Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Fear Of Losing HIV

By Bob Findle
Artwork by Carter

What? Is that headline a typo? Shouldn’t it be "Fear of Getting HIV?" No. We do not need another article about the fear of getting HIV. We understand that fear. It has been skillfully and unrelentingly marketed to us by the HIV/AIDS industry until HIV=AIDS=DEATH is accepted without question, without proof, and obvious contradictions brushed aside without regard.

But what is this fear of losing HIV? Before I start, I should explain what losing HIV would be. The end of AIDS can only begin by losing HIV from the equation. All HIV treatments, cures and hysteria have to go. HIV is a dead end. False representations and promotion of HIV have to stop. The AIDS defining diseases must be unlinked and treated as the separate conditions they are. The solution for AIDS will happen when the real (not HIV) multi-factorial causes of immune suppression are allowed to be addressed. Losing HIV would mean seeing that we believe in HIV because that is all we have been taught to believe in, all we are presented with and allowed to see.

Being vocal about my HIV disbelief gives me an opportunity to observe the community’s response to anti-HIV information. Often the emotion is fear being displayed as anger, sarcasm, utter incomprehension, nervousness, etc. I questioned this, not understanding why information clearly showing that HIV is not causing AIDS and that AIDS is nothing more than a medical construct would be feared. Shouldn’t this be good news? Or at least information to be considered? I have come to realize that one of the reasons HIV is still with us as a valid theory, when it should have been dumped a long time ago, is that people fear questioning HIV, fear losing it, and fear even hearing a single word against it. I have come to see just how powerful the HIV mindset is. What does it mean if HIV is taken away? The obvious loss is that there would no longer be a viral theory to blame AIDS on. This causes fear in people because it brings out the question of lifestyle factors. For example, people do not want the very obvious link between drugs and AIDS to be promoted. People fear that if HIV is taken away, AIDS may be seen as being only a gay problem (which it is not) and there will be no more research, concern, or interest. The HIV/AIDS gurus fear their anti-virals, prescription drugs, or other HIV procedures being identified as immune suppressive, life destroying, and causing, not stopping AIDS conditions.

But the fear goes much deeper. Look at gay media. HIV/AIDS has become the major defining piece of our consciousness. Everything is HIV/AIDS industry advertisements, services and support, HIV/AIDS news, HIV/AIDS art, entertainment, fund-raisers and social events. This deluge can not be blamed totally on the media producers since they can only give their audience what that audience believes in. Is it any wonder why average Americans can not see gay men as a separate entity from HIV/AIDS? We surely can not even do it ourselves. HIV/AIDS, overtly or covertly, underscores everything. It pulls us together, gives us a focus, a cause, a commonality. The gay community has designed and lives in a total HIV-based culture, both individually and collectively. To have HIV challenged causes great anxiety since humans fear and resist any challenge to what is accepted as reality, even if that reality can be shown as false, which HIV=AIDS can be. This clinging to an HIV reality/identity goes deep. Psychologists have noted that they are seeing more and more gay men who are disturbed by their HIV negative status. These men feel left out and not quite complete. Is the equation actually GAY=HIV=GAY?

Losing HIV/AIDS would mean experiencing and working through a huge shift in consciousness. Do we stick with HIV because it is what we are comfortable with and it is easier than questioning it and looking at what lies beyond? I believe so. To lose HIV we have to accept some rather unpalatable realities. We have to see that we placed too much faith in the medical and scientific communities, trusting them to look out for us, ultimately to save us. I need to be clear that I am not trying to indict every person working within the HIV/AIDS structure as having ulterior motives. While we do have HIV/AIDS specialists and researchers who are truly incompetents, hiding their mediocrity and mistakes behind HIV, blaming it and not themselves for people’s sickness and death, we have many dedicated, competent people in this field who truly believe HIV is something to be combated and they are giving their all. My issue is with the policy makers at the CDC, the NIH, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and huge HIV/AIDS organizations who produce the directives instructing the front-line workers what to believe about AIDS and what to do. We have to acknowledge that their goals and focus are not always in our best interest and there are often severe conflicts of interest stemming from greed and egos. We have to deal with the knowledge that HIV has never been a mistake. An honest mistake we could understand for humans make mistakes. But to lose HIV we must comprehend that we were methodically and purposely deceived and lied to from the very beginning and every attempt to challenge the deception was systematically squelched by the people doing the deceiving. This is not an easy realization. Nobody wants to believe that we could have been so duped, so abused. Just as the abused child, even when presented with the painful truth of their abuse, continues to refuse to believe it was Daddy who hurt them, the gay community must continue to believe in HIV and trust that the HIV/AIDS industry would never be guilty of harming us. For to believe otherwise means the next logical conclusion must be arrived at. And there is the fear. What have we, by our complacency and unquestioning faith, allowed to happen? The tremendous pain and suffering we as a community have dealt with all these years can never be measured. People making radical choices and major changes in their lives due to HIV. Millions upon millions of dollars bled from us, mainly in support of HIV. Horrific drugs and life destroying treatments to battle HIV. The ones we loved and cherished dead, we are told from HIV, when it was actually the treatments. Truly immune compromised people dead because the real cause of their conditions not addressed. To see HIV as the mistake it is, to lose HIV, we must see and somehow manage to accept that all this misery was largely avoidable and unnecessary.

