Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fascism & Nazism Were Radical Left-Wing Socialist Forces

The Mother Of All The Big Left-Wing Lies:
Fascism & Nazism Are Of The Right.
Wrong, They Are Of The Left.

As you may be able to guess from the Cyrillic writing accompanying it, it was a Soviet Swastika -- used by the Red Army during and after World War I. It was worn as a shoulder patch by some Soviet troops. The Swastika too was a socialist symbol long before Hitler became influential. Prewar socialists (including some American socialists) used it on the grounds that it has two arms representing two entwined letters "S" (for "Socialist"). So even Hitler's symbolism was Leftist. John J. Ray

Aids and more recently Global Warming had already opened my eyes as to the terrible capacity of left-wing liberals to lie and distort science, history and truth. Their capacity to smear and destroy any opposition or questioning of their religion of lies. So, it has already been some years now since I started to clean out the left-wing cobwebs and open the windows of my mind and soul to let in fresh air and dispel the rancid stench that a lifetime of socialist left-wing politics the media and academic indoctrination had stuffed into my life. Now it seems that all these lies have a mother. This "mother of all lies", finally explains so much. It put into perspective so much that hitherto seemed unorganised, almost coincidental, and brings it all under one umbrella. This is the big one.

Hitler was a Socialist - Mussolini was a Marxist
Socialism Marxism + Nationalism = Nazism & Fascism
The only element in this equation which one can lay at the door of the right is Nationalism, but is Nationalism not the one factor any political power uses to get the masses behind it? Does the British Labour Party, The American Democrats, Castro and Chavez use it less than the British Conservatives, The PP in Spain and the Republicans in America? Is it such a major factor when one considers the very specific leftist economic and social policies the Fascists and the Nazis held?

What are the real differences in content and style between these reactionary forces and the current liberal left-wing dominated political arena in Europe, America, the world?

This is "must read" material for all of us who already know about the sordid left-wing capacity to invent lies, distort science, history and smear anyone who questions them by equating them with holocaust deniers and flat-earthers. All of us who have been called stupid, evil and fascists should read this and then ask all our nice left-wing liberal friends if they actually know where the word NAZI comes from and what it means:

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
National Socialist German Workers' Party!!

Well, there you have it. That certainly explains its popularity much better than what left-wing academia want us all to believe, i.e: that everyone didn't understand, or that everyone had been deceived, or that everyone had caught a right-wing virus. It was popular because it was modern socialism, just like socialism, left-wing ideology and modern liberalism with all their hyperbolic trappings of equality, peace, the environment, caring and the rabid hate of anything that does not fit, accept, agree or revere the left-wing religion, all still evident up till today.

So, in view of this I ask: Which part of NAZI is right-wing?

How right wing is the message in this poster below?

"Mit Adolf Hitler "Ja" fuer Gleichberechtigung und Frieden"
"With Adolf Hitler For Equal Rights & Peace"

If Hitler was a Socialist and Mussolini was a Marxist, how is it that the Conservatives have been saddled with responsibility for the excesses of Nazism and Fascism?

How right-wing were the policies they adopted? What was it exactly that these two wanted to "conserve" according to left-wingers? Did you know about Nazi & Fascist eco-agenda? And Eugenics was also a left-wing progressive ideology, supported by most major left-wing liberal intellectuals, and if one understands how AIDS and Global Warming ARE Eugenics, then it is not difficult to see that ALL leading left-wing intellectuals, artist and personalities still support Eugenics, they just do it under a different name now.

Oh, Brave New World!

In terms of policy and ideology, it is stunning to see just how similar the Fascists and Nazis were to current liberal left-wing ideology. Take out the gas chambers and the overt antisemitism of the Nazis and you see that there is barely any difference at all, not just in terms of policy, but also in style.

How and why have the media and our academia perpetrated this colossal deception, this mother of all lies? Could it be because the media and the academia are ALL left-wing liberals? If so how is this acceptable?

What political power structures conspired to make this total takeover in education possible and viable right up till this day? Maybe the answer can be found in the Marxist theories of this man: Antonio Gramsci.

