industry and refusing to give his people AZT etc etc etc... and it should be more than obvious to him that the ones running the AIDS machine and it's propaganda are the same persons he is exposing in this documentary.

Surely he does not believe that as far as their AIDS involvement goes, they are saintly? That is just weird. I don't understand his backing off here at all, considering he claims to be a man who stands behind the truth without fear or word mincing. Above all as it is simply not credible that he does not know or see these facts, which are as clear as can be for the sharp trained eye and mind such as he certainly has.

This was a missed opportunity to expose and connect one of the greatest pieces of evil perpetrated against man to the global Eugenics plan he talks of, but he clearly backs off from doing so. If he looks at AIDS he should also see the basic modus operandi for how the elite operate is all there. It's possibly their greatest and most complete accomplishment to date, and forms the basis for current and future deceptions from avian flu to global warming itself. AIDS is the precursor, and they have gotten away with it for a quarter of a century.

The question for me still remains: why is he just not able to see how HIV & AIDS tie into all of this evil he is exposing?

I just don't get it...I just don't buy it.

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