Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Beyond Faust -First Published 10/04/2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Beyond Faust

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The Gay Community & AIDS a quarter of a century later

The terms
Terms such as “right” and “left” are used here to refer primarily to their American concept and structure, therefore do not always sit comfortably and logically in the rest of the world, even though the rest of the world adopts them and learns to live with them, and the inherent problems they pose, especially the American reality of a very powerful religious political wing, that is only particular to America, and though similar political structures are found in other parts of the world, they do not wield the outright political sledgehammer as they do ther, however, the rest of the world seems to have had to adopt and accommodate to this fact, as if it were our own reality as well. This has produced a state of visible total schizophrenia in all camps involved in the AIDS problem especially outside of America, where as soon as one questions all or some of the reasons and motives, from cause to solution, in relation to AIDS, one comes up against one fact: we outside have little real clout, as it was all concocted, imported and sold to us as a ready package we had to just accept, and our unease and at times incomprehesible dismay with many aspects of it, are due to this very important, yet totally ignored fact.

The entire AIDS debate is based on this political reality.

Right to Left from GRID to AIDS

Take the HIV virus and its mythology out of the construct known as “AIDS”, and it’s relation to the gay community or gay politics, and what are you left with? A small group of people, who in the 70’s took far too many drugs, lived a certain way and indulged in certain practices and just got sick as a result. The rest is mass hysteria, fear mongering, lies, genocide, homophobia, racism and substantial political and economic profits for a few and the birth and total take-over of the gay community of “queer” politics and ideology.

Here is how it more or less happened and how it has been held up till this day. It all started in America in the early 80’s, and was exported to the rest of the world as a package, ready with it’s own political structure, new brand of science, mythology, marketing strategy, it’s own language and also it's own final solution. In Europe it was not until the early 90’s that we started to see the machine operating on home soil, before then it was just a lot of fear-mongering, protests and hysteria, all based on what was happening in America. When it arrived the mechanism to silence dissent or protest, or contrating alternative information was already well in place, so we all just accepted it as it came.

The condition was first called GRID, (gay-related-immune- deficiency) but gay leaders objected to that name as it signalled gay people out and they were afraid it would lead to violence against gays, so they all decided to call it officially AIDS. What was AIDS? It was a condition that affected the immune system of a very small number of gay men in San Francisco and New York. The political “right” attacked homosexuals saying that it was the wrath of God, a divine and just punishment homosexuals deserved because of their debauchery. The gay community panicked, and its leaders were suddenly faced with a very difficult situation to deal with, so they turned to the political ”left” for support.

The ideologically dead and politically bankrupt left of the early 80’s saw an opportunity; it came to our defence and a deal was struck between the self-appointed leaders of gay community, and the left. It went along these lines: become victims, and you can fight off the attack from the right. We will give you protection, and help you bury the truth about the causes of this condition that is afflicting you, by throwing in our political weight behind you; we can help you gain influence, power, and acceptance. In exchange we want a steady display of sickness and suffering, as well as a steady stream of corpses to hold up this scam, from which we will benefit politically and economically, and you will too: together and with the help of the media, we can spread the lie and terrorize everyone into believing that there is a “new virus” that is going to kill everyone, not just gays, but everyone, it’s transmission rout is blood and sex. The religious right were shown in practice that gay men were still going to be dieing in huge numbers, so they were happy about that and just consented the deal, much like they still do today.

It was a diabolically brilliant idea that seemed to suite all involved and more importantly; though ordinary people freaked out, they also loved it.

The AIDS industry was born through this deal struck between all these players, and the representatives of the gay community were in there too, as much as the American and French governments were, the pharmaceuticals, medical establishment and the mass media. Science had already descended into total whoredom with Gallo's announcement and the subsequent support of his retroviral fantasy which he never proved, and not forgetting the disgraceful hounding out and dirty crusade against Professor Duesberg, who fired off the warning shots immediately exposing the HIV theory as a scam. Science sold out first, without this move, none of this mess would ever have been possible.

The leaders of the gay community saw that this was a good deal for them personally and globally too, as it seemed to get the whole community off the hook, so they decided to accept it. Government money started streaming in. Agencies and organizations were set up. The pharmaceutical industry came in with even more money; the gay media and press took the lead in spreading the voodoo, pushing fraudulent tests on gay men and everyone else, whilst organizations such as Act Up and Outrage sold out at the first whiff of real money and political power and their opposition to tests and later toxic drugs became advocacy.