Here is some interesting insight into how our academia run the totalitarian Gramscian regime we now call higher education.
Read here

Where is Conservatism in all this? Where have the conservatives been all through this? Do they actually exist? Why have they let this happen? Why have entire generations been abandoned to the left-wing vultures and left to work out these lies themselves?

Questions questions questions... If like me, you want to know the answer to these burning questions then read the following material or buy these book's, its as good a place to start as any.

John J. Ray

Hitler Was A Socialist
Left-wing Fascism: An Intellectual Disorder

The American Angle
Tom Wolfe

In The Land Of The Rococo Marxist

Jonah Goldberg
If you want to see liberals freak out, scream, kick and call everyone who thinks this book poses some interesting questions,
a fascist, then just visit some of the pages discussing the book. You can even visit the Amazon boards for a very telling glimpse of this total panic driven vitriol.

Here Jonah Goldberg Explains...

Also recommended:

The left certainly has a lot of questions to answer and calling me or anyone else a fascist for insisting that they do so, is only further proof that supports the argument presented in this material.


LS said...

In terms of fascism and the right or the left - I would also find, looking through history, that is is true that the left is historically the more utopian-delusional, and that their utopias give way to horror shows much more than conservatives.

But there are, of course, conservatives whose world views would and do institute great unnecessary and brutal restrictions of liberty in the world - the Catholic church, for example, and its historic and current prohibition against homosexuality -

This is, in a real sense, the coal and wood that fires the current radical left's utopian/fascist dogmas over aids.

If there were no prohibition on male homosexuality from the church down, there would be no reactively radical, insane and dangerous leftist movement.

They are, each to each, a hand and a glove.

I hold some hope for the advent of gay marriage, or normalized legal unions, in my country, as a plateau above which Aids hysteria will not find support....

we shall see.

Manu said...

I am a homo living openly in a Democracy which is really a RC theocracy. I do not agree at all that I am persecuted by the church on those grounds. I am free to speak and even openly question church dogma and head on.

No one has asked for me to be targeted, tested and poisoned. I am respected and free even to be an atheist homosexual.

I cannot say the same about liberal society. There I am silenced for my views, called a holocaust denier, targeted, labeled and listed to be poisoned. The church is not doing that.

I feel that your statement is based on a false assumption, one of so many all our heads are full of, and that it will have to take us a lot of mutual combing to get the fleas out of our hair.

The right are no saints, I know that well, but here we are talking of the left and it's history and current trend of fascism with a smiley face.

The right is another debate.

Re gay marriage you know what my opinion is on that matter. It is something queer politics needs, it is not anything I need. Most homosexuals who already have it don't care about it at all.

Above all I reject it on the corpse bride ideas i have already written about before. This is recompense for the AIDS genocide. They can keep it. I don't want it. I want truth and justice, not some travesty of the marriage ideal.

Still, why does gay marriage have to play a role in this debate too? It really is not as important to anyone. Only the queer minded and the media.

Dan said...

...the left and it's history and current trend of fascism with a smiley face.

Good description.

I fully agree with your sentiments concerning gay marriage, Manu.

It's the culmination of a couple decades (or more) of desperately trying to assimilate into the larger culture.

Why are we trying to assimilate?


But we've got it backwards. We need to approve of ourselves first, which we haven't done. The proof of that assertion is our belief in "AIDS".

If we approved of ourselves, we wouldn't believe in a deadly sex virus mythology which requires us to be separated from the rest of society for "testing", drugging and dying.

We seek gay marriage for outside approval and assimilation.

It appears to slowly be working, this strategy. All it requires is incredible denial and actual human sacrifices.

Manu said...

Totally spot on Dan. It is just an obsession of the few, who seek to assimilate, as you put it, as well as give us something noble back to forget what they have actually put us through.

Enforced denial, human sacrifice and a load of lies.

Gay marriage is irrelevant to non-queer homosexuals like us.

What is relevant here is what is this political force called left-wing liberalism, to which queer politics, eco-fascism and personality cults belong.

How to put a stop to their lies, distortions, their hold on power and control of our minds and hearts and lives. How to expose their factory of lies, and subversive power structures, how to show them that we are not afraid.