The HIV/AIDS industry has their own valid fear of losing HIV. They know that once the HIV debacle is finally exposed, in addition to the loss of their ill-gotten fame and fortune, they will have to face the tidal wave of anger and rage from the people whose lives have been destroyed. They know they have to keep HIV going at any cost. And they succeed since they control the research, the protocols, the funding.

They have the money and positions to promote whatever they want regardless of truth. they succeed because we give them total control to do so. But they are starting to lose this control. More scientists and doctors are overcoming their own personal fears of being criticized for daring to speak against HIV. The media is slowly letting us see the dissentient movement. More groups are forming to combat the HIV misinformation machines.

I can understand why there is a fear of losing HIV. The aftermath will not be easy on any level for anyone. But we must not let this fear stop us from really looking at what is happening. HIV=AIDS will never be proven and the real evidence shows it should be rejected. The hunt for an HIV cure is a gold mine for the HIV/AIDS industry but a waste of our time, money and lives. To let HIV=AIDS stand without challenge we collectively agree to condemn hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to death. We have to confront our fears, acknowledge the slaughter of the HIV years, and move forward to stop any more HIV genocide. WE have to march on Washington, protest, demand change, free ourselves from HIV, not ask for more of the same. Open your minds people, risk facing your fears, let HIV go, see that the answers to AIDS are already here.


laura said...

For the most part an excellent article but I disagree about not calling HIV/AIDS a "mistake" in its inception. As Einstein said, two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.

While alternative viewpoints about AIDS have indeed been continuously censored and oppressed, I think that in the beginning people were trying to do the right thing, and Gallo appeared to have the answer and people jumped on it and never looked back. My fear is that once you start talking about being "methodically and purposely deceived and lied to from the very beginning" a lot of people immediately think "wacko conspiracy theorist”. Even though it’s obvious to you and me that it’s the rethinkers who are on the side of responsible science, and the HIV/AIDS orthodoxy which clings tightly to their unviolate religion, for most people questioning HIV/AIDS puts one in the same camp with creationists – anyone who questions HIV=AIDS is a “denialist”, and I’ve been called “anti-science” and a “flat-earther” more than once.

There are several despicable characters on the HIV front, some of whom are well-known for their hyperbole and ad hominem attacks, but I believe that, as nasty as they are, and not discounting their instincts of professional self-preservation, they actually believe they are doing the right thing. So, aside from Gallo (I wish people knew what a shady character he is!), I would rather not accuse anyone of deliberate deception. As Christine Maggiore has said, there shouldn’t be this my side/your side, we should be working together. That may be pie in the sky, but I think that rethinkers should perhaps take the high road and tread lightly ...

Brian Carter said...

Another brilliant blog by you my friend and thanks for using the religion graphic as your heading. When you come right down to it the message this image puts forth is it's exactly that, those who believe follow a death and dying camp, which gay men somehow gravitate to. It's been said that its almost a right of passage. To me it's sickening and completely ludicrous for guys to be continuously mislead and that the only answer to ill heath by way of bogus testing must be to believe every word, hook line and sinker, of utter lunacy spewed forth by the mainstream. Ah, but at last I may have good news, for almost every other day I talk to or hear of reports that one by one gay guys, who are either HIV positive or HIV negative, are questioning and are seeking wisdom. Its obvious to me of course but less obvious to others that there is a complete lack of wisdom from "Camp HIV=AIDS" From all their glossy publications, to the chat rooms, to the powers that be, none of it offers any wisdom, none. Wisdom is to be found when one truly seeks it. And here Manu you're great again and again for providing it. Lets hope more of our fellow gay men find it.

