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Sunday, June 10, 2007

AZT on Trial at The Hague

By Alex Russell

A criminal complaint against South African Treatment Action Campaign leader Zackie Achmat has been served on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague.

Particularized in a 59-page draft bill of indictment, the complaint seeks Achmat’s prosecution on a charge of genocide, arising from his direct criminal role in the deaths of thousands of South Africans, mostly black, mostly poor, from poisoning with so-called antiretroviral drugs.

The complaint and the ICC’s service receipt can be downloaded and printed at

Adv Anthony Brink
Chairman, Treatment Information Group
Cape Town
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Download the full document here

Demanding Justice

Remember: Arthur Ashe, Kimberly Bergalis, Kenny Everett, Derek Jarman, Rudolf Nureyev, Denholm Elliott, Freddie Mercury, and Ryan White were subject to Direct Medical Killing (Iatrogenic-AIDS) by AZT ('AIDS by prescription') and other cyto-toxic illegal HAART drug regimes.

It is time we set up an AIDS War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague and put Adler, Baltimore, Barré-Sinoussi, Blattner, Broder, Conant, Curran, Darby, Delaney, Essex, Fauci, Fischl, Francis, Gallo, Gazzard, Gottlieb, Ho, Jaffe, Karpas, Montagnier, Peckham, Pinching, Piot, Tedder, Varmus, Volberding, Weiss on trial for perpetuating Iatrogenic-AIDS (pharmogenocide) alongside AIDS War Crime Collaborators: Alcorn, Altman, Bloom, Bono, Bodell, Campbell, Cohen, Connor, Deutsche, Garrett, Geldof, Harrington, Horton, Jowell, King, Kramer, Maddox, Meldrum, Partridge, Scott, Wade, Watney, and Youle.

In 1980, Robert Gallo’s first alleged ‘human retrovirus’, 'HL23V', was declassified as non-existent. Now 'HIV ' must also be declassified and declared non-existent.
No one is 'HIV positive'

"To an extent which undermines classical standards of science, the scientific establishment has handled purported scientific results concerning AIDS by press releases rather than by scientific exchanges, thereby manipulating the media at large."
Serge Lang to the Council, National Academy of Sciences, USA.

"The AIDS research establishment are responsible for this tragedy. The marketing of HIV, through press releases and statements, as a killer virus, has so distorted research and treatment that it may have caused thousands of people to suffer and die."
Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, The Sunday Times, 17 May 1992.

"Since 1990, Nature, Science, the New England Journal of Medicine, the British Medical Journal and other mainline, peer-reviewed journals have preferred to reject papers by others besides my colleagues and myself containing verifiable data that throws doubt on the claim that AIDS is capable of causing epidemics in general populations of developed countries...The Lancet has published some short letters but has consistently refused to publish fuller reasons for dissent..."
Prof. Gordon Stewart, A paradigm under pressure; Index on Censorship, Vol.28, No.3, May/June 1999.

"Like Altman in the New York Times and Cohen in Science, Horton contributes to fudging the issue about relationships between AIDS (whatever it is), HIV and other viruses...Horton is still accountable to the scientific community for his tendentious selectivity in presenting the HIV/AIDS issues...I accuse you, Richard Horton, of scientific and journalistic irresponsibility.."
The Horton-New York Review File, Serge Lang.

"Politically it stinks. Medically it stinks. Culturally it stinks. More and more people are beginning to realize this and are demanding a full-scale public investigation of what, quite literally, is turning out to be a (medical) fairy tale...Those who continue to perpetrate the myth that HIV is 'the deadly AIDS virus' have blood on their hands and will be tried as war criminals once the truth about 'AIDS' is finally brought to light."
Dr. Michael Ward, Director of the Institute for Self Healing, San Francisco, 'Is the 'deadly AIDS virus' Government Fraud?', New York Native, 4, February, 1991

"The official AIDS paradigm represents the most colossal blunder in medical history. The Crimes Against Humanity committed in the AIDS War rank with any in history...If there were justice in the world, the AIDS-criminals would be brought to justice, given fair trials, and executed..."
John Lauritsen, The AIDS War, Asklepios, New York, 1993

Alex Russell

Alex Russell MA is a writer, painter and sculptor. He is the third son of Ken Russell, Film Director, and the late Shirley Russell, Film Costume Designer. He was born in London on 23 August 1959 and studied at the Byam Shaw School of Art (1978-1979) and the Chelsea School of Art (1979-1980). In 1986 Alex took First Class Honours in a Cultural Studies Degree where he made two films: East End of the Body and The Judy Garland Myth. In 1987 He took an MA in Modern European Thought attending lectures by the radical Freudian theorist Mark Cousins.

In 1993 Alex became involved in the AIDS debate and later became Assistant Editor of Continuum, a nutritional health magazine promoting an alternative view of AIDS. In 1999, Alex returned to writing, drawing, painting and more recently, sculpture. At his School of Francis Bacon website Alex is currently writing a philosophical treatise Being & Alien. Alex currently writes art and concert reviews for Seen & Heard International whilst continuing his career as a painter and sculptor.

The Case of Haemophiliacs proves that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS

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