Dan said...

It could get more interesting very soon.

The "left" here in the US is poised to take the white house and probably gain more seats in Congress in November.

The pendulum is swinging back.

What will this mean for the AIDS establishment?

Manu said...

Here we have the opposite. France went to the right, Germany too, so has Italy so has Malta, so will happen in the UK too, the left have lost London in the last mayoral election and will lose the next general election. Only Spain went to the left again.

Still the EU is a left-wing hotbed if ever there was one so the panorama here is interesting as well.

LS said...


I'm glad as can be that you're allowed to roam and wander freely at home, without persecution from the old testament anti-gay crowd.

What I think you're missing is that this old-testament rhetoric has been absorbed and redirected by the leftists, who've adopted a sort of chronic stance which lives somewhere between Stockholm Syndrome and between a strange Utopian idealism, that trades in bits of Rousseau and other idealists,

but which is really a passive-aggressive re-interpretation of history.

The most striking things that John Lauritsen told me when I interviewed him a few years ago, was that "Gay men have always had shorter lives" than their non homo-sexual brethren.

I didn't think he meant that they suffered more illness, as a whole.. but it took me a moment.

He meant that gay men had always been persecuted, burned, made martyrs and excommuinques, stoned, pilloried, burned on a pyre - of sticks - "fags" - like the "Fasces" in Fascism.

"Fasces" - the bundle of sticks the Roman Lictors carried with them, to promote their form of government - often "voting" in hand to mob combat, or one Senator's mob versus another, in the Forum.

Fasces. Bundled sticks with an axe in the center. Fags. The English cigarette. Faggots - bundled, piled sticks. The bundle of sticks that a political entity beat it's opposition with.

Faggots - the sticks on which non-repentant "heretics" - homosexuals among them - were burned to death.

They weren't burnt by the new Left. They weren't burnt to death by Actup.

But Actup internalized the means, and somehow, at the end of the 70s to the mid 80s, as the first great explosion of unrepentent 'liberal' heretical, self-indulgent, 'liberated', overtly intoxicated and overtly sexual -

- as this period ran itself to exhaustion, and the newly identified gay community found itself facing the Anita Bryants of the world, explaining their exhaustion and illness with the pitiless refrain of "God hates fags,"

It was to the Left, the socialist Left, that the gay community turned for solace and rescue... and there they found the technological utopian atheists,

those who wouldn't say "God hates fags," but who will say, "hiv tests are 'useful' and 'accurate' in 'diagnosing MSM.'"

The bottom line, the inescapable truth, is that this is no easy world for gay men. On the right, they'll burn you, or 'reform' you.

On the left, they'll sing your homilies, as long as you validate their 'scientific' labeling of your 'disease.'

It leaves one wondering, "what's a homosexual to do?"

That's what John Lauritsen meant, I think. You're damned if you do, and if you don't.

But you're not correct, I think, in believing that fascism arises from the Left, solely. It arises from humanity, for reasons that are probably beyond us to understand.

The most important thing, in my opinion, to fight fascism, is to fight against forced solidarity, against forced homogeneity, against forced consensus, where consensus simply means that many voices are being forcefully shut out, (though they wish to be heard).

Back to you for the discussion.

LS said...

Right - the marriage issue. Or, better yet, legal civil unions.

It goes to this - You can't expect people to get out of the ghettos, when the only other option you give them is invisibility - that is, to hide, deny their desire for equality of opportunity and equal access to the law.

For those reasons, I support legal civil unions for all of-age couples willing and desiring to form long-term relationships, regardless of gender.

Manu said...

Good post. I would dispute much of the terms and imagery used in it,because i feel it comes from a vision of life, which does not have any impact on me as a homosexual or human being anymore as i rejected it along with life in the gay metropolis.

That vision is as real as the politically based language used to draw it all with is. I don't inhabit that world anymore.

I admire John's work, as you well know. I also think that he is the by far the best gay thinker alive. His courage and insight, I am sure will be recognised in the future, as unique, in a time where fools and hypocrites ran the show.

