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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Challenging The Writes & Producers Of Boston Legal On The Subject Of HIV

Boston Legal tackles HIV in an episode titled A Chicken & The Leg and opts for cheap propaganda, science fiction, hypocritical moralising and platitudes even Tony Kushner would have avoided.

Apart from the absurd idea that a school should acts a pusher and agent for the condom and sex industries, and that it is always someone else’s fault when someone gets sick because they have taken something, or done something they should not have, and who has the real responsibility to teach them that there are consequences for everything in life, and the silly counter-argument being that of “abstinence”, add the unreal situation presented by a 15 year old WHITE girl getting infected by HIV, which is so far out it’s not true, and the whole argument became cringingly bad, horribly manipulative, totally misleading and simply not credible on any level, as well as highly offensive, hurtful and insulting to those who are either targeted specifically or affected directly by the Kafkain dimensions of the HIV nightmare and the extremely powerful industry that runs it.

This speech is on a level with one of Jerry Springer's closing speeches about commitment and love, which end his trashy shows. This writing is really no better. Alan Shore was at his worse. James Spader resorting to is painful to watch him.

Rumbero04 seems to represent the views and opinions expressed in the show. Alan Shore and his hypocritical platitudes; especially about condom use, when it is clear he seems not yo bother with them himslef. He uses arguments based on hysteria and fear about HIV and AIDS that glorify this unfounded general and majority opinion, which is based on marketing rather than any fact, and as expressed here with such sureness by Rumbero04 as it was by Alan Shore in the show.

I challenge these opinion on the grounds that they are unfounded and unproven. Boston Legal has now entered into an arena where it is peddling lies to the public, after having given more than ample clues that it knows well what is going on, not just with AIDS, but with many other politically motivated and big pharma driven voodoo sold as illnesses, syndromes and pandemics, such as has been exposed by Boston Legal many times but particularly as was so brilliantly illustrated in Alan Shore's winning argument in the episode entitled: Selling Sickness.

This must be challenged. As a gay man and a member of a so called "risk group" who is specifically targeted by this industry.

I challenge the writers and producers to show me their sources and proof?

Answering Rumbero04

Rumbero04 wote:
It is a shame to use this kind of forum…

I say:
This forum is a Boston Legal forum. I have every right to come here just as you do and express my opinions on the show. I did not tackle this issue Boston Legal did.

Rumbero04 wrote:
…to spread such an irresponsible information.

I say:
Irresponsible? How dare you claim to be the responsible one here for just sticking to the comfortable official view of an unproven scientific hypothesis, turned into big money spinner for the left-wing, and the supreme assurance of moral superiority for the right-wing, as well as an excuse for all the rest in the western world to vent old hates and prejudices disguised as care, solidarity and concern.

Irresponsible? How responsible is it for a show that takes this unproven and very contentious issue such as this, and think it can just skate through using platitudes; worse than those found in Angles In America, coupled with an argument surrounding HIV infection focused on a 15 year white old girl; which is about as real and probable as me ever playing Juliet on Broadway. AIDS is clearly something that works mainly on the basis of “risk groups” i.e.: gay men and dark skinned people, who are the real targets in the HIV & AIDS story. This was pure manipulation of fact and insideous in content and aim.

By doing this, the show has come totally out in support of a particular view, and has entered the arena officially as pushing fraudulent tests and toxic medication on people, resorting to propaganda to do it with.

Rumbero04 worte:
It is a fact: HIV causes AIDS.

I say:
Really? Where is the proof for that? I challenge you, or any of the writers and the producers of this show to present me with the proof that HIV causes AIDS. They should know that there is no test yet in existence that can actually detect anything remotely specific to HIV, virus or antibodies, let alone proof that HIV can provoke the collapse of the entire immune system and cause 30+ pre-existing diseases and conditions which have been all lumped together under one umbrella called AIDS when all these conditions have their own probable causes and cures. All this when we don't even have a test to detect it.

Look here again and read:

It says quite categorically: At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.
From Abbott Labs EIA HIV test kit literature.

Now that is a fact whether you like it or not!

Here are more: HIV Tests

If you have this proof that HIV is the cause of AIDS then why don’t you present it and claim this reward; which has been there for years now and no one claims it. It’s genuine. Go on. Go for it. You or any of the producers or writers on the show; given you are all so sure.

Alive & Well $50,000 Fact Finder Award Find One Study, Save Countless Lives.

