Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Queer Corrupted-Death Camp 23

Queers don't want to be informed that 'hiv' and 'aids' do not exist; they have internalised these 'authoritarian personality' constructs so deeply; like they desire to be poisoned (punished) to death, put to death, by 'antiretroviral' euthanasia by 'daddy doctors'. If you take away 'hiv' from many queers they'll have nothing to live for.

Every gay person should read this article. This is a brilliant piece full of rage.


April, 1999

Putting Pressure on the 'HIV' Paradigm Protector Publications.

Editorial: It is time to make the Editors of Nature, Science, The Lancet, BMJ, JAMA, New Scientist, Scientific American et al publish the evidence that 'HIV' does not exist; write to them directly or pay them a visit at their offices! Ask them to give you the empirical evidence for the existence of 'HIV' and 'AIDS'. As the public face of the 'scientific community', these Editors control the discourse around 'HIV' and 'AIDS' but have kept the knowledge for the non-existence of 'HIV' from their readership. These editors have an ethical, political and scientific responsibility to the 'scientific community' and public at large to inform them that 'HIV' is government fraud. Harold Varmus, Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier, Robin Weiss, Myron Essex, David Baltimore, Anthony Fauci, Donald Francis, James Curran, David Ho, et al, must be brought to justice and charged with 'AIDS War Crimes' (that is, government manufactured genocide: iatrogenic and pyschogenic aids-cleansing policies).

"The official AIDS paradigm represents the most colossal blunder in medical history. The Crimes Against Humanity committed in the AIDS War rank with any in history...If there were justice in the world, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials, and executed..." John Lauritsen, The AIDS War, Asklepios, New York, 1993.

We must combat 'hiv' occultist mind control by deprogramming those manufactured/voodooed as 'hiv' zombies or 'aids' clones. We must inform everyone that 'hiv' and 'aids' do not exist but are merely very crude semantic media-political constructs designed to regulate and exterminate soiled sections of smelly society. They use the constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' as social cleansing devises: get tested, get labelled, get stigmatised, get exterminated via 'psychogenic aids' and 'iatrogenic aids'. And, as usual faggots are their own worst enemies; they largely instigated the 'hiv/aids' fraud on their own brothers - bastards! Gays Against Genocide (GAG) were, in hindsight, correct to publicly promote their street-flyposter campaign titled: 'GAY MEN KILLING GAY MEN'. GAG-men saw politically correct middle-class gaymen promoting iatrofaggocide and wanted to inform the homofascist community about this cultural cleansing of young queenery and faggory. Queers are still collaborating to kill Queers; queer doctors, queer journalists, queer 'hivaids' community (business) directors and queer community leaders (carrerists) promote faggocide cleansing. From the mid/late 1980s onwards Martin Delaney, Larry Kramer, Simon Watney, Edward King, Keith Alcorn, Duncan Campbell, David Smith, Nick Partridge et al promoted the 'hiv' fraud as the politically expedient lie that would take the heat of queers by making it look like 'everyone' was at risk; they could not be honest enough to see that very specific cultural behaviours caused multi factorial conditions specific to particular high risk-groups; the crude labels 'hiv/aids' simplified and obfuscated the multif actorial reasons for premature deaths observed mainly in gaymenkind. We can only sole and dissolve 'hiv/aids' once we have erased these voodoo constructs; it is these constructs that are the problem. Yet many queers desperately need 'hiv' and 'aids' as 'crutches', as 'ideological cement', as a 'unifying label' as a suburban petit-bourgeois lifestyle community identity; gay men and queers need 'hiv' and 'aids' because they are 'comforting lies'.

Queers don't want to be informed that 'hiv' and 'aids' do not exist; they have internalised these 'authoritarian personality' constructs so deeply; like they desire to be poisoned (punished) to death, put to death, by 'antiretroviral' euthanasia by 'daddy doctors' (they desire to be killed by their doctors are their symbolic fathers. If you take away 'hiv' from many queers they'll have nothing to live for.