But this post is not about homosexuality. This post is about what are the true origins of Nazism and Fascism as political forces in the XX century.

This is about being told at school that the Nazis and the Fascists were right-wing radicals, and now it transpires that they were left-wing radicals.

This post is about asking how this happened. It is about the use of those terms as weapons against people to silence questions.

This is about wanting to know how the dominant left-wing media and academics have distorted truth, re-written history and lied to us all.

This is about asking if these are the same people who gave us the AIDS package, the Global Warming package today, are they the same bunch that gave us Fascism & Nazism.

You see, I think that it is crucial to know if they are, as it would explain so much.

That is what this post is about.

Manu said...

Until there is justice and truth marriage is only a glossing over of the fact we have run ourselves to the end.

After all this torture, burning, hate, confusion, strife and death we settle for marriage as the answer.

It is nothing. I have it as do most Europeans. Do you not see that no one cares. Nothing has changed and nothing will. It is merely a fixation of some queer bureaucrats, third rate starlets, Elton john and no one els besides.

it has not touched the AIDS religion and it will not. It is part of the deal. Both will stand together. At least that is how it seems to me.

LS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LS said...

I'll take your point here, that the history of totalitarianism, communism and 20th C. historical fascism, has indeed been re-written.

You are correct to point out that the Left has run like rascals from these crimes, in abandoning its history and relabeling Soviet, Italian and German fascism as belonging to the hard Right.

They don't go out of their way to own China either, or the murder-regimes of SE Asia - these being 'socialist', putatively left-leaning "people's movements."

There's so much to question when we question history - there's so much that goes unweighed - local history, geography, economy, environment, agricultural supply, weather cycles...

So much of all of these contributes to the rabid instability of the most unstable places on earth.

That said, I understand your point - and now that I'm understanding where you're directing your thesis, I'll add that I began to explore the underpinnings of the Left a few years ago, and looked into Malthus, and Darwin, and Margaret Sanger.

In the writing of Sanger, of H.G> Welles, you see the Utopian idealism of perfectible species in a perfectible (atheistic), brave new world.

In Francis Galton, Darwin's cousin, you see the beginning of something quite old -

What used to be regular old Tribal warfare (because my God is more powerful than yours, so I shall conquer your land and take your women and cattle - and because fighting is something we like to do), became, in essence, "we can make our entire species 'better', by eliminating the weeds from the garden."

You see, what the intellectual, reductionist and atheistic faction (and they're almost always "leftist") have done, is to deny their basic human/animal natures, and in denying it superficially, cause it to re-emerge, re-labeled, in new clothes.

So warfare - or tribal warfare for dominion - becomes Eugenics. So "my people are better than yours" becomes "We'll decide who's 'fit' to breed, and who is 'at risk' for 'hiv' (or, in another subversion - for 'hiv testing)).

That's two sublimations down the line. From the openly acquisitive, Imperial, colonial, tribal species that we are, we decided to become less openly so.. but remained so, and carried it on dressed in the 'science' of Malthus and then, Eugenics.

From the disgrace of Eugenics (which nobody remembers anyway), 'science' has re-articulated it's murderous streak, and re-christened our Eugenic impulse in the various world-wide testing, stealing and murder schemes that we are currently enraptured by - "hiv", "bird flu", "sars testing."

So, yes, the traditional Left is the generator of these forms of warfare. And they are all warfare, don't doubt it for a moment...

Michael said...

Great blog. Important issues.

Collectivism is the problem, whether it's the government, the gay "community" or religion. You can read more about it in work by Rand, Reisman and Popper, among others. Collectivism is a convenient way for people to gain power. We are witnessing that here in Argentina at the moment where our gucci-sporting president recently declared "We don't believe in property. Argentina is for everyone."

The world is a crazy place. We were thinking of moving to Spain, where you can be an ETA-terrorist lesbian and get married with your muslim girlfriend, but the Zapatero government won't allow Amnesty International advertisements on TV because they show islamic nations to have terrible human rights records. That's progress, I suppose? Keep on voting for the socialists, people, and I can guarantee the quality the your immigration will be just what you deserve. Mosques and socialism go together so well!