No one claims it because there is NOTHING WITH WHICH TO EVEN DETECT HIV, NO VIRUS ISOLATION, NO PURIFIED GOLD PARTICULATE STANDARD. NOTHING. So the idea of HIV causing AIDS; 30+ diseases and conditions is nothing short of laughable. It’s pure “flat-earth” stuff. Everyone believed that too.

The official version on AIDS has convinced everyone that having HIV is like being possessed by the Devil; once you have it everything is possible. Well forgive for being sceptical; I just get reeks of that old rancid smell of Leviticus creeping in through the back window…

Rumbero04 wrote:
I have seen babies dying of it…

I say:
Seen babies dying? So did the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA. She said she saw them dyeing because evil Iraqi soldiers were throwing them out of incubators. Just a little advice here: the babies’ thing always smacks of manipulation of the really putrid kind, so please spare us and that one try something else.

But if you really want to see why babies or their mothers may die when there is an HIV connection you should read or see these:

Celia Farber published in Harpers magazine: Out Of Control

Liam Scheff for the BBC- The Guinea Pig Kids

Also, I have seen many many grown healthy men die in the space of months. They came out of the clinic with a diagnosis based on that test and were told they were going to die unless they took AZT in huge quantities. They did and they died. But it was not a virus that killed them. It was the medication. That too is a fact whether you like it or not. I certainly don’t. Look at what AZT is: AZT

Rumbero04 wrote:
…getting the virus from their mothers.

I say:
Again this is unproven and you are wrong to rely on that like it were a fact, it is unproven as we have no way of detecting HIV yet.

Rumbero04 wrote:
Please do not make a WACO kind of issue out of a very scientific one.

I say:
You can call me anything you like. Calling names is the best way to attack when you are in danger of being exposed as an idiot, but I understand your panic better than you think.

As far as WAKO goes you can look here where you can see there are so many more highly qualified scientific professionals, some even holding Nobel prizes who just like me have gone WAKO: List
More highly qualified WAKOS:
Peter Duesberg Ph.D.professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.
Kary Mullis Ph.D. is a Biochemist who got the 1993 Nobel prize for his invention of the Polymerase Chain Reaction, a technique used in AIDS tests.
The Perth Group

Rumbero04 wrote:
BTW it was a great episode!

I say:
It was shoddy, cheap, propagandistic nonsense announcing that Boston Legal will no longer sit on the fence making ambiguous statements about AIDS as it has done so many times in the past, but as of now it is at the service of the AID$ industry and big pahrma as far as AIDS goes at least.

I am a gay man with a 16 year HIV+ diagnosis, whatever that means, who was put on daily chemo for 7 years because one day I visited my doctor I had Alopecia on my chin! Which you can actually see from my photo that i still have now. it comes and goes. I think it looks cool, well cooler than a sunken face, no ass and a huge belly do anyway. You see, if you are HIV+ even Alopecia is enough to warrant chemo. You are put on a regimen of daily toxic liver damaging and body deforming drugs called “life-saving” by the industry and by some stuck in the AIDS zone. I have been off all that now for nearly two years, as soon as I realized that it was all a fraud. I have turned my back on the whole thing and proved it’s a sham. There are 1000’s more like me, that the medical establishment and the media just ignore like we don't even exist and just keep sellingt sickness and fear.

I strongly object to this sudden change of heart and hardening up of the line taken by Boston Legal on HIV issues, as an (ex) fan, and a gay man directly affected by both the fraudulent and dangerous pushing of HIV death cult rituals and lies on people, also from the effect arising form yet another TV show contributing to sell fear, terrorize and bully people to get tested and take medication, where the reality for any 15 year old white girl getting tested, cannot begin to compare with that for any gay man or darker skinned person getting tested; save the likes of Oprah, Tyra & Obama, of course, who do it all the time on TV, for better ratings, sick entertainment, because they are paid to do so by pharmaceuticals, or to get elected, and knowing full well that they will never get a positive result.

I'll leave you all with Lee Evans.


LS said...


will you consider writing the producers of the show, with your personal story/perception of the thing, and publish your letter?

Let them know you are doing so, and let's see their response?



"Denny Crane!" (You know, they're just dumb-bunny actors, after all. It's such a damn shame that these are role models... If not them, I suppose we're stuck with Achilles?)

Manu said...

I would be more than happy to do that. Let's see how they can be contacted...