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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary & Barry


  • Their positions are often barely distinguishable from that of the Republicans
  • They have built their campaigns around genetic identity rather than on political principles and issues.
  • "I would be stunned to find an anti-business [Supreme Court] appointee from either of them," Cass Sunstein, who is a constitutional adviser to Obama, told me. "There's not a strong interest on the part of Obama or Clinton in demonizing business, and you wouldn't expect to see that in their Supreme Court nominees." - Jeffrey Rosen, NY Times
  • They take multiple positions on individual issues such as NAFTA
  • They have produced no interesting new ideas nor promised to fight for any important new programs
  • They have offered no good idea about how to handle the current economic crisis
  • Neither has ameaningful urban policy
  • Neither are will willing to take on the criminality of Bush's use of torture.
  • They have gone about their campaigns as though they were leading a cult rather than a political movement
  • Clinton hangs out with a covert group of right wing GOP Christians; Obama would name some of them to his cabinet.
  • They have similar voting records with Progressive Punch ranking Obama 24th and Clinton 19h in Senate
  • The both dissed Nader for daring to run for president again
  • Obama wrote that conservatives and Bill Clinton were right to destroy social welfare, Clinton supported her husband's program
  • Hillary Clinton comes in at 38th and Obama at 48th in the ranking of the League of Conservation Voters
  • Both have hawkish foreign policy advisors involved in past US misdeeds and failures
  • Both support Israeli aggression and apartheid. Obama has deserted previous support for two-state solution to Mid East situation
  • Both have voted numerous times to continue funding the war
  • Both support or won't oppose nuclear power
  • Both support war on drugs
  • Both support Real ID
  • Both support No Child Left Behind
  • Both supported crack-cocaine sentence disparity
  • Both oppose single payer healthcare
  • Both support PATRIOT Act
  • Both support the death penalty
  • Both have no clear plan to leave Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Both support charter schools
  • Both support federally funded ethanol


  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has no plans to "obliterate:" Iran
  • Clinton would continue the 28 year old Reagan - Bush - Clinton - Bush era; Obama would probably end it.
  • While both have misled voters, Clinton has by far the worst record, witness the cattle futures, Whitewater, travel office and similar scandals as well as the fact that five of her fundraisers have been convicted of, or pleaded no contest to, crimes and one fled the country after being indicted on charges related to raising money.
  • While they both have had seamy friends, so far only one has surfaced for Obama - Rezko - as opposed to a lengthy list for Clinton that begins with three close business partners who ended up in prison.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been almost indicted.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been mentioned 35 times in a criminal indictment.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, has never been involved in a resort land scam in which about half the purchasers, many of them seniors, lost their property.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, is not currently being sued in a case involving an allegedly massive misreporting of campaign contributions.
  • Obama, unlike Clinton, did not support the appointment of the now indicted Bernie Kerick to be head of Homeland Security
  • Obama would be good at international negotiations; foreign leaders wouldn't know whether to trust Clinton.
  • Obama is not married to Bill Clinton
  • Obama has revealed his tax returns; Clinton hasn't
  • Clinton thinks McCain would be better qualified for the White House than Obama; Obama would rather have Clinton than McCain
  • The Clinton administration, according to an HRC ad, wouldn't answer an emergency White House call until the sixth ring; the Obama administration, it is implied, would wait for the seventh.
  • Obama voted against immunity for telecoms' illegal spying on Americans; Clinton didn't show up for the vote.
  • Obama has inspired a lot of young and minority voters to get involved in politics; Clinton has relied upon a traditional and aging constituency.
  • Obama favored cluster bomb ban in civilian areas; Clinton opposed the ban
  • Obama says "everything is on the table" with Social Security. Clinton seems slightly more supportive of the classic Democratic program
  • Obama opposed putting heating fuel assistance for low income in stimulus bill; Clinton supported it


  • Promises not to sign a trade bill without environmental and labor protections.
  • Helped fight for restoration of habeas corpus at Gitmo.
  • Aggressively opposed impeachment action against Bush.
  • Wouldn't have photo taken with San Francisco mayor because he was afraid it would seem that he supported gay marriage
  • Opposes lowering the drinking age to 18
  • Supported restricting damage awards in medical malpractices suits
  • Supported making it harder to file class action suits in state courts
  • Misled on extent on lobbyist support
  • Called the late Paul Wellstone "something of a gadfly"
  • Voted for a business-friendly "tort reform" bill
  • Voted for a nuclear energy bill that included money for bunker buster bombs and full funding for Yucca Mountain.
  • Won't rule out first strike nuclear attack on Iran
  • Received $708,000 from medical and insurance interests between 2001 and 2006
  • Went to Connecticut to support Joe Lieberman in the primary against Ned Lamont
  • Refuses to take a position on the anti-constitutional Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
  • Called Pakistan "the right battlefield ... in the war on terrorism." Threatened to invade Pakistan
  • Sounds sort of like Tony Robbins
  • Uses various evangelical cons to win supporters
  • Has not revealed his proposed policies in many areas and where he has they primarily consist of minor alterations in the status quo
  • Voted against a 30% interest rate cap on credit cards
  • Opposed the war as a state senator, is less certain as a federal one and has voted for full funding of it
  • Wrote critically in his books of the New Deal and the New Left while praising Bill Clinton


  • Favors healthcare individual mandates that would help insurance companies and banks but not citizens
  • Has the most number of foreign lobbyist contributors
  • Is even more popular with Pentagon contractors than McCain
  • Is most popular with K Street lobbyists
  • Is only First Lady to come under criminal investigation
  • Has received the most funds from oil industry
  • Has received the most funds from health industry
  • Gave most number of evasive answers (250) to congressional inquiries
  • Submitted the largest false campaign finance report

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