One other comment: my fiancé and I live outside the so-called gay community and outside of queer norms, but we plan to get married because we can, because it's great for our friends and family, and, frankly, it's the only way for us to live together safely in one country as a bi-national couple. It's not for everyone, but it's not true that gay marriage is only important to the "queer minded".

I look forward to living again in my home country of Canada, with my husband and living exactly how I want to live. My individuality requires that I do what I think is best for me, and if that includes some societal norms, then so be it. That does not make me "queer", that makes me, well, me.

Constantly fighting for a romantic, outsider´s notion of homosexuality to me seems as detrimental to individual liberty and personal fulfilment as being part of the gay community does.

Manu said...

Thank you Liam, that is what I have invited here. Your post is excellent and illuminating.

True, the China issue is another point one can say so much about. And your point about it all being warfare is right. It is warfare. Subtler warfare than camps and raining bombs but warfare nonetheless.


Yes, collectivism is the problem. The glorification of that is as left-wing as they come.

"Our Gucci-sporting president recently declared "We don't believe in property. Argentina is for everyone."

There you go. Now that is a clear fascist declaration comparable to both Hitler and Mussolini. I own no property and don't ever plan to, still, I am also aware of what that statement really means. It means Argentina is ours (everybody's) means really ours, hers, and the rest of the Gucci clad hags and twats that make up the Fascist Argentinian elite. Am I right?

Re gay marriage:

I maintain:

i) The idea of marriage for homosexuals is a mainly queer ideal. Most homosexuals are happy with civil union or some legal recognition of that union.

ii) The queers need marriage; they need the symbol, as it is part of a deal. It is their payback to us, to forgive and forget that the queers have been the collaborating force with the AIDS death machine. They have done it mainly for their political advancement and for the money. They hope to get marriage and then assimilate and go running to hide in some suburban crack, hoping that the truth of what they did will never ever be fully exposed. I believe eventually it will, and then it will be all of us who are held to blame, and that will be when the left will just drop us all like hot potatoes.

Marriage is part of that murderous deal, and that is why they insist on marriage. They want the religious prize for the religious sacrifice (HIV & AIDS) and that for them is marriage.

I reject it on those grounds. I will not accept marriage from the same people who gave me HIV & AIDS, just like I will not commune with the person who killed my lover.

Marriage is a symbolic smokescreen. A distraction from our most pressing need as homosexuals to know what we will do when the AIDS lie is fully exposed.

I find it unsettling that you seem to have separated these two issues, when they are so clearly one and the same.

Do you think that considering what the truth about HIV & AIDS is, that marriage is the most pressing thing to talk about?

Michael said...


Thanks for your reply. Your anger is righteous and impressive! For the loss of your lover, I am indeed very sad to hear it. Thank you for your sharing it. ¡Te enviamos abrazos y fuerza!

Perhaps upon clarification you will not find my position so "unsettling"?

I think INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM is the most important issue of our time - not gay marriage. The squelching of personal liberty is the source of all fascist/collectivist societal gestures, of which this HIV horror is the most lethal.

Female circumcision, political correctness, multiculturalism, infanticide, obligatory health care, honour killings, welfare, compulsory education by the state, environmentalism, and the war on drugs are all results of the ongoing tendency of Western Civilization to destroy its own best interests, lemming-like, dashing off the cliffs of Reason and Liberty.

From Aristotle to Locke to von Mises to Hayek, Popper, Rand and Rothbard, the tradition of freedom has been laid-out by great individual thinkers and yet they are continually rejected: the tribe speaks and is obeyed.

You said "...liberal society. There I am silenced for my views, called a holocaust denier, targeted, labeled and listed to be poisoned."

The word liberal deserves no association with the society you describe. It is a sickening reality of our times that the most precious word of Western Civilization’s history and philosophy – liberal - has been perverted to mean exactly its opposite: chains, cages, authority, punishment, force and death.

All this to say, thank you for your work and commitment to this blog and for your passion about seeking truth. That’s why I choose to read you and why I appreciate this exchange.