The mass media announced that HIV was the new deadly “virus that causes AIDS” and the public accepted it, even though science had (up till then, and still now) failed to provide any hard and conclusive evidence whatsoever that such a virus even existed. The pharmaceuticals gave gay men what they were screaming for on the streets: medicine. That medicine was AZT, the most toxic drug ever given to humans and in huge doses. The results were immediate and staggering as it started killing everyone who took it, making it look like a real pandemic was actually killing gay men by their thousands, and by that time, heterosexuals as well. Anyone who was diagnosed HIV+ with a test; that is clearly a fraud, was given AZT.

The vast numbers of people, who died from “AIDS”, still corresponds to that era, and is defined by one fact: they were all given AZT, and in huge doses. Everyone conveniently refers to the culprit as being AIDS; which they say ran riot until the new “life-saving” chemo-cocktail called HAART appeared about the mid- 90’s. The truth is it was AZT that killed everyone. I remember how we all used to admit that among ourselves in private up until the mid 90’s.

A blanket of silence, censorship, intimidation and terror was put in place by the gay media immediately, and those that dared to question what was happening, had the full might of this new alliance form hell thrown at them, with all the force that such a diabolical alliance of money, greed, lies, fear, and by then; huge investments and self-interests could muster. The gay world had gone from gay party to death-camp in a very short space of time.

Many dissidents such as John Lauritsen, Celia Farber, Professor Duesberg, Joan Shenton, Neville Hodgkinson and Christine Maggiore among many others have all been attacked in this manner then and still are now; following the gay media firing the first shots, the rest of the mass media follow suite. This became the “modus operandi” of the AIDS industry propaganda machine and is still in place now. Even personalities who were once the “darlings” of the gay world, such as Patricia Nell Warren, who dared question what was going on, found themselves vilified and accused of homophobia always in the same manner: the gay press fires the opening salvo and the first accusation of homophobia, following that the lynch mob just goes to town on whoever it may be, even if they were gay, or gay and HIV+, you still got it. It is either that or censorship.

The gay wing of the AIDS establishment has shown time and time again that it is ruthless, determined, prepared to play very nasty and that it will stop at nothing to protect its interest and reputation as our ‘protectors’.

This has gone unchallenged by the gay community for a quarter of a century, and anyone who dares question it is still hounded out and called a “denialst” and equated with “Jew haters”, or called a “murderer with blood on their hands”. They are attacked without mercy by the gay and regular press. Anyone who has tried to stand up to this has been ladled homophobic and smeared publicly. Some have hounded certain individuals up to the point of putting them in prison and causing their death for trying to stand up to them, such as was the case of David Pasquarelli.

Here are a couple of very recent examples of how the gay press still use AIDS to scare gay people and hound out those who question:

Xtra Gay News
On denia
The Big Gay News
On denial
Pushing testing on gay men and fear mongering:

Queers take over the show
Some gay men have done this to other gay men, and anyone else who dares question this Faustian alliance since the start of this dirty affair. This alliance has been daily maintained and renewed without showing the slightest twitch of remorse or care by so many that take part in the PR it needs to stay afloat and keep everyone in line.

The majority of gay men, on the other hand, have used the classic tactic of claiming fear or ignorance about these going on, much like so many ordinary Germans did when it was more than clear that the SS were carting Jews, Gypsies and communists, and anyone they wanted to get rid of, including gays, by the thousands to the camps.

I feel this comparison is totally fair, considering that when people are told and shown what is going on, the vast majority simply look the other way. Try telling any gay man that HIV probably does not even exist and instead of him being hopeful or happy about it, he will probably try to hit you. If he is actually HIV+ then the reaction may even be worse. Try the same on any other person who has any other mortal disease and you will see how at the very least they would be interested in looking into what you are saying.

Why? Because to the gay man HIV is (as of the 80’s) an identity, take it away, and he is left with nothing. The pre-queer queen at least had some claim to a broader intelligence, and a certain intellectual refinement to fall back on, they had read at least one book from the universal cannon, and they referred to themselves as being “gay”, as opposed to being “queer”; which is like saying “freak”. "Queer" is a word so charged with negative ambiguity that only an old-school queen, like Noel Coward or Cole Porter could carry off using it and still come out triumphant. The rest of us just died underneath it.

But with the advent of the “queer” we were left only with trashy vulgarity, and a militant ideal of being hounded victims, an image of death and deformity clad in black with a pink triangle on our chests and with heads shaved (concentration-camp style) and living in self-built ghettos full of discos parties orgies always gyrating to fabulous grooves from house to techno, and plenty of drugs of all kinds to keep us all chilling-out and getting sicker and blaming a virus for it, as well as producing the necessary statistics for the AIDS machine.