Manu said...

Dear Laura,

I am of the opposite camp here. I believe this pussy-footing of "dissent' has been one of the main reasons the whole fight back has been such a colossal failure.

Ever since the likes of John Lauritsen, who used terms like "war" and "genocide", which in my view are the correct ones to use, stopped being active, dissent has become a sort of intellectual sport for doctors and their acolytes, who use it to mainly show their pseudo scientific savvy and set themselves up as the defenders of true science. Applying intellectual apartheid even with those who recognized and understanding this colossal fraud in all its dimensions.

This manner of sanitising "dissent" has lead to many people getting fed up with trying to fight, as they are told they should find nice ways and words for those trying to kill them. Add on to that the fact that after 25 years dissent has not even managed to find ONE point on which to agree formally and you may as well start to see the whole thing as part and parcel of the AIDS paradigm itself; much like the other side of the coin.

People will think "wacko conspiracy theory" about anything that makes them have to look at the facts. Also by those criteria one would have never fought anything as everything that has been worth fighting all through history has been called that and much worse.

If people call it wacko, than they should be called stupid or collaborators with evil right back, as that is what they are. That is what we all are really, but we like to find nice words to describe the evil we all do to make it all more palatable.

This idea that evil is somehow not part of human nature and that it is not used by the powers that be is the most dangerous idea man has been sold much like a drug. It is simply not true, and those who believe it are either naive or have a stake in not wanting to believe it.

AIDS was from the start is now and will be as long as it stands the most perfect concocted piece of evil perpetrated by man against man, and to call it otherwise is a mistake and would do history a grave injustice as well as man a great service in helping him maintain the absurd belief that when evil happens it is not through his consent, or silent collaboration that it always does.

AIDS is no different.

Manu said...

Carter. The artwork is perfect for this piece. I also love that banner. it is the best thing we have.

Dan said...

This manner of sanitising "dissent" has lead to many people getting fed up with trying to fight, as they are told they should find nice ways and words for those trying to kill them. Add on to that the fact that after 25 years dissent has not even managed to find ONE point on which to agree formally and you may as well start to see the whole thing as part and parcel of the AIDS paradigm itself; much like the other side of the coin.

Absolutely on the mark, Manu!

One of my recent frustrations with the "dissidents" came up recently on an email list. Once again, somebody was pleading for "us" to be nice.

I agree with you on the FACT that the "dissidents" don't agree, and REFUSE to agree on even the tiniest detail when it comes to "rethinking", and that this incredible lack of cohesion is a huge detriment to getting people to listen to us, and understand the AIDS fairy tale.

I ranted on this on my latest post on my blog.

Dan said...

Actually, the title of this thread applies to the "dissidents" as well.

"We're" JUST AS AFRAID to lose "HIV" as the orthodoxy.

You've GOT to wonder what machinations are at work with certain "dissidents" who, defying all logic, insist that there are people who are HIV-positive.

These same dissidents will flatly state that the tests cannot be used to diagnose HIV-infection (per the test literature). So, there's a problem here. They can't have it both ways...unless they don't mind at all that they make no sense.

So, "we're" just as afraid to let go of "HIV" as the orthodoxy. We seem to need "HIV" as well. And it just doesn't make any sense.

Manu said...

If you put it into the perspective that this has been, is and always will be a doctor’s sport then it would be easier to understand.

Doctors will never ever outright say or admit that they are basically assholes, humans have tried to use to substitute God or rather the priest, and passed over to them the fantastical power which corresponds to playing that role.

So dissent doctors are like the Lucifer character. They rebel and dissent but at the end of the day they must also retain their own places, parallel role as the opposite point of reference, and keep the power that therein resides as they stay firmly within the overall mythology. The result is us having to tolerate ridiculous ideas like the ones you expose.

Then you have the acolytes who will also do their bit behaving like disciples who will give credence to these ideas, which are born out of the need to stay within the ranks even as dissidents, in the hope that when the medical establishment admit that they have been killing us all and repent of their sins like the adulteress in the bible, and then they will all be recognised and accepted with due pomp back within the fold.