Editors of science journals also need the money-career spinner: 'hiv'. Richard Horton (The Lancet), Philip Campbell (Nature), Floyd Bloom (Science) have all been given the evidence that 'hiv' does not exist; but they simply cannot afford to publish such data because it would be a colossal threat to the multibillion dollar 'hiv' war industries. Those 'hiv' paradigm-protectors and profiteers like Richard Tedder, Robin Weiss, Robert Gallo, Jay Levy, Luc Montagnier have the knowledge that 'hiv' does not exist but they cannot 'come out' in public on this since they'd lose face and kudos and careers. They simply dare not admit they pushed the 'hiv' fraud. At this late stage in the fake-game why aren't the likes Duncan Campbell, Simon Watney, Keith Alcorn, Mike Youle exposing the 'hiv lie'? They can't milk it forever (andeverandever amen). In his superficial liberal-humanist-coffee-table-kitsch book, 'practices of freedom', Watney wrote the cliché: "hiv, the virus that causes aids", and Duncan Campbell said in 'Open Eye', Issue 3, 1995:"I absolutely believe that hiv causes aids." Yet surely these very liberal, Observer/Guardian reading politically correct - (though scientifically incorrect) - gay men would have realised that 'hiv' and 'aids' are media constructs and have not existence in bio-logical 'reality'? Many dissenters have argued that politically correct gay journalists and charity directors - through propagating the 'hiv/aids' lie - have perpetuated and directly instigated 'iatrogenic aids' and 'psychogenic aids' by pushing fraudulent 'hiv' testing and azt/ddi/ddc/pi poisoning politically correct gay men have made 'good money' from killing innocent gay men; they must be made to pay back all that wet shiny dripping blood money they've milked from the iatrogenic queer tear deaths.

David Smith, editor of the homofascist filth, Gay Times, has long promoted psychogenic and iatropharmo 'aidsing' in vulnerable gay men and has openly despised 'hiv/aids' dissidents and still promotes poisonous poppers to panic-poofs. David Smith is too smug and self congratulatory to confess he's been bullshitting his readers for years in pushing the 'hiv lie'; no doubt David Smithh will go on and onandonand-on with the highly profitable 'hiv-related-lies':since lies sell his rag and 'hiv-ads' help keep gaytimes and all the other poof-publications in business: fags need lies, lies make money: so profits and parasites poison public opinion; and hence, David Smith will never admit 'hiv' does not exist; glossy Gay Times makes money from 'hiv-aids' lies. So the whole gay commercial scene largely depends upon advertising revenue from 'hiv straight pharmaceutical drug pushers' and the 'hideous hiv service' industries; what a sick sad state queer identity has become enslaved to: a 'pseudo disease diseased identity industry'. It is tragic that Larry Kramer, Mark Harrington, Martin Delaney and Peter Tatchell became so easily stiched into the cosy 'hiv' lie: what happened to critical autonomous thinking...they just became sold out clones; but then to win 'respect' in the insidious 'gay community' one has to become enslaved to cretinous cloned 'hiv' belief; such is the authoritarian ethos of the 'homofascist' community; being subservient to a lie: 'hiv belief'. As Hitler rightly observed: "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe in it." There's simply too many people with reputations and vested interests for the 'hiv lie' machine to be blown apart easily.

To think of all those politically correct scientifically incorrect evil queens that have made so much money out of mass murdering gay men! And they still do; there's money in murder.

In a 'review' of Duesberg (which was an overt form of hiv propaganda), The Lancet editor, Richard Horton, naively asked: "How could so many scientists have gotten it all so badly wrong?" ('Truth & Heresy about AIDS', New York Review of Books, 23 May, 1996). Quiet easily. They got it "so badly wrong" because they were (and still are) 'framed' ('interpellated') and group-tranced within the dominant ruling-ideology of the 'hiv paradigm. We need mass-deprogramming to get the synthetic constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' out of peoples' skulls and torsos; only by erasing the totalizing constructs 'hiv' and 'aids' can we then begin to (re-examine the dis-eased body in all its 'plurality', 'heterogeneity' and 'difference'. None has hiv & aids - they have histories of particular conditions; and those conditions illnesses evolve through time; as does the body; so no one person ever experiences the same set of conditions in the exact same way!