Manu said...

ere i agree with you on all counts.

My "lover" is metaphorical. I could have used friends or family...I could have even used "your" lover, as basically everyone i knew was killed off by AZT at a point in time in my life.

I understand your horror at what has happened to the word "liberal" and accept your rejection of its use right now. It is a great shame that "liberal" has now had to become "libertarian" to accommodate the perversion of the word, the hijacking of it by the true Fascists who needed it to hide behind.

It is a problem, I admit. So what do you suggest, as now it seems the battle lines are drawn on this issue. It seems like the sacrifice on the alter of truth will have to be the word "liberal" in order to expose those who have been hiding behind it for so many years now.

What do you suggest?

Michael said...

What do I propose? You mean other than making me Emperor of the Known Universe? ;)

Well, I think that massive education is the only way. Young people need to have the opportunity to learn about the foundations of Western Civilization. For example, in my English and French classes which I teach here in Argentina, I am supplementing the leftist state education of my students by only using texts which directly support libertarian values and an open society. My doctoral work in music education, economics and philosophy is a frank discussion of the leftist imperative in arts education the massive change of philosophical direction which will be required in the near future.

I also urge people to talk openly and unabashedly about their libertarian ideas with as many people as possible; after all, the worst that can happen is that other people will not listen, but it is surprising how many people do. (Those of us who are not in agreement with HIV an AIDS are used to that type of communication anyway...)

Indeed, here in Argentina I am frequently called a "1st worlder" and "elitist" and a "facho" (fascist, but with a smile). I just nod and continue unwaveringly in the conversation, and once in a while there is a glimmer of hope. Recently, over yelling and hateful remarks, one of my students took on an entire university classroom at the state university she attends; she declared that capitalism, individual liberty and democracy were the only legitimate options for Western Society in response to a Trotskyist (can you believe that?!) professor . That's guts, education and conviction lining up to make others think, but in fact her purpose was merely to tell the truth as she knows it to be!

I guess that is what I propose. Tell the truth. Keep telling it! Keep living it! Be free!

Perhaps more than anything, I would like to wish you happiness. I know you are angry and embittered. But, really, life is so amazing. The world is a bit fucked up, but there are many wonderful and great things happening every day in science and the arts, engineering and cognitive science. We need to also express our joy and point-out to people just exactly how Western Civilization, freedom, capitalism and innovation have contributed to the comfort we now enjoy!

Manu said...

Well, a beautiful entry there up till the last paragraph:

"Perhaps more than anything, I would like to wish you happiness."

-I am relatively happy. Well much more happy than unhappy.

"I know you are angry and embittered."

I am angry in the style I write, I can sound petulant, arrogant and even stupid to some, but embittered no. I assure you I enjoy my life and days which are full to the brim with many many things I love.

"But, really, life is so amazing."

Yes it is but I am sure you did not think of that when you were called a "facha" by your student. Life is amazing and challenging. It is not just amazing.

"The world is a bit fucked up, but there are many wonderful and great things happening every day in science and the arts..."

Where? What? There are some thing which are mildly interesting but the majority is repackaged rubbish, at least in the Arts.

"engineering and cognitive science."

Maybe, but they do not move me to see the stars.

"We need to also express our joy and point-out to people just exactly how Western Civilization, freedom, capitalism and innovation have contributed to the comfort we now enjoy!"

-True and i do daily in my work my music production, and on a practical human level in my direct relationship with people. Even on this activist STYLE blog there is plenty of evidence of that in my posts on music and literature. I am no Shakespeare, but i honestly do no believe he was that bitter when he was writing Timon's unrelenting vomit on the world of Athens, nor was he having an ecofit when he wrote Titania's apocalyptic "forgeries of jealousy" passage in the MSN Dream.

I could call what you wrote "Argentinian chuleria" but I seem here to understand your character perhaps a little better than you interpret mine.

Having said all that, I would say to you that as you actually taught along those lines, I would make an exception to my rule of refusing to pay to be fed more Marxist crap disguised as higher education, and came to your classes, at least to challenge a little your devotion to the idea of capitalism. I see it as something that must be kept in check too.

