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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Power Of Nightmares-The NeoCons & Islamists

Qutb & Strauss; Unlikely but perfect marriage of minds.

The Power Of Nightmares
A three part BBC documentary. It's excellent.
See it here:
The Power Of Nightmares Part 1
The Power Of Nightmares Part 2
The Power Of Nightmares Part 3

El Poder De Las Pesadillas Subtitulado en Espanol

Parte 1
Parte 2
Parte 3

A great piece of political history analysis.
Militant Islamists & The NeoCons. This documantary presents the ideas of two leading thinkers: Sayyid Qutb & Leo Strauss, fathers of the Neo-Conservatism in America and the Islamic Fundamentalism in the desillusioned Muslim world. By the end of the 90's both ideologies had failed. By the end of the century, though both ideas failes they both came to shared two basic ideas:

1. That the American way of life was corrupt. Individual freedom and liberal ideals were the seeds of destruction that caused the desintegration of the very fabric of society.

2. Most people in the western world were regressing to barbarism, and that most muslims were also "infected" with the same deseased American values (Jahalia), so they all deserved to die.

That’s the bottom line!!!

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