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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Death Of The Vaccine For HIV

Two pieces of News Just in...

Wall Street Journal AIDS Effort Suffers Big Blow As Merck Vaccine Fails
Yahoo News: On South Africas Reaction To News.

Observations & Questions On Vaccination
  • Is vaccination about injecting some of a particular virus in order to make the body produce antibodies to fight the infection caused by a virus?
  • If people who are diagnosed HIV+ are given the diagnosis on the basis of having antibodies to HIV, are they not already immune to infection from that agent?
  • If HIV has never been isolated; and the tests are proof of that, then what is in this HIV vaccine?
  • If one has antibodies already, then why is one sick?

Well the AIDS establishment dance round these simple questions in the hope of making us so dizzy we don’t see that they are taking us for a ride. Some of us have been on this ride for far too long and want off and now.

Read closely the following piece from the article that appeared yesterday in The Wall Street Journal and how it explains the simple and basic questions I pose here.

“Most classical vaccines, such as those against smallpox or polio, stimulate the body to produce antibodies that ward off infection. But stimulating antibodies that neutralize a broad range of HIV strains has been notoriously difficult, so researchers focused on the other arm of the immune system: killer T-cells, which attack and kill cells that HIV has already infected. Such vaccines have been considered less likely to prevent someone from getting infected; instead, it was hoped they would enable an infected person to suppress the virus and so delay, perhaps for many years, the onset of disease.”

Is the piece above based on real science, or is it science fiction? Well if this is real science than I am Rita Moreno. This cannot be serious. Does the science establishment really think we are this stupid? This sounds plain banal, and I cannot understand how so many claim to believe these ideas. This is "techno-babble" and not science. If it were not so tragic it would hilarious.
  • "Classical vaccines" as opposed to what? What is a non-classical vaccine?
  • "Broad range of HIV strains"? They can't even find ONE!
  • "Killet T-Cells attack"? Is this Dr. Who or Star Trek?
  • "Infected person". Infected with what?
  • "Disease"? Which one? AIDS is now 30+ diseases and conditions that have existed always.
Welcome to the Monty Python AIDS science world, where anything is possible just as long as it is marketed right, and targets gay men and dark skinned people who are known as the "risk groups".

That's all AIDS is, isn't it? Racism and Homophobia.
Or we can be scientific about it and call it Eugenics.
South Africa “devastated” by stop of trials (that is, guy in lab now needs to get real job...
Liam Scheff
And of course here you can read Liam Scheff's take on the stories.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Reading about "AIDS science" just makes my head hurt...

Why? Because I'm looking for logic in "AIDS science" and there's none to be found. There's plenty of faith and wishful thinking, but no logic.

If I were to believe that somebody was pulling the strings when it comes to "HIV vaccines"...I would say that this latest failure is a way to take away any hope in the pubic's eye that there will ever be a vaccine (and when you get down to it, how can you create a vaccine against something that isn't there?). As an "HIV vaccine" is shown to be a hopeless enterprise, we can all of us focus more solidly on a lifetime of expensive drugs to take.

They want us to take their expensive drugs one way or another. We can take them after a passing grade on their bogus tests. OR, we can take them out of fear of catching a passing grade on their phony tests (pre-exposure prophylaxis). Either way, the drug companies are set to make turn fear into profit.

This could go on for as long as it take for gay men to realize that for them "risk group"=homophobia, and for our dark skinned friends to wake up as well and understand that for them "risk group"=racism.