But we are in different parts of the globe.

Michael said...

I totally agree with you about my last paragraph. Well, at least the part where I wish you joy and happiness. I am reminded of what Carl Nielsen said about orchestration: "a harp in the orchestra is like a hair in the soup". Sorry about the hair in the soup of that paragraph!

It's Canadian chuleria...

The week that Mozart's mother died, he wrote several pieces of music of such startling contrast-from the most bouyant and joyful to the most dissonant and tragic- that indeed it would be impossible to have guessed his actual state of mind.

Sometimes my self-help books and blondness get in the way of my IQ.


Manu said...

Sorry yes Canadian chuleria LOL

Your IQ comes across untarnished, as does your humanity.

Only do throw those self-help books in the trash and buy more Mozart. Lots and lots of Mozart. The piano works. Get all the recordings you can of Mituko Uchida and use those instead of those books.

if they are going to call you "facha" then don;t let them catch you with Louise Hay under your pillow


Michael said...

I still remember an old Phillips compilation for the Mozart anniversary years back on which the third movement of the Mozart Sonata in A minor was so aggressively and heroically performed by Mitsuko Uchida that I think it forever changed my conception of precision in Mozartian. (That Sonata, I believe, is one of the pieces I mentioned in my reply about the death of Mozart's mother.)

Of course, on the flip side, I adore Alicia de Larrocha's K. 576 and will always swoon for Dinu Lipatti's Mozart. That being said, I have been known to crank out some decent Mozart too.

Try to find Schumann's Carnaval and the Debussy Etudes by Uchida, if you don't already have them. I think she is at her best in those pieces, surprisingly.

Another must hear: Eva Knardahl playing Brahms. I promise you won't forget it. Especially the Sonata Opus 1. MONSTER playing.

Manu said...

What, no Argerich?

I will certainly look for those pieces you recommend do I do not have them. I do though have 12 Studies by Debussy a 3 Pieces by Schoenberg on the same album as the fair list of Mozart which makes up the rest.

I actually met her. I used to be a personal care assistant when I was still studying, to one of the most important pianists of the XX century; Solomon. He adored her playing, and she made him actually listened to music again during the last few years of his life. He lost his ability to play, so music for him was a painful experience.

He was the sweetest man, as was his formidable wife who nursed him for over 30 years. She was a pianist too. Mitsuko came to and see him once when she was in London and he was delighted.

The Philips Great Pianists series features both wonderful pianists and if you don't have any Solomon I recommend the double CD. I listen to these recordings regularly not just for the excellent playing but also for the wonderful memories they bring of Solomon, and the way Mitsuko's playing used to fill his eyes with tears of joy.

I am playing him right now as I write...and his delicate interpretation of Chopin's Berceuse in D flat does the same to me.

Michael said...

It's wonderful to talk about music like this!

Solomon eh? Wow! He was a cult figure when I was in my early 20s. I will have to have another listen.

In fact I am a huge Argerich fan. Not everything, but goodness, what a mind body connection she has. A total freak of nature! The Chopin e minor concerto, Prokofiev 7th Sonata and the Bach C minor Partita are among her many,for me, definitive recordings.

We will have to find a way to share recordings! I have TONS of piano and opera cds and I might even be able to surprise you with some rarities and would enjoy the same in return.

All best!


Manu said...

definitely!! Let's see how we can exchange music. I too have a huge library. I have the Argerich Chopin piano concertos, they are beyond!!!

There is little Solomon on CD but worth getting what there is. I am bias i know but he is such a wonderful pianist...full of delicate surprises. I am sue you will like him.

Michael said...


Patricio set me up with some html code so you can listen to things I upload here:


Manu said...

Here is one of my Radio Soundscapes. it is light and perfect for whilst backing blueberry cake ;-)

Just follow the instructions to download:

Michael said...

Hey! That's an awesome collection. Sure is amazing how "la Callas" just jumps out of the texture. Wow! Is there a tracklist somewhere? I don't recognize a lot of the voices, so now I am really curious. I will keep listening! Thanks! Did you check out the latest Beverly clip?