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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lee Evans

Lee Evans

A new biography, by noted sport's writer Frank Murphy, The Last Protest: Lee Evans in Mexico City, contains the only account of that unforgettable olympics Lee vouches for as accurate. Mr. Evans is currently the head track and field coach at The Univesity of South Alabama in Mobile, and one of his recruits, Vincent Rono (from Kenya) captured the gold in the men's 1500 m. final of the NCAA games held in Sacramento in June. Almost nobody knew this because the TV commenters thought the real story was in interviewing the second place finisher from Florida. Even though he lost, his team (the favorite) still took first, and the TV people wanted to make sure he did not feel really badly about being beaten by some African from a no name university who was coached by the still unmentionable Lee Evans, who told Avery Brundidge and the entire racist Olympic establishment where to shove it 40 years ago. And since he never recanted, he has never been forgiven. I don't have to say how many national medals the UofSouthA won before his arrival four short years ago, but it would be the same as the number of AIDS patients cured in more than 25. (Otis)

Lee Evans on the HIV Test

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