Those who can make you believe absurdities, will make you commit atrocitie —Voltaire

Friday, August 24, 2007

Prologue & Epilogue

“Hiv Causes Aids.”

What causes what?
What is “hiv?”
How do you define it?
With tests that test for nothing?

What is Aids?
Every disease that occurs in poor, brown-skinned people, and then, any condition at all that occurs in gay men?
What is Aids, but a brand name, covering a litany of ancient biases, prejudices and presumed sins?

If you want to debate me, first, define your terms.

The so-called dissidents, and the orthodoxy alike, would surely be at a loss, if they stopped for a moment to really understand what it is they were arguing, arguing, arguing…

Liam Scheff
If you are new to the AIDS scam, read, think, decide for yourself, and if you are clever enough to avoid getting stuck in some deadly AIDS zone forum of either persuasion, full of delusional "brothers-in-arms" engaging in so-called “debate”; which usually boils down to engaging in playing doctor or in doctor worship. There are one or two real doctors there and in their case it's fair play that they talk shop, but the rest are just being ridiculous.

If you don't get stuck here you many be able to move beyond it all past the deadly orthodox lies, deceit and propaganda and some dissidents delusional factionist tosh, and the fanaticism of both extremes, to see it all for what it is; a camouflaged circus of lies, which is not, as some try to claim; a matter of opinion or ignorance. The truth in the case of HIV and AIDS is that it is a lie, and all the theologically dressed science that surrounds it on both sides is hot air, a smoke screen, and all those proclaiming its virtues and faults are, directly and indirectly only really engaged in its validation and worship.

Lies do not need debate. They need to be exposed. Can you expose a lie without debating the finer points that seem to hold it up? Yes you can. You call it a lie and say that there is nothing holding it up that deserves more than a roar of laughter. Ridicule. Spread the word it is a lie and wear it down with RIDICULE. You will find that on either side there is little will to do that as both are subservient to the holiness of science and the divinity of doctors and the chronic need to keep the meme alive.

Let doctors be doctors and journalists be journalists, and let the rest of us humans laugh, cry or rant, as we judge fit, as we question if we believe them or not. That is the only real defence and fight back option we have either way as ordinary people who know: make a lot of noise shouting that AIDS is a lie.

One has to be extremely stupid to adopt a dead end strategy of repeatedly trying to mimic the (so called) qualified doctors and specialists by using their arguments, only to be ridiculed by the orthodoxy, who will always use this tactic as legitimate defence and attack. Why shouldn't they? It's a very effective strategy, and one that will be supported always by the majority of people who know no better. To persevere does not show strategy, but a total lack of one, coupled with a lack of intelligence, understanding and vision, not to mention the sheer vanity and pretence it reeks of.

This is nothing short of a gift to orthodoxy; it absolves them from having to defend themselves against the fact that their theory lacks all common sense or logic because it is based on a lie, and which the wannabe dissident Einsteins help them convert into one which seems, at face value, and to the vast majority of outsiders, to basically be sound, but with some flaws. It also permits them to escape the chorus of ridicule for their stupid (or plain evil in some cases) blind belief in a lie, and from those who can most legitimately use it against them, but who are always more interested in playing wannabe Einsteins on Tara's blog or some dissent forum AIDS zone from hell and call it fighting the AIDS orthodoxy. What a joke.

Dissidents have wasted this valuable opportunity for over a quarter of a century now. It must not go unquestioned and un-condemned anymore. It's a disgrace. It’s pure vanity, lack of intelligence and the result of no clear credible leadership or strategy. Yet they all claim to be fighting the orthodoxy. In any fight everyone should know what place corresponds to them. If they don't then they should be told. There are no alternatives to this, and those who think there are either ignorant or simple deluded. AIDS is a war against a lie. Like all wars it needs a strategy. Failure to have one spells one word only: defeat.

I also realise that for many this is nothing more than a rant. I believe this whole circus gets to the point it deserves nothing more elaborate or profound. I also couldn't care less what anyone thinks. It's what I know corresponds to me to do.

I leave the rest of the die-hards on all sides with some Bertolt quotes I found that speak volumes when applied to this never-ending tragic-comedy, and some examples of ridicule, to warm the heart against so much selfish obstinacy on either side that refuses to le t go of the AIDS meme and come out of the AIDS zones.