I think quite a few of the older queens who saw what was coming just decided to take the AZT and kill themselves to get out, get away from what they saw was the start of a “homofascist” takeover; from the “queer” march and the spread of their dreadful lies and virus. I salute the ones who did that.

Apart from the well know political and economic benefits for the community as a whole, on a personal level, all those diagnosed HIV+ could live off benefits for the rest of their lives, get free housing, and all sorts of complementary care, from therapies to having their astrology chart done, with transits and solar returns, and all for free.

HIV also created an insidious two-tier kind of gay apartheid system, based on ones HIV status, which is used against those who are HIV+ without mercy. It involves these HIV+ men who are on the slow poisoning, and have the visible deformities caused by the toxic drugs they take, they are made to parade themselves in public, as a sign of gay victim-hood, so the rest of the world can see and therefore maintain belief in the lie, and in the politically accepted alliance that is supposedly supporting the victims, whilst at the same time individuals use these visible deformities to privately isolate, insult and humiliate those that have them in the gay chat rooms and hook-up sites.

Some go round declaring their “negative” status (this is very popular with Americans) and demanding that anyone who even looks at their profiles should be the same: HIV negative. Those showing signs of the classic sunken face on their profiles are constantly laughed at and told that they are sick and that they are spreading disease and should just kill themselves; I am not making this up you know, I have written about this in my blog and posted actual messages I myself had received, as well as messages others received, all saying stuff like this.

Neither are these incidents isolated, but fairly regular and common. All the people I know who are on medication have various stories they can tell about this. Even those that do not participate in insults and sadistic humiliation of men with deformed faces and bodies due to toxic HIV medication, seldom miss the opportunity to talk about them behind their backs, this is usually done under the guise of warning friends about such and such, saying something like: “so be very very careful he is HIV+ you know…”

If you are one of the men with a positive diagnosis then you are given economic rewards and support in return for the public display of your deformities that symbolise you being a victim for the rest of society, and for allowing other gay men to sadistically abuse you as well, and finally for being a AIDS statistic when your liver pack in and you die. Rewards you also receive for your undying loyalty to the medical profession and its “life-saving” pills, your undying devotion to condoms; which you display on your personal profiles as a kind of warning to others not to end up like you; even when we all know that no one really used condoms, as all negative people look for others like them to avoid using condoms, and positive men do the same.

Porn is a good indicator for this, and just look at what really sells: bareback sells, as that’s what people really do anyway, even though everyone tries to spin the condom yarn, it’s bullshit. Only the big porn companies advocate condoms, and they produce the gay porn that least interests so they are going under, and they know it. Who need COLT, TITAN or Lucas Ent. when you have Xtube and a glimpse of what people really do in bed? It’s all a mixture of grotesque and absurd, but again so in line with the cruelty and idiocy so habitual in the now well-established “queer” psyche.

This is more or less the basic and simplified political background to the gay community’s adoption of HIV as an identity and how it works in daily gay life, and as the political tool that opened the way for the AIDS industry to target and use gay men as they have done for twenty-five years and still do. HIV did what the pink triangle failed to do. It gave gay people a new status and immediacy with their claim to be victims and the world proof that we are good for nothing else but to live on perpetual suffering because we are degenerates, it set new lows in expressions of cruelty, self-deprecation, sadism, masochism and despair and ludicrous fantasy and denial especially for gay men themselves.

The left has exploited this and turned it into a political, economic and ideological triumph as it kept the American rancid religious right in check and happy as gay corpses keep coming in. The gay community has been rolled in to be the main investor here along with the pharmaceuticals, which in turn invested in them to produces the corpses, without which the whole thing would not exist. If the gay community as a whole questioned the AIDS myth then it would come crashing down as fast as the Titanic went down in icy waters. This is obvious to everyone who really has the balls and looks into this whole affair, anyone who has the guts not to then look away citing fear as an excuse. It is mainly gay support of the AIDS paradigm that keeps it alive, without us it would fall. The question is: but can we question it?

Things have moved on since those early days and now we have a superficial and tenuous political and social respect, power and a sense of being protected and accepted. We can even in some places get married and adopt children. What no one wants to see is that it has all been at a huge price. A price hundreds of thousands have paid already and some will keep paying for a long time to come to the bitter end.