This is more or less dissent in official terms. It is a joke. Real dissent is out of here and underground. This is just an absurd theatre, which even; I was horrified to find out, gives out awards!! Yes, awards for AIDS dissent!!

Can it get more frivolous and obvious than that? Golden Globes for dissent, called SARA? Awards even in entertainment are in bad taste as they smack so much of the political, in AIDS dissent they really make it all look like a total farce, Faydeau could not do better than this Dan!!!

Manu said...

I also say your pieces and i agree with you as you see. i wrote about all this a while ago as well.

I still feel now that I more or less get the picture, and that is why i am taking a step back from this. It just does not wash with me anymore.

Anonymous said...

Manu I use to Post this article consistently in a Bulletin at myspace and then I was in the dreadful process of Moving and lost all of my notes due to ..go figure a virus.

It's Nice to read this article over and over for it bring's back takes me back to 4 years ago when I was an ANGRY Dissident breaking out of the HIV Industry's shackles I abandoned every doctrine they had taught and I lashed out at people because I couldn't except in my mind that for 6 years they treated me with those poisonous drugs then they were telling me you may be be negative we will deny your Ryan White Funds and let you go Tomás.

I was Pissed and afraid because the very industry that robbed me of 6 years of my life seemed as though they were giving it all back in just a simple office visit..

My fear of Losing HIV overwhelmed me while Virus Myth only confirmed my anger. God bless Christine Maggiore! the simple HIV Test in the front of her book was an eye opener for me while Dr Wilner's book ripped my self esteem in to shreds..I was a Dissident monster!

"The Fear of losing HIV" I beleive every dissident goes through this phase negative or positive it makes no difference.

To Some HIV Positives they talk to [HIV] and they befriend it..and some spiritualy touch "it" while some psychologicaly embrace it in hopes of bearing a seed this is the True fear of LOSING HIV.

I have been through the mud on Both sides..the orthodox crucifying me at every opportunity and the dissidents belittling me simply because I hold a hamburger spatuala and a pair of was all my fault for not knowing that this is all a dream.

I spent the first three solid years in the yahoo HIVAIDS Chat room.. at first I was booted completely out of DOS , bombed,taken to the woodshed,Ridiculed,death threats you name it and there at the end I was considered the "room dissident" I was accepted because I learned that inspite of my Anger I had to talk to people without being so Brusque in my tone and in my tone of Voice.

My Fear of Losing HIV was almost the same as The fear of Losing HIV Dissent but the only difference is I feel a divine purpose of helping people. but what for? I kept saying to the open minded I just want to walk away..I was the Only HIV Dissident in the chat room for three Solid years and when the next one came in that was it my job was complete.

January 2 2008 marked my two year anniversary away from Combivir and Viramune and I seriously feel 1000% but I sometimes feel the ORTHODOX haunts me for in my own dissidence I feel my life is still Hijacked by the Phantom HIV.

Anonymous said...

January 2 2008 Marked my 4(four) year Anniversary away from Viramune and Combivir.

Manu said...

For me it's 2 years and going strong, no reason why we should not be going strong considering we never had a damned thing. Still, we got caught in the claws of that life snuffing lie called HIV and we have had to liberate ourselves from it all.

We are now safe and we try to help others do the same. We will keep doing that regardless of weather we are dissidents or not. We know from experience that it is all bullshit and we can show people better than any doctor can as we are living proof of that fact.

In some cases dissent is as much a problem as orthodoxy here and we must do what we can as individuals to push this message and not get lost in trying to save science from it own fiasco.

I wish you strength my friend.

walk yer talk said...

Where is your information? You speak a lot about how "they" are trying to supress and scare ecetera. you seem to speak about what the fear does to us without saying why we shouldn't have it.

Where is the information refuting this scam?

Manu said...

It is obvious you are eith stupid, blind or dumb or all those things at once.

Just google HIV and even from the official information you should be able to see that there is no link between "HIV & AIDS" whatever those two brand-names actually mean.

I am not your friggin secretary. You look for it if you are interested in finding it, it's there. Though from your tone you just sound like some other devotee of viral terror.

You want to be scared of my bloody guest. As if i care. I don't care about people with investments in terror. I only care about making information available to those that know how to follow it up and make their own choices and decisions.

And the next time you leave a message like that in MY blog I will delete you.

Grow up!