Brechting The Meme

AIDS Orthodoxy

  • "Grub first, then ethics."
  • "Science knows only one commandment - contribute to science."
AIDS Dissent
  • "Anyone who wishes to combat lies and ignorance and to write the truth must overcome at least five difficulties. He must have the courage to write the truth when truth is everywhere opposed; the keenness to recognize it, although it is everywhere concealed; the skill to manipulate it as a weapon; the judgment to select those in whose hands it will be effective; and the cunning to spread the truth among such persons."
  • "There are many elements to a campaign. Leadership is number one. Everything else is number two."
Final question for all meme lovers and devotees everywhere.
  • "What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?"


Dan said...


what are we gay men going to do if our greatest claim to victimhood is taken away from us?

What do we do when we've used our victim status as a political and sociological tool for so long? Where will we be, and what can we be if we aren't victims?

How can we reconcile having fooled ourselves for more than a generation, condemning each other to die and restricting our true power, our sexuality?

These will be interesting questions to explore in the "post-game discussion".

Manu said...

You hit the nail on the head Dan. Well for me the way forward was very clear. I have marched out of the ghetto. I do not work for gay establishments anymore or live in exclusively gay neighbourhoods, but mixed ones. I never go to gay bars or clubs anymore. I keep mixed company and I have even changed the way I look and dress.

I have gone back out into the world and live among people, and not just exist within a reduced group.

The ghetto is the real problem, and whilst i agree with John Lauritsen and Michael Geiger that the origins of this dreadful mess can be found in Leviticus, I also know that it is the gay lifestyle itself that drives people to seek the solace of victim-hood and ultimately death whilst some profit from it economically and politically.

The ghetto must be abandoned and it must be dismantled. I don't see any other way out of this mess.

Dan said...

I've always had difficulty with the gay ghetto.

Even though I very much enjoy hanging out at the Starbucks in the Castro in SF, and feel very relaxed and comfortable in the gayest of ghettos, there's a most definite downside to the gay ghetto in general.

The ghetto is the physical embodiment of the gay mindset. A large part of that mindset is victim-oriented.

While in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, a friend pointed out to me an organization in the Castro as a "place for queers to go to get tested for HIV". He sounded quite proud that this organization was so "queer-friendly". I was floored. Does he still feel like such a victim, even in San Francisco? Do gay men really need a "queer-friendly" place in SF? Aren't there already dozens of places for a "queer" to get "tested" in SF?

I've always despised the use of the word "queer" by gay men. To me, it's like the pink triangle. "Reclaiming" these things is bullshit. As far as I'm concerned, they only reinforce the victim mentality.

Think about these two words..."gay" and "queer". What were their meanings before they were used in relation to homosexual men?

Gay: happy, lighthearted.

Queer: strange, unusual, bizarre.

One is positive. The other not so.

If gay men were serious about "reclaiming" derogatory terms, I think we should call ourselves "dirty cocksuckers". So, rather than a "queer-friendly" place to get "tested", one can go to a "dirty cocksucker-friendly" place to get "tested".

Manu said...

My dear dear Dan.

In 1990 I wrote this short poem, in my; "sitting alone and waiting to die" three year period living in an Earls Court apartment in London. That period ended with me packing a bag and leaving on the fist plane bound to the island of Ibiza, where I spent that summer having the best time of my life working and living life to the full. I never returned to London to live again after that.

At that time the Queer vs Gay debate was really raging in London. These were my feelings on the subject.

Gay vs Queer-

All this



The queer mentality is just so full of bullshit, because what they actually did with it was go back to that Leviticus idea of being something horrible.

Being the kind of queen I am, I found the actual word “queer” so horrible, that I honestly preferred the majestic sound of “abomination”, which at least has a good solid sound to it and a sense of romantic danger and threat. It’s a good meaty word.

But “queer”?
It never sounded like anything else but a series of nasal noises apt for shooing away some poor flea-ridden stray dog that was trying to hump my immaculately clean bitch when she was on heat.

Sometimes I honestly think that it’s no wonder that so many older queens decided to kill themselves. I’m quite sure that apart form the voodoo and the AZT, the onset of “queerness” had a lot to do with it too.

Manu said...

PS: cocksucker sounds cool to me to LOL. Anything but queeeeeeeer. ;-)