Stefan Lanka jetisons the construct 'aids' altogether: "AIDS is an energy deficiency problem. The 'AIDS' term is absolutely meaningless because it has nothing to do with n immune defect or immune deficiency. It is clear that we are dealing with an energy deficiency. So the term 'AIDS' has to be replaced by the term 'AEDS', 'Acquired Energy Deficiency Syndrome'. 'AEDS has a rational basis, and is treatable." (Zenger's, December, 1998). It was at the 12th AIDS Conference, Geneva, that Lanka presented a press release announcing the 'AEDS' hypothesis ('A.E.D.S., not A.I.D.S. Has the global sex and blood plague been only a scientific bluff?, Regimed & MuM, 1st July, 1998, Geneva World AIDS Conference). So at Geneva, evidence was given that 'HIV' and 'AIDS' do not exist; yet Richard Horton did not mention this 'news' in his overrated and discredited journal, The Lancet. However, sooner or later, Horton and his henchwoman, Stephanie Clark will be forced to eat crow and kak and publish the fact that 'hiv' and 'aids' were fraud. They cannot live in 'hiv-aids related fairy- cake-castle-toy-town foreverandever'.

David Barry, William Blattner, Sam Broder, John Coffin, James Curran, Max Essex, Anthony Fauci, Donald Francis, Robert Gallo, David Ho, Harold Jaffe, Jay Levy, Luc Montagnier, Peter Piot, Richard Tedder, Harold Varmus, Jonathan Weber, Robin Weiss, as the propagators and profiteers of the 'hiv/aids' paradigm, are accountable to the scientific community and society at large for perpetuating the 'hiv' fraud; they must answer questions and engage in public debate.

Can Robin Weiss and Richard Tedder prove the existence of 'hiv' in Nature, Science and The Lancet? It amazes us at death camp that fag community leaders and 'diagnosed queers' and editors of 'hiv queer community' magazines seem so subservient and protective of these highly paid and overrated straight hiv careerists! Queers protect and propagate the very straight people who promote faggocide!

Groups such as IFAS, GAG, HEAL, ACT UP SF, ApS, TAPS, Regimed and MuM must put pressure on the editors of science journals to expose the 'hiv' fraud. Philip Campbell, Nature, Floyd Bloom, Ellis Rubinstein, Jon Cohen, Science, Richard Horton, Stephanie Clark, The Lancet, Rudy Baum (C & EN), Lawrence Altman, New York Times must be made publicly accountable for spreading misinformation uncritically with their 'hiv/aids' war-propaganda.. They continue to abuse their journalistic power (kudos) by disseminating 'hiv' propaganda. They have also treated the 'hiv' dissenters in an unprofessional and unscientific manner by responding with innuendo, obfuscation, verbiage and ad hominem repugnant pernicious politicians in fact. They continue to either misrepresent, ignore or censor scientific arguments that deconstruct the 'hiv' hypothesis and, indeed, the (non-existence of 'hiv'. The greatest barrier to the advancement of science is the profitable paradigm of the dominant group. There are just too many people profiteering from the putrid 'hiv' paradigm for it to be abandoned. Serge Lang sums this up: "The first law of socio dynamics (a) The power structure does what they want, when they want; then they try to find reasons to justify it. (b) If this does not work, they do what they want, when they want, and then they stonewall..." Or to paraphrase cultural theorist, Slavoj Zizek: "The 'hiv' paradigm (Party-and-State bureaucracy) feigns to rule in the name of the people while everybody knows that it rules in its own interest - in the interest of reproducing its own power..."

"Like Altman in the New York Times and Cohen in Science, Horton contribute to fudging the issue about relationships between AIDS (whatever it is), HIV and other viruses...Horton is still accountable to the scientific community for his tendentious selectivity in presenting the HIV/AIDS issues...I accuse you, Richard Horton, of scientific and journalistic irresponsibility.."
The Horton-New York Review File, Serge Lang.

"Politically it stinks. Medically it stinks. Culturally it stinks. More and more people are beginning to realize this and are demanding a full-scale public investigation of what, quite literally, is turning out to be a (medical) fairy tale...Those who continue to perpetrate the myth that HIV is 'the deadly AIDS virus' have blood on their hands and will be tried as war criminals once the truth about 'AIDS' is finally brought to light."
Dr. Michael Ward, Director of the Institute for Self Healing, San Francisco, 'Is the 'deadly AIDS virus' Government Fraud?', New York Native, 4, February, 1991

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