The leaders of the gay community and the community as a whole have been pushed way beyond Faust; he sold HIS soul to the devil, here, individuals too cowardly and ignorant to know of Faust let alone play Faust, sell other people’s souls to the devil for personal benefit even self gratification…the souls of lovers…the souls of people they claim to love and care about…friends…people they know, or ones they don’t. Bottom line: everyone is involved. Everyone has blood on their hands. Everyone is guilty; either by direct means or by silence or by plain ignorance. We have all been unwittingly turned into criminals.

Bleak house
Finally, it seems like we have all decided to leave this unholy mess for future generations of gay men and women to sort out, as we can't face it all. We are stuck. They will be the ones who will later have to take the fall-out from it all, when the truth of it all actually comes out, and it will; probably when the flimsy alliance between the “queers” and the “left” is simply run over, swept aside, or just simply abandoned, for the more historically obvious yet firmly underground, habitual alliance gay people have always seemed to have with the political right, where if it were not for the religious element, it would be an alliance that would have always been more evident, and also more in tune with what people usually do (sexual orientation apart), when they start to feel more accommodated; they simply just go back to the right.

If you want to look at an example of this, just look at the results of the latest Spanish local elections, where less than a year after the gay marriage bill was pushed through by the left, the gay “barrio” in Madrid gave it’s block vote to the right wing.

What would happen if this occurred; as in Europe it already seems to be doing? The left might feel betrayed, and who knows; it may just decide to drop us all like hot potatoes and even point the finger too. That would be one way of bringing the AIDS paradigm to a crash.

All in all it seems we have been pushed into playing a very dangerous game. We seem to be at the mercy of the right, on one hand, the left on the other, and our own paralyzing terror too, when we look and take account of the fact that all these advances we think we have achieved over these last two decades are nothing more than an illusion, part of very shaky deal, a deal where even just admitting and facing up to the truth will lead to an almighty backlash, the proportions of which, some claim, will be unprecedented in history, and where it is evident that we will have to stand alone.

This is one hell of a deal.


Vemod said...

Ok, but how do we get off this merry-go-round? it seems like ever-profitable business for everyone involved in it. Like you say, from the media to drugs industry and, evidently, to politics. However, to what extent would it be even more profitable if it had a "cure" (meant as a symbolic "placebo-way out" regaridng it as a political controlling device)? Or, otherwise, is it even more controlling in its non-existence, always leading to a cure it may be as unreal as the disease itself? Semantics apart, it seems like ignorance is bliss after all. Deconstruction calls!

Manu said...

First we need to make it stop. Jumping off merry-go-rounds is not a good idea...

We need to make it stop. Then a whole new world of possibilities should open up.

Federico said...

The dictatorial control based on censorship and silence is still bringing a great consent to moralizers and conservatives, regardless they belong to the left or to the right. The whole politically correct establishment of false comprehension and jovial assistance is simply preserving the democratic fear of AIDS in which the subtle propaganda of terror has penetrated the common believes and ideas. The whole system of stereotypes, common believes and dull ignorance is perpetuating the identity of gay men: souls deformed by a wrong sexuality and bodies deformed by a well-deserved sickness. This is what we represent. It seems gay men do not think, do not research. Our ignorance about AIDS is our new pink triangle. The sad thing is we are sewing such awful infamous rag on our chests by ourselves. Our self-humiliation is the icon we parade when we accept the dogmas of the pharmaceutical business and when we implicitly approve homophobia. Our masochistic attitude strengthens the carelessness of the political class and brings only to a tragic end. And there is no catharsis when your friend dies; there is no catharsis when you can’t run away from the ghetto of lies you have built. Ironically there is catharsis for those who are happy to see we are dying because of our reprehensible life style: we only prove the sword of divine justice hits those who live an outrageous and mistaken life.

Manu said...

I understand your anger and agree with your point of view. The worse part of it all is that, as you say, we have pushed ourselves into this corner. The gay lifestyle we have built seems purposely designed to finish us all off.

One night I was in the club Heaven in London on a typical Friday night garage party in the late 80's. I was standing next to Jimmy Sommerville, who I knew at the time. We both looked on at the gyrating bodies, all in a state of “chemical ecstasy”...and he said to me: "It's like we are all dancing in the gas chambers". I just laughed it off at the time, but it stuck in my mind all these years. How shocking and how right he was.

AIDS became the justification politicians needed turn what used to be termed “gay life” into a “death cult”, but the idea is ours. How outrageous is that? We have been sold a mythology of death, and everyone seems to have taken it on, we made death and deformity sexy and we just turned the music up loud enough so the truth can never